The Twist of Fate.
If there is one thing most people can agree on it is this, Matt Hardy is in self Denial, and has been for quite sometime. His last run in wwe was filled with Dirtsheets and terrible youtube videos, and his run with TNA came to an amazing halt, with a suspension and now firing. What happen to the once rising star. The more technical of the the two hardys, he was more respected than his meth head brother, and was ultimatly left in the shadows of his spot monkey meth head brother. Now to say I was never a fan of these two would make me a liar, and a bad one at that. I was a huge fan of Matt in his V1.0 era, and Jeff when he had his first major title shot against the undertaker in a ladder match. These two did have their moments. However one can’t help but feel that that is where they live now, in the past. Matt Hardy still obsesses over Lita, and Jeff is still a spot monkey and shadow of his former self.

The PG Sux Group. Mainly a group of Hurricane Helms, Shannon Moore, Jeff and Matt Hardy. While not a bad idea to keep your friends close, in a business that rips up familes and friends like confetti, you can’t help but notice that this group has some serious Drug and Alcohol problems that noone within the group is willing to admit. These four are most likely your anti four horsemen, a group of wrestlers that will change the industry… but not for being a group of stars, but for being a group of nobodies and setting the standards higher for testing and drugs. And that is a problem, this group generally has no moral or reason to keep them sane enough to hold down a gig. With nothing stopping them from realizing they are not immortal they will continue until one of them is dead.

CM Punk is Karma. Everyone remember The Jeff Hardy shoot on CM Punk, well if you forgot, or need another laugh, here you go.

“I made CM Punk a motha fucking Sooper Star” Yes, cannot argue with that. If you didn’t get suspended, CM punk would not have gotten two, back to back, Money in the bank wins, if it wasn’t for you leaving,and getting Arrested, CM Punk would not have gotten the chance to do this…

oh and plus my all time favorite featuring shannon moore…

Ok, that had nothing to do with Hardy… but it was still cool.
The Point is, Yes, Jeff is right, he did help make CM Punk the star he is, by showing how a star should behave, and that is by not acting like the hardys.

Sting VS Jeff.

This match lasted 1:28… A main event match. The reaction was so bad that even TNA offered six months of free access to the (TNA’s on demand service) in one big massive “I am sorry” moment of the night. Hardy has not been seen since than.

Matt Self Denial.
Matt claimed on June 20th, that he is taking a break from TNA, and relaxing. TNA in reality, suspended him. 2 months later, still no sign of return, Matt was Fired for a DWI. While I will give him style points for being optimistic, it is clear as day that Matt Hardy is no more.

In the end, The Hardys are one of those flash in the dark tag teams. It is hard to see two of the most iconic wrestlers of the 90’s fall so fast so hard. But like the 90’s, they are done. Time to move on, The Era of Hardcore and EXTREME is done with and it is time to grow up. The Hardys are past their prime and showing signs of age quickly. They are basically chocolate milk, Really Great fresh… but exposed to long, it just sour and can’t even go near them now.

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