Tattoos are something many people have. A way to express yourself show who you are and what you stand for. Tattoos are a big thing in wrestling.  They actually affect gimmicks and how wrestlers stand. Some fans will even like a wrestler just for their tattoos. In the real life they are just a way to express yourself in wrestling they are so much more. Let’s take a look at some key names in the wrestling world and their tattoos.

Randy Orton-

Rey Mysterio- We know the most obvious Rey Mysterio Tattoo is the word Mexican that goes across his stomach. With obvious meaning behind it. Along with his many other tattoos.

Cm Punk- His gimmick actually has shown right through his tattoos.

  •  A Pepsi Globe logo on his left shoulder that inspired the names of two of his signature moves. It also became a symbol of Punk himself, who wore the logo on his ring gear in the independent circuit, as well as a slightly modified Pepsi logo being used as part of his TitanTron entrance video.[144] He got the tattoo as a joke, as many fraternity members in his school were getting beer logos tattooed on their bodies. Punk, a keen Pepsi drinker, chose to receive a Pepsi tattoo to emphasize his straight edge beliefs.[5] The tattoo is also a reference to former Minor Threat guitarist Brian Baker, who had a Coca-Cola tattoo and explained this by saying “I like Coca-Cola”. When people inquire about Punk’s Pepsi tattoo, he often replies “I like Pepsi” in a similar fashion.[4]
  • The words “Straight Edge” are spelled out on Punk’s stomach. This is one of his oldest tattoos;[143] he has referred to it as his identity.[145]
  • A sleeve tattoo on his left arm that reads “luck is for losers” and features numerous good luck symbols, including a rabbit’s foot, four-leaf clover and a horseshoe.[146] The tattoo also features four ace playing cards as a tribute to trainer Ace Steel.[146]
  • A tattoo on the back of his left hand reading “No gimmicks needed”, a tribute to deceased wrestler Chris Candido.[147]
  • A tattoo on his right shoulder of the Cobra Command logo, G.I. Joe‘s enemy.
  • Another GI Joe themed tattoo on his right forearm, mimicking the tattoo Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow have on their forearms.
  • A tattoo of a rose on his left wrist.[148]
  • A tattoo across his knuckles with the words “DRUG FREE” (“DRUG” on his right knuckles and “FREE” on his left).
  • A tattoo behind his left ear of the number 31 with three stars surrounding it.
  • A tattoo on his chest, the design of which is unknown, but includes a skull and a snake.
  • A tattoo on the back of his hand with the logo of the now defunct rock band, Rocket from the Crypt.
  • A tattoo of the Gill-man from The Creature from the Black Lagoon on the inside of his left bicep.

Many other wrestlers have tattoos also.  Two people in Impact Wrestling have a gimmick completely based on tattoos.  They are a tag team known by the name of Ink Inc.  They say they represent the people who are not afraid to express themselves through getting tattoos and piercings.

Shannon Moore and member of Ink Inc. He actually truly loves tattoos he himself has many. But he has so much of a love for them he has his own tattoo and piercing shop Gas Chamber Ink.  At Gas Chamber Ink many wrestlers have gotten tattoos done. For example Shannon Moore’s partner Jesse Neal.

But what do you think about tattoos in wrestling? What wrestlers do you think has the best tattoos?


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