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Hey readers, welcome to the first edition of The Opinion w/ James Bones! I’ve decided to go ahead and ramble about the on-goings of current events in the wrestling business and give my humble opinion and views about what I see happening. I’ll also be giving my twist on storylines and angles that are currently taking place and how I’d like to see them changed. I personally think people get more of a kick reading someone else’s opinions and views instead of just a basic recap article, as I always have when reading articles. No better site to do it on, either. is all about rambling and your own personal views on the business, so this should fit in perfectly. Alright, onto the wrestling biz!

First, I really want to start off by talking about the internet drama that’s taken place the last week between The Young Bucks (TNA’s Generation Me) and Booker T. This goes back to the same things RVD was mentioning in an interview he did approx. two weeks ago. He mentioned how the YBs weren’t respectful to the old school guys and they never came up to RVD to shake his hand and at least say hello. Well, same thing basically happened with Booker T this week after Matt and Nick (Young Bucks) had a tryout tag match with WWE. Booker T went to twitter to basically trash The Young Bucks for not shaking his hand or introducing themselves to Booker. Booker even mentioned how his friend RVD made a comment a week ago, and now he knows why. In my opinion he even insults them and calls them a small tag team. Booker continues to bitch about it saying that one of them was even leaning on his jacket and didn’t introduce themselves, no respect. Booker goes on to give “advice” saying if you can’t make it in the locker room, you won’t make it in the ring. Now I can understand where Booker is coming from, but was it really that bad? Or is Booker just feeding off RVD’s negative vibes towards them? I personally think RVD and Booker T probably had a conversation before their tryout, with RVD probably warning Booker that the Bucks are disrespectful and all that garbage. If it’s true, so be it…but there are always two sides to the story and to me something isn’t right here. If you follow these guys on twitter you’ll see that the Young Bucks exchanged some actual nice and respectful tweets between William Regal, Tyson Kidd and Hawkins. One of the Bucks even went as far as to thank William Regal for his time spent and to me that shows great respect. Regal of course tweeted back and said you’re welcome. Also some nice tweets between one of the Bucks and Tyson Kidd about how nice it was to meet Tyson and such. So are Matt and Nick of The Young Bucks really that disrespectful? I personally don’t think they are. They’re probably not the type to seem like huge marks backstage, and probably don’t want to run up to every superstar they see to shake their hands and have an awkward first meet. Also they’re probably somewhat intimidated being backstage with a bunch of WWE personal, as I know I’d be nervous, too if I had myself a try out match. I really do think RVD twisted something negative in Booker T’s head before they even made it there, and Booker was digging to see if these guys would do something disrespectful to him. Was it professional of Booker to go to twitter and bitch about them? In my opinion it wasn’t at all as it seemed to be very unprofessional. I really hope some of these veterans or older guys realize that the younger talent of today’s business are needed to keep the wheel turning. It’s going to be guys like The Young Bucks who keep wrestling alive and profitable. If there was no young, impressive talent left out there then guys like Booker and RVD wouldn’t have jobs currently. Sometimes it’s hard to admit when you’re stock isn’t worth as much as it once was, but if these older guys who have issues with younger talent coming up don’t realize they aren’t what they used to be, their ego is going to get them nowhere and in a downward spiral fast. Not to mention…how many second, third, fourth or five time, five time, five time chances have these older talents received? Sometimes being quick to judge only makes you look like a fool. I hope in time Booker T realizes he was wrong to do that and uses his twitter for something good like praising the young talent like Matt & Nick instead of trying to bury it. Let’s face it, Booker T wouldn’t have his cushy announce job if there was no up-and-coming talent to keep the business wheels turning.

