**Before you read, i noticed that the Cena and Vicky part didn’t make much sense, considering Cena is married, oh well**

Turning Cena and Triple H heel, starting a new heel stable
By Ray the Rambler

Hey, this week i decided i would do something different than what i usually write. This week, i wrote out how i would book some things to play out, such as Cena, Triple H and Nash turning heel, Del Rio turning face and forming two new stables. But, this column mainly regarding the stables is focused on building the heel stable. I’m not sure if i will write beyond this column regarding all this, but this type of column is new to me and new to the readers of this site, so i hope you enjoy.

For years, we all have been anticipating a John Cena heel turn. Over the years, i couldn’t possibly count the amount of times i heard from fans that this is the PPV he will turn heel. John Cena is still selling merchandise so he will not be turning heel anytime soon, but, this doesn’t mean i can’t fantasize and have fun writing an article on how i would book it.

Last Monday night on Raw, we seen an emotional promo from John Cena. But, Cena didn’t say much about Triple H not seeing Cena’s leg on the rope as he lost to CM Punk. So, next week on Raw, Cena comes out to open the show. He will say that he did not get a chance to say much about the outcome of the result at SummerSlam so he’s been given time to do so. He say’s he was screwed over just like Christian two months back against Randy Orton and that there should of been a real official in the match. Triple H is not an official, he should be doing business backstage and not in the ring, he had no reason to be in that match, claims Cena.

Triple H’s music hits, and makes way to the ring with his eyes on Cena. Triple H asks Cena what the hell his problem was, if it wasn’t for guys like me and Nash, you wouldn’t be here John! So how dare you criticize me like that. Cena then smiles and says…oh that’s the first time i ever heard someone say that, he says it sarcastically. Triple H looks at Cena and says that he better watch who he talks to. Cena replies by saying to Triple H that he just has enough, enough is what replies Triple H? Enough of being WWE’s toy boy. Cena says he is sick of signing thousand’s of autographs for spoilt little brats. The younger fans are turning on Cena, starting to get booed by some, Cena hears and says ‘oh please stop with your whining, iv’e been listening to all you babies whine for far too long!’ Iv’e worked my ass off for all you for the past 8 years and everywhere i go i hear boos from adults. It’s now i see their right to boo, every time i come out i have to do the same bullshit to make all you little children happy, well guess what, you can find some other guy to do that. It’s OK, you still have Rey Mysterio to cheer for, says Cena. Cena just stops and hears more and more boos.

Rey Mysterio’s mucis hits and comes down to the ring. Grabs a mic and says, your selfish John Cena, you wouldn’t be hear if it wasn’t for all of these people. Cena replies by saying, guess what Rey, i don’t care, i’m hear now, iv’e finally said how i felt and perhaps since you rudely interrupted me, how about i kick your ass!? Triple H butts in and says, if you two want a match, it’s going to be later Tonight, in our main event. Both men agree, Cena was about to talk but was cut off by Triple, Triple H says no Cena! I’m the COO of this company and your not getting the last word, Triple H’s music hits and that ends that segment.

Cena is seen backstage and bumps into CM Punk, Punk smiles at Cena and says, well John, you’ve finally shown your true colors. Punk says, your just like the Rock, you never cared about your fans. Cena replies i am nothing like that bitch, i have done way more for fans than the Rock has ever and will ever do. Cena says i am the biggest superstar in this company, i shouldn’t have to be forced to be someone i’m not, i’m sick off it all. From now on, i will do what ever the hell i like and however the hell i like. Punk says, strong words John, good luck in your match against Rey later tonight. Punk walks off. Scott Stanford then comes to Cena and asks for an interview, Cena throws his eyes up to heaven and shrugs, takes a deep breath and pushes Scott Stanford to the ground in anger. Goes to commercial break.

Later on in the night, Cena is showed preparing for his match against Rey, who walks by him but John laurinaitis. The two looking at each other, Cena puts out his hand, then says, i apologize for punching you at Money in the Bank. John laurinaitis just smiles, looks up from Cena’s hand and says, no problem. The two grin, John laurinaitis walks off, Cena continues to stretch, Raw goes Commercial break.

We’re back from the commercial break. John Cena is shown walking backstage to go to his match against Rey, he see’s Vicky Guerrero and walks over to her. Cena says, you know, that kiss i gave you few months back….honestly, i liked it, i’m not going to be a role model for spoilt little brats anymore, i’m going to do what i want and say how i actually feel. Vicky smiles and says to Cena, why thank you. The two look at each other and go in for the kiss, suddenly, Vicky pulls out and says, if you beat Rey, you’ll get more than a kiss, winks, says good luck….Cena grins cheekily, walks off.

Rey’s music hits and gets a marvelous reception, does his head thing with all the kids wearing his mask. Moves into the ring and waves to all the fans. We wait about 30 seconds, all anticipating Cena’s arrival, crowd is booing, at this point, you can’t hear any Cena marks. Cena’s music hits, it runs on for 3o seconds but doesn’t come out. A second time, his theme song plays, he walks out to stage and grins very cheekily and disrespectfully. Walks half way down the ramp, stops, grins cheekily again and walks backwards up the ramp. Cena screams i have nothing to prove to any of you, nothing! So Cena then goes backstage. Rey nods his head, grabs a mic, says…is this what you’ve become John? I thought you were better than that. Your selfish John, just pathetic. Rey throws the mic in the ring, walks backstage and John us seeing flirting with Vicky. Rey walks close to Cena, but gets a punch in the face, by whom? Triple H. Nash is seen with Triple H. So, Cena, Vicky, Triple H and Nash and all laughing at what happened. The show ends with the four of them looking over Rey.

So, that’s how i would put John Cena over as a heel. Not only is Cena heel, but Nash and Triple H are put over as heels now. From the beginning if this column, you may be wondering why Triple H and Cena are on the same team, well it’s because he attacked Rey and by doing this, and looking at each other with who is in the group, they see themselves as powerful so they join forces without questions being asked. Vicky is already heel. So we have four heels, a new stable. What will go on from here i don’t know. But you could open up a whole new storyline here. So with these four as heels, you could have Punk, Del Rio, Stephanie and Rey Mysterio on the other team to fight against them. You could have two stables. You may notice Del Rio and Rey being on the same team, but Del Rio would be put over as a face. It would play out that Del Rio would come out and say in his short time in WWE, Rey Mysterio, a fellow Mexican, has been his greatest opponent. Del Rio would of asked Rey to call a truce, Rey being a babyface accepts. So that gets those two on the same page.

Anyway, that’s how i would book Cena to be heel, and to start a new fresh stable. Some parts may not make sense 100%, but hey, it’s something new to do as a column and it’s my first time writing something like this. I really hope you enjoyed reading this, even if you liked it or not. Please gimme your thoughts on all this. Thanks, and peace out!

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