Alright so before I get started on this article let me first off apologize to the wrestling rambles crew and to our readers. I never did an article for last week and i am late for this one and I know that the crew knows this but let me explain to the readers that august will be a busy month for me. So if my articles are late like this I am extremely sorry. But please don’t think I am done with this site. I had spent a great deal of time working on this site been a part of it since it first came about and was call Ray’s WWE Views (or whatever it was I just rember it was Ray’s something and that name was short lived).

On to my article. This is kind of going to be a random ramble about anything wrestling related that I feel like talking about. So first thing first.

Cm Punk returning- Was a fucking stupid idea in my opinion. Why have him come back so early?  Geez might as well have said oh yeah we did sign him because that’s pretty much what it is like.

WWE summer clean out- As we all saw a bunch of WWE superstars got released (or quit). The only surprise to me was Melina being released.  But WWE can do what they want when it comes to releases with divas because the divas divisor is in such terrible shape right now anyways. DH Smith’s release was not a surprise however I am a DH Smith fan so it was a little sad to me. But for those of you who haven’t heard he is looking at going to Strikeforce. And unlike Batista he has some MMA experience and what I have seen of his MMA skills he pretty good.

Rey Mysterio being robbed-This did make me extremely mad I could ramble on for hours about this but I won’t I will try and keep it short and sweet. It was extremely dumb for WWE to do that championship tournament if all they were going to was put Cena right back in the title picture. Rey Mysterio is good. He was better at his start but he is still good. He deserved the title. And even though he will get his rematch it makes me mad that they would do that to Rey.

Triple H in charge- Has defiantly made all the difference but still some as dumb decisions have been made. And I will leave it at that.

Chris Masters looking at going to Impact Wrestling-I say well for him he has skills that never have and never would have been shown correctly in WWE. One man’s garbage is another ones treasure.  Yes Impact Wrestling does take a lot of ex WWE guys but at least they get used there.

Amazing Red’s release- In all honesty I would love in every way to see amazing red come into the WWE. He was a great member of the x-division he is a great highflyer and all around could do some good in the IC or US Championship scramble. Plus Amazing Red vs. Evan Bourne would be a great match.

Generation Me WWE Tryout- The first thing i said when they left TNA was WWE get them its time to have an actual Tag Team Divison.

WWE looking to improve the tag team divison- I have read that Gen Me along with other cali talents had tryouts before raw. I really wouldl ike to see WWE actually be serious when they say they are ready to have an actual tag team divison.

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