How many of you were able to see Smackdown? I thought it was a great show this week and one thing that really stood out to me was the Alberto Del Rio vs. Daniel Bryan match, of course, but the big deal of the day was Mark Henry winning that battle royal to become the #1 contender for Randy Orton’s World Heavyweight Title. The battle royal itself was fairly entertaining to me as I liked the amount of talent in the ring. Many of the young talents with a lot of potential have me very excited for the future of the business. One of the key things that stood out to me from the battle royal was when The Great Khali kept blocking anyone from reaching Jinder Mahal, but what was even better to me was when Khali and Mark Henry met face to face for a showdown, with Mark picking him up and throwing him out of the ring. Mark Henry is looking like a monster and I like how he’s really progressed with his acting skills. This battle royal was put together well and it helped elevate Mark Henry over everyone else in that ring. To be honest this is all really hard for me to say as I’ve never been a fan of Mark Henrys. Never. In fact there was times when I couldn’t stand to even see Mark Henry on my TV, but I must give the man props. He’s been doing great as a heel, and he’s learnt how to use his facial expressions and even more important, learnt how to use the microphone to intimidate. I really hope to see Mark Henry go on and have a good feud with Randy Orton. I know they’ve played hot potato with both titles in the last little while but I’d really like to see Mark Henry get the World Heavyweight Title off Orton. I think this would elevate Mark, and give him a great main event heel run which they could use to really build up Orton over time to give him an exciting win at Royal Rumble, in preparation for WrestleMania. If Henry won the title at Night of Champions and kept it on for a few months, they could really play off his monster status. Have Mark almost impossible to even harm. Have it seem like Randy or anyone just can’t get the better of Henry, and take the title off him. Take some time and really build Randy Orton’s next title win. I think that would not only make Orton a more important champ when he finally does win the title back, but I also think it will make Orton’s stock worth a lot more going into WrestleMania. This would also give Mark Henry that permanent push into main event status in which he could be used as a monster heel down the road for feuds, when need be.

The last thing I want to touch on today is the return of Kevin Nash and his growing feud with CM Punk. I can’t tell you how great this could really turn out to be with everyone who’s involved and all the seeds that are potentially planted. The way I’d really like to see this go is as follows…Punk and Nash keep going back and forth on each other verbally and when both men finally demand the truth from HHH, Hunter will have to come down face to face and explain who told Nash to come down and Jackknife the winner at SummerSlam. I really want HHH to call out Stephanie, as she would be the only one with access to HHH’s phone besides HHH himself. If they play it out right they could have Stephanie admit that it was her that sent that to Nash, saying that it was more important to her to have stability in the company with ADR as champion.

There are two ways I would really enjoy to see this play out…

– HHH gets mad at Stephanie and this causes issues between the two, with Stephanie trying to get power of WWE and get HHH out as COO. She could also have Nash by her side, who could play “desperate for a position” and become her bodyguard type protector…setting up a match eventually between HHH and Nash at WrestleMania giving Nash his one last run in the company, and the chance to go out at the biggest show.


– I would really like to see HHH finally admit that he sent that text to Nash, with HHH turning heel. HHH, Nash and Stephanie could start their own version of a corporation, but this time it would be like a Kliq corporation. Have Michaels do a few appearances, or perhaps have him thrown in as Raw GM (as that anonymous GM angle is now stale). This could also open the door for X-Pac to come back to WWE for a small in ring return and a part of this storyline. CM Punk, John Cena would be the main enemies of this group who are both great on the mic if given the chance. This could play out for some great twists and good storylines.

I know it could really go in any direction but personally I’d like to see something like this in order to keep things fresh, yet somewhat familiar to the fans and business. Also, this would give some older legends and big names to have a bit of the spotlight, which WWE seems to like to do going towards WrestleMania. Vintage characters seem to sell, as most of the old school fans come out of the woodworks for Mania, too.

Hope you enjoyed reading the first edition of The Opinion w/ James Bones. Really it’s going to be a very personal and visionary write up of my views and how I’d like to see things played out. In no way are my ideas affiliated with anyone, or are they the views of anyone else…don’t forget it’s my personal opinion.