Here I am with another 6DW for you. Someone on the comment section mentioned about linking Bruno Sammartino & Zack Ryder. After thinking about it, I found out you can link them & here’s how:

Bruno-Randy Savage-Ric Flair-Edge-Christian-Ryder

Bruno faced Savage in MSG in 1986

Savage faced Flair at WM VIII & WCW

Flair faced Edge at NYR in 2006 & again in 06 in a TLC Match

Edge faced Christian a couple time in 2001

Christian faced Ryder in 2009 in ECW

or Lets try it in less than 6:


The first two links are the same what’s different is Flair facing MVP at RR 2008 & MVP facing Ryder in a MITB Qualifying Match on Raw back in 2009.

There’s this weeks link. Any thoughts? Questions? or maybe you have a 6DW chain of your own? Do you have suggestions on who I can link next? Don’t be afraid to  leave your comments & such. Thanks for reading.