You may ask why i am writing a column about past women wrestlers. Basically, i was inspired by Jordan’s column on 8 Pioneers you should familiarize yourself with, and to do the column something from the past. Well, one part of it. Also, i planned on doing a column regarding women wrestling around this time, so i said i would put the two reasons together and write about them. So, let’s begin.

Over the years throughout the history of women wrestling, it has changed dramatically from women actually being wrestlers to them being used as a novelty to sell tickets to house shows or getting website views of them half naked by doing photo galleries and so on. Back then, women’s participation in wrestling was forbidden in several states including New York and California.  Women have served in roles as wrestlers, managers, valets, Ring announcers, color commentators, referees, reporters and even part owners of the largest organizations. I will run through a few of wrestling’s past women wrestlers!

Mildred Burke
Mildred Burke is perhaps the most famous early of women wrestlers. The 5’2″, 130 pound Kansan was discovered by her future husband, Promotor Billy Wolfe and held the Women’s Title for 18 years. Mildred was the type of champion that would take on anyone who stepped in her way, often she wrestled men when she became a champion  in 1936. At the peak oh her successful career, Mildred earned around  $50,000.00, in excess of inside and outside of the ring.

June Byers
As Mildred had the title for 28 long years, finally she was stopped by none other that June Byers. June accomplished this in 1954. Standing 5’7″ and weighing 150 pounds, the native of Houston, Texas often defended her women’s title as much as 3 times a week. From what research was done on June, she is believed to have wrestled in every country that allowed women to wrestle.

The Fabulous Moolah
Whatever can be said about both Mildred and June, without a question the most famous women’s wrestler ever is The Fabulous Moolah. And, i can safely say that 95% of you reading this would of known about Moolah. Initially as erving as Slave Girl Moolah, a valet to wrestler Elephant Bo the South African first became women’c champion in 1957 when she defeated the above June Byers. Moolah held the title for an astonishing 27 years until in 1987, she was defeated by Wendi Richter. Moolah later served as a manager and valet to Harley Race and also ran her own wrestling training camp called Camp Moolah.

Unfortunately, i can safely say most of us, as being a member of the Internet Wrestling Community, would not of known much about Mildred and June. I’m sure we all heard of Moolah, at least i hope! Anyway, hopefully if i elaborated enough to you, on how good past women’s wrestling is, sadly, there is a problem in today’s current women’s wrestling. What is it? I think the question is what isn’t right with it. I will just share some thoughts and points i have about today’s Diva’s/Knockout’s. Before i do, these thoughts are strictly WWE and TNA female wrestlers. As their may be quite skilled women wrestlers on independent companies as such, WWE and TNA are the two biggest companies, which is why i am writing about the females from them.

I wonder, as i did my research for this column, where and how did women’s wrestling go from Moolah to Kelly Kelly? It’s sad really, such great women’s history and someone like Kelly Kelly is ”the” woman’s wrestler in the largest wrestling organisation. I ask, does Kelly Kelly even have any talent? Personally, i don’t find her attractive. And, the only reason she is the women’s champion is because she is for her looks. You may ask why i do not find Kelly attractive? No, i’m not gay. Simply, i know when she is in photo shoots, hours is spent photo-shopping when they are uploaded to I know that she is all ”airbrushed”. Aside from my controversy with her over looks, Kelly can’t wrestle. But yet, she represents a rich history of representation to be a wrestling women’s champion. I find this disrespectful to greats like Moolah and Mildred. Moolah, Mildred and June would turn in their graves to see what women’s wrestling has become , and all their years of dedication to make women’s wrestling what it was to what it is now; a joke.

Reason why Kelly Kelly i gave a prime example of, is because she is, as i said, the women’s champion in the biggest pro wrestling company. I do not hate Kelly Kelly, i just think it’s a joke that she is a champion. By the way, finally glad you all now know how i feel about Kelly ”Airbrushed” Kelly.

Moving on, i still feel like something in this column is missing. I’m thinking at this time as i write, is what the reason was for women’s wrestling to go so awfully wrong. Just to clarify, i am or did not blame Kelly Kelly for this, it’s the ”yes men” i blame for Vince’s mojo.

Perhaps i will get another thing off my chest. WWE recently did their summer clear out. While the Bella twins and Kelly Kelly are still with WWE, both women wrestlers that were actually talented and could wrestle despite, being good looking also were Gael Kim and Melina. Well, OK Kim left herself, but Melina getting released is like Kelly Kelly as women’s champion; a joke. Melina has a big of an ego, but most of the big talent have big ego’s. And Melina probably was the best women’s talent WWE had. Now that i say it, Melina is one of few women in WWE that have the full package; looks, mic skill, wrestling ability. So what if she had an ego problem. I’m just saying, it’s frustrating seeing Melina to get fired while Bella twins and Kelly Kelly are still there!

To prove how desperate women’s wrestling is, i asked a question on Facebook asking people their thoughts on current women’s wrestling, one replied ”Their Implants”. I felt sorry for that person, as they may never of seen great women wrestling, currently i will be watching old footage of those three women legends. Now hopefully, if you are that person on face book reading this, hopefully you will of learnt a little history on women’s wrestling and appreciate how great these were.

Now, the sad thing about all this, us current wrestling fan’s would not of known much Mildred or June, Moolah i’m sure we all know. But the point about this, is that, wrestling history is important and talents like Mildred and June should be recognized for their hard work/dedication and their astonishing 10 plus year women’s champions. We may never see these great talents in our industry we love again such as Mildred, June, or Moolah.

At the end of all this, hopefully you as i will appreciate women’s wrestling to what it was. Now, women’s wrestling is a joke and will never be fixed. All it will be now is models and will be semi-skilled with wrestling ability.

Thanks for reading, now take care….spike your hair!

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