5- Mick Foley -throw some crazy shit in to WWE and it would be great. We’ve seen R-Truth go nuts, throw in Mick Foley to wind him up and you have comedy gold.

4- The Undertaker -whilst I’m not exactly Takers biggest fan I think we need him to come back and enter a massive feud without someone like the returning Batista/Jericho. His match against HHH at WrestleMania was fantastic and it’s sad that Taker has only become good for his WM matches. Therefore by entering a worthwhile feud we can see the exciting Taker. Taker has been spotted recently with a bald head, therefore the deadman gimmick might be even more realistic. What sells dead like a bald head and saggy skin?

3- Lita -it would be awesome to have Lita return to face Beth Phoenix and Natalya the D.O.D. Lita is a kick ass wrestler and can go 15-20 minutes in a match; something that the Diva division is lacking at the minute. If Lita returned we could see her as a face, helping out others like Kelly Kelly and Eve. Whilst Lita admits that she doesn’t like the whole barbies running the Divas division it could open her up as someone who is willing to help Divas like Kelly Kelly prove that their tough and strong like she is. She also could go off against the D.O.D saying how she doesn’t like bullies and won’t stand for it. Either way it would be awesome if Lita returned.

2- Batista – the powerhouse Batista has been one to be reckoned with for a while -that was before John Cena made him Quit. Batista left for MMA and so far hasn’t done anything worth mentioning, he has said on twitter that he plans to return after the PG bullshit. So, now that WWE isn’t as PG anymore maybe we could see a return of the big man.

1- Chris Jericho -“Y2J”
“The Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla”
“The King of the World”
“The First Undisputed Champion”
“The Man of 1004 Holds”
“Paragon of Virtue”
“The Best In The World At What He Does”
“The Mental Mastermind”
“The Manitoban Jet”
“The King of Bling-Bling
“One Bad Mamma Jamma”
“Sexy Beast”
“The Savoir of the WWE”
“The Living Legend”

So many nicknames have been thought of an orchestrated for Chris Jericho. The man with so much charisma that although not up to the level of The Rock is damn near there. Jericho cemented his place in my favourites list in the late 1999/early 2000 when he had a feud with Chyna -the match that stood out for me was the triple threat for the Intercontinental championship that was currently shared between Chyna and Jericho much to their hatred. The other man in the match was Bob Holly (Hardcore Holly) who was a very solid worker. This match was apart of my favourite PPV -Royal Rumble 2002. Jericho has since made a massive name for himself in WWE winning Undisputed WWF Championship, 3x World Heavyweight Championship, 2x WCW/World Championship, 9x Intercontinental Championship, 5x World Tag Team Championship, 2x Tag Team Championship, European Championship,and the Hardcore Championship. Jericho is prestigious champion in his own right, and he’s also an accomplished rock star. His attitude in WWE is similar to Punk’s and I think the sooner he’s back the better.

That’s my 5 I want to return anyway. Who do you want to return?