Hey everyone, as you read from the title and the banner above, it’s Wrestling Ramble’s 100TH post. Actually, it’s the sites One Hundred and third post, but only i got a chance to come online at this time for me to post it up. The top 50 was gathered up by myself from the staff and was kindly arranged and rounded up into one list by Timmy. The idea was created by Timmy and was worked between Tim, Jordan and myself. The following have participated with the list: Timmy, Jordan, James, Ryan, Derek, Jeremy, Hasnan and myself. You’ll see (+) symbol and same number posted with that sign, this just means it was a tie between those wrestlers.

Top 50 Wrestlers of the year, so far!

1. Alberto Del Rio
2. CM Punk
3. John Cena
4. Randy Orton
5. Christian
6. Daniel Bryan
7. Twatface Miz
8. Rey Mysterio
9. Sheamus
10. Dolph Ziggler

11. Wade Barrett
12. Cody Rhodes
13. Sting
14. AJ Styles
15. R-Truth
16. Mr.Anderson
17. Sin Cara
18. Mark Henry
19. Rob Van Dam
20. Robert Roode

21. Bully Ray
22. Evan Bourne
23. Edge
24. Zack Ryder
25. Kurt Angle
26. John Morrison
27. Alex Riley
28. Jack Swagger
30. (+)Kane
30. (+)Kofi Kingston

31. Gabriel
32. Ezekiel Jackson
33. Jeff Hardy
34. Jeff Jarrett
35. Triple H
37. (+)Alex Shelley
37. (+)Austin Aries
38. Crimson
39. Brian Kendrick
40. Kazarian

41. Douglass Wiilliams
42. Gunner
43. Undertaker
44. Tyson Kidd
45. Samoa Joe
46. Beer Money
47. James Storm
49. (+)Matt Morgan
49. (+)Ted Dibiase
50. Motor City Machine Guns

Thanks and hope we provide 100 more, please leave thoughts below!