Hey all, as you may know this is my Saturday or Sunday column where i pick my top 3 of the week from Raw and Smackdown. However, recently i started watching TNA which means i cannot call this ”This week in WWE” as i will now be covering TNA. The name is now called ”Ramblin’ Ray’s Weekly Power Picks”, but of course, you already know that. Before i get into this i have something to get off my chest. I do not ever claim to be a great writer, i was humorously insulted on another blog site because of my writing. Quite frankly, i found him funny, but i try my best with writing and that’s all that matters for me at this moment in time. So continue to bash my writing, i feel sorry for you.

Before i get into wrestling, some site news if you would like to read. I’m glad to announce that wrestlingrambles.com now have their own image maker. So after this week, you should be seeing more images in our writers articles/columns. Also, there will be a change in plan of the podcasts. Podcasts will be now just Interviewing wrestlers past/present and PPV discussion whether it will be a preview and/or recap. Our Chris Masters interview fell through, we are unaware to know why as Chris phoned in, but unfortunately hung up straight away. But Lucas is trying his best to get a couple of big names to interview.

OK, lets get this column underway by picking my top 3 power picks of the week. This week, has not been a distinguished week in pro wrestling, it has been rather bland week, but saying that, it’s still been enjoyable, just not as exciting as it has been last couple weeks.

3) Kevin Nash/Punk Promo: This was a pretty solid promo. It was great to hear Kevin Nash on that MIC again, and he couldn’t of talked to a better person in a promo that CM Punk. Both great talkers going at it. Hopefully, this will lead to a great match. Kevin Nash is an old school wrestler who feels Punk has little respect, so there coming from that angle and will hopefully build to their match that way. I thought Nash’s security was clever, perhaps it looked at bit strange considering the size of Nash, hiding behind security men, but it made Punk look powerful, so great job there, WWE.

2) Rey’s world champion win video packages: OK, we knew that Rey was never going to win this match. But you gotta admit that those video packages of Rey’s past title wins build up the main event quite good. I just found, for a Raw show, it put me in the mood for a title match considering it was only on that Raw that real hype was built up for it.

1) Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio Undisputed WWE Championship Match: This was a pretty solid match in my opinion. Granted, we have seen better matches last month or so, but this was the best match of the night. Rey Mysterio did exceptionally well considering his knee injury, he struggled with that knee through the match, but still managed to entertain the audience. Then, the promo after the match was over, it was a very emotional and passionate promo from Cena. Little unsure why he was mad at Del Rio for cashing in, like i mean, the idea of the MITB ladder match is that you scratch and claw your way to get that briefcase. So why Cena complained about Del Rio cashing in; i don’t know.

The Wrestling Rambles Sunday Poll

So as i mentioned in the start of this column, i have been watching TNA for the past couple weeks. Only now, i have been writing about it so i could just get to know what storylines etc are happening. I have a good idea so i can include my top 3 power picks of the week. I’m not sure if i will watch TNA every week, but if i do watch it i will include this in my column. These picks are in my perspective, as in these won’t be normally what you see people write about TNA, since i just started watching it, it’s just good to see wrestlers again.

3) Seeing Old Wrestlers: Now, what i mean by this is not seeing the likes of Hogan and Flair. Don’t get me wrong, i don’t hate either of them, but they should not be there, let other guys step in and step up. Anyway, i loved seeing Bully Ray, D-Von, Anderson, Angle, Sting etc. It was great to see them, and in my opinion, Anderson is ‘the’ guy in TNA.

2) Knockouts: Damn, TNA is hard to write about and trying to be positive. The knockouts are better than the Diva’s in WWE, that’s all i can really say about that.

1) Crimson vs. Big Poppa Pill vs. Bully Ray vs. Gunner: Well, aside from the match, the aftermath of the match was good. Yes, i am talking about Angle demolishing Crimson. Angle was ruthless and relentless. Angle is probably the best TNA have, but if they want to move forward, Anderson is the guy to lead the way.

Not sure if i will ever write about TNA again, i found it very hard to write about it and be positive. I more than likely will be watching TNA, just not write. Well, who knows. What’s your thoughts on Impact Wrestling?

3) Cody Rhodes vs. Ezekiel Jackson with the Intercontinental Title on the line: The match was pretty solid. By Cody retaining, it made him look like a champion, it made him look strong and not weak. Jackson still looked strong as he eliminated Cody in the Battle Royal so at least these two are still over.

2) Alberto Del Rio vs. Daniel Bryan: Glad they got 15 minutes to do what they do best; wrestle. Was a really good match and loving with the new moves Bryan is trying to do. Sadly, i had my volume on mute as Cole was commentating. Cole was just awful.

1) Mark Henry Battle Royal Winner: OK, it was pretty clear that only Mark Henry was going to walk out the winner. But, we’ll be seeing a fresh feud with Henry vs. Orton. I think Henry should be Champion at the moment, perhaps if he was added in a triple threat match against Orton and Christian. Anyway, this should be interesting.

Quote of the week……“Yeah I smell you, that’s fear, that’s fear I smell” ~ Mark Henry on Smackdown.

It’s been a pretty bland week in pro wrestling, but it’s good enough to keep us watching every week. If you missed Raw or Smackdown, check out Lucas’s Hot Seat Raw Recap and Derek’s Smacked Down Recap.

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That’s what i have for this week. It took me pretty much most of my day writing and linking everything/everyone up. Please i appreciate feedback whether it’s good/bad, you can use your Twitter and Facebook accounts to reply to this column.