The second edition of The Opinion has finally made it out of the chamber, and we have some good things to discuss this week. A little delayed getting this out as communication lacks at times, but then again not too many things ever go perfect. Also I’ll be heading back to work soon, which better not interfere with any of my wrestling. There are a few things I want to touch on in this edition – Raw turning into a Supershow from now on until further notice, is of course one. Also HHH vs. Punk now instead of Nash vs. Punk and how that story has evolved. Last but not least, I would like to speak about Mick Foley and his potential and what he’d do if he returned to WWE.

Last episode of RAW we saw HHH come down to the ring as COO and announce that RAW would now be a Supershow until further notice. Basically this means anyone who’s half decent on Smackdown will be also showing up on Monday nights now. Is this a good thing? I don’t really think so myself, and this is why….the whole idea of splitting into two separate brands was to allow younger and future talent to grow, giving them more air time. What happens to all the younger talent they’re trying to develop on RAW now? Well, more than likely pushed to the back burner once again, or even released. Sure this might be good for ratings and ticket sales and such, but it isn’t good for RAW’s developing talent at all. The Supershow wasn’t horrible, but to me it also wasn’t that great. It doesn’t give enough time for RAW storylines to grow, and also it seems to me a lot of the important RAW angles happening right now were rushed. This will blend into my next topic of HHH/Punk/Nash. As much as I like the story unfolding, I didn’t like how it seemed rushed and wedged into the show.

As some of you might now know, HHH will be facing CM Punk at NOC instead of Kevin Nash. Rumor has it that Nash went for a medical and something popped up so instead of waiting until SummerSlam, HHH will be facing Punk at Night Of Champions, taking Nash’s place. I was actually hoping to see Nash vs. Punk at NOC as I think this would have intensified the growing tension between HHH and CM Punk instead of throwing it down our throats too soon. Although lots of you think Nash vs. Punk would be a train wreck, I don’t. It might not be the most technical match of 2011, but you can guarantee there would be some pretty good spots which would involve lots of power, and violence. No, Nash isn’t the fastest guy in the block, but I believe he’s more talented than lots of other big men out there. The key to this match would have been CM Punk getting the victory over Nash and having bragging rights from that match going into SummerSlam. Think about it, Punk beats Nash at NOC. Monday night Punk comes out to brag about how he took care of HHH’s henchman, and how he beat Big Sexy, the legend. This would allow the tension between CM Punk and HHH to grow even more, and get pretty damn vicious by the time SS rolls around. Instead we are stuck with HHH/Punk being thrown at us weeks before the PPV. Do I feel fulfilled with this HHH vs. Punk match? Not at all. In fact I don’t want to see it. I’d even be happy to never see HHH wrestle again. But, given the right amount of time this could have played out to be a huge match. HHH and Punk could have easily built so much tension and anomocity towards each other by SummerSlam that the fans would have been begging for this match to happen. I for some reason have a feeling they’ll have their match at NOC and continue fighting until SummerSlam, where HHH will finally get the upper hand and win. If it happens this way….I’ll be disappointed.

Next thing on my list of topics is the legendary Mick Foley and his rumored return to WWE. I must say I love this guy and all throughout the attitude era, especially his debut and when Mankind was actually frightening to watch to me. Mankind gave me chills and grabbed my attention like no other performer had for quite some time. I was actually nervous watching Mankind in the ring, as I always thought he was so damn violent. Pulling out his hair, destroying his own body just to hurt someone else…the guy was a great heel. Then we had fun Mick, when Dude Love came on down to help Austin with the tag gold. Another great gimmick Mick Foley played. Do I think Mick will make it back into the WWE? Yes, of course. Do I think he will wrestle again? Yes, of course. He’s even mentioned dropping 50lbs just in case WWE needs him to wrestle. Well, if he’s hired this fall or winter that could give him time to once again get back on WWE TV and familiarize himself with fans that don’t know his history so well. Why would they do this? I honestly think we might see another Undertaker vs. Mick Foley match, and this will be Undertakers last match in WWE. Undertaker should have his 20th WrestleMania match against Mick Foley. Think of the history these two have, and think about what they could do one more time on the biggest stage of them all. Now, a lot of you are probably bitching saying they’re both old and cripple…well, yes, they are…but that hasn’t stopped either of them the last 10 years. These two can put on one hell of a match when need be, and I think Mick would be a great guy to lose to The Undertaker. Of course it wouldn’t be the caliber of the Hell in a Cell where Mick was thrown off and slammed through the cage, but it would be one hell of a match and nostalgia would be high. It almost seems every year WWE throw in nostalgia at WrestleMania just to keep some old fans interested. WrestleMania is no different as we already have John Cena vs. The Rock. Potentially we also have CM Punk vs. Steve Austin. If we had Mick Foley vs. The Undertaker I’m pretty sure this could be one of the biggest WrestleManias in history. I know I’d be all for it. After this match, I would expect Foley to resume other duties such as managerial, or even back to announcing. I did enjoy his announcing quite a bit more than Booker T, although Bookers strange announcing is almost growing on me. I’m up to understanding about 50% of what he says. Not bad!

That my friends is the second edition of The Opinion. Hope you enjoy. Check me on twitter. Don’t forget to comment on this write up.

James Bones