Hiya Hasnan is back, sorry I was on holiday up Scotland and then I had to go through the remainder month of Ramadan. Moving on today I will be talking about the new COO Triple H. My thoughts on the new change on WWE; what I like/hate about it and what I want happening and what I do not want happening of course. Simple straight forward post I just wanted to share my thoughts. AND PLEASE DISCUSS IT DAMMIT.

My thoughts on why WWE did this..

Well obviously Vince is turned into a old man now he needs to get off TV on let’s get that out of the way and yes I guess he still does producing at the back, it’s not only that …But I think that WWE really want to move out of the WWE PG,Cena,Universe,Shit the WHAT EVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT Era and let me just put this in and I want to get off my chest if Cena Era is Cena Era well then RA is Triple H Era then AE was SCSA era (IMO) and then the golden era was the Hogan era. Anyways it seems like there going with SuperShow Era :/ yes very cheesy they even got a article for it (yes I know it is a result page but..) http://www.wwe.com/shows/raw/2011-08-29/results so then Triple H is the one to deliver it to us and let the new generation of the 12 years begin to watch real wrestling its a transition I guess, And since VKM son isn’t in WWE and lost somewhere running a internet company I think, I might be thinking in to too much BUT I think this is the test run for Paul when eventually Vince says fuck it he doesn’t want to do the job anymore. And honestly I think if he doesn’t deliver it well he aint gonna do it for real life and then WWE will fail in future…I will give you post why they fail in future just give me another few months then I will bitch about it in future see what I did there ;).

Ok that was a short in depth look as a business now what I Hasnan like about the new C.O.O:

We finally have an authority figure THAT IS FUCKING GOOD….Like you know what I mean the computer has turned into utter crap, and then Theodore long just does the same old boring things like player YOUR GONNA BE A TAG MATCH *walks off* but then again I can say creative is a bitch for that. Triple H brings in his own character that us the fans the fan knows; Like he can get angry at times and then he can tell a story…Work perfect good or bad/everyone almost loves him. We can finally also get some people over…And IDC if you love him but people like Chris Jericho need to be here right now because WWE fail so badly in making a person…Em its like you cant have a building without some good cement to make it bigger :L I dunno if that sounds right but what I mean is that look at Brock Lesnar for the sake of it you had Undertaker and Angle put him over but now you don’t have star power to make anyone to look good. HHH has that.

What I don’t like:

Is when they make him like, IM SOOO STTRONG BITCH YOU NO GOOD WHEN YOU STAND NEXT TO ME BITCH. And that is going to happen even more…if you watched “super” smackdown which sucked he started to own Punk and then again I hate saying that but it can bury people..The only thing I hate I swear to god.

What I want him doing in future:



And yes that is all lol, My name is Aminul Islam they call me Hasnan PEACE!