Pro Wrestling is a wheel, and the wheel will keep spinning, with the good talent we get the mediocre talent, and with the mediocre talent we get the bad talent. But one thing remains -the audience. Whether we like it or not we will still stand by and watch it; maybe not all of us, but most.

The next few articles I’ll be doing will be looking at the FUTURE talent, the one’s to look out for, what they’ve done with their time in WWE and why I think they’re ones to watch out for.

Here we go!

Alex Riley.
Alex Riley first hit our screens as a confident jock, dubbed the Varsity Villian on NXT he became a fan favourite for everyone (well if you’re like me and love your heels then you loved him). He came runner up to Kaval -who didn’t last too long in WWE because he was misused therefore in my mind the real winner of that season of NXT was Alex Riley mainly because I wanted him to win, and because he outlasted the actual winner. On NXT his pro was none other than loud mouth Miz who seemed to teach Riley a lot, most notably how to be loud and use his mouth… Not in that way. Mic skills people, mic skills! Riley was then brought into WWE a short while after he finished up on NXT and was brought in as The Miz’s associate? Protege? Something along those lines any way. We seen Riley ride the coat tails of the Miz ALL the way and including WrestleMania earlier this year. Although the protege thing got boring and the empty briefcase carrying slightly confusing I still loved A-Ry and was gagging to see him go solo and my wise was granted. After WrestleMania tension between the Miz and A-Ry started growing, further and further until Alex couldn’t take no more, so much so that he decided to hit up the Miz (nope not that way either) starting what looked like a very promising feud. Of course we got a few segments between these two, got a satisfactory match at Capitol Punishment but then the whole angle seemed to have slipped to the side with Riley and Miz fighting off in tag matches. They had another singles match on RAW, and were included in the RAW MITB. After this match the whole thing was dropped. I was fuming, considering I wanted some more Miz-Riley matches but WWE do have a habit of dropping the ball. Riley has been dropped to a meaningless feud with Dolph Ziggler which was reason enough to have them work a dark match at SummerSlam which I also was not happy with. WWE seemed to have lost direction with A-Ry, and hopefully they pick him back up. He has the look of a champion, the mic skills to properly work a crowd (not CM Punk standard but good enough), is charismatic and should really be getting a push for the US title. I, personally, love A-Ry and I really hope that he’ll be used right, he has the goods; does WWE have what it takes to NOT drop the ball on him? Here’s hoping.

Dolph Ziggler
It’s hard to argue against Ziggler’s talent. He has shown us some of the best wrestling we’ve seen this year, Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler anyone? It takes two to tango but Ziggler performed the tango well. Ziggler has also had brilliant matches with Edge, one of Edge’s last feuds in his career -something Ziggler should be proud about. Ziggler first joined the WWE in 2005 as Kerwin White’s caddy -anyone who is unaware of Kerwin White here’s a little breakdown: worst gimmick ever played by Chavo Guerrero. When Guerrero dropped the Kerwin White gimmick, Zig-Zag was sent zig-zagging back to OVW for more training and repackaging. Skip to 2006 and we have a group of male cheerleaders -again, Ziggler didn’t get a very good gimmick to work with but instead of getting frustrated he waited his turn, got sent back to OVW (later sent to FCW) after the break-up of the Spirit Squad, and came back to our screens in 2008 as the repackaged Dolph Ziggler. Although being suspended in 2008, Ziggler was a small star waiting for it’s time to shine. Press the fast forward button at in July 2010 Ziggler beats Kofi Kingston for the Intercontinental Championship -his first ever belt in the WWE. After a 5 month reign Ziggler lost the belt to the person he defeated to become Champ -Kofiiii Kingston! As we know after this Ziggler entered a feud with Edge and one that in my books was successful -it had good matches and good stipulations such as Edge’s spear being banned. Ziggler has definitely waited his turn in WWE with dodgy gimmicks and poor feuds (yes The Great Khali I AM looking at YOU). While Ziggler’s mic skills aren’t the best, they’re not the worst either, and as everyone knows -I prefer in-ring skills over mic skills. I have personally met Ziggler, an experience that was somewhat frustrating. I gave my sister my SLR camera to take a picture of me and him together, she didn’t know how to use the camera and Mr Zig got impatient, walked off and made me look like a fan boy running after him for an actual picture (my sister still managed to cut half off his head off hahaha!) But not only that, when I asked for his autograph he shouted at me by telling me to hold the booklet FIRMLY -k Ziggler don’t be a jerk about it. Despite our awkward meeting I still love his in-ring skills and will be a fan of his for another while yet. Ziggler has the potential to be a champion in a few years when Cena doesn’t have a title shot time after time.

Next week I will do another 2 wrestlers, maybe 2 divas. Thoughts on these 2 guys is recommended, I’d love to hear y’all opinions.