I started getting WWE dvds in 2005, my first being “Road Warriors: The Life and Death of the Most Dominant Tag-Team in Wrestling History .” Since then, my collection has grown to 65, which is not even near some I’ve seen. Recently, though, I’ve become more obsessed with collecting them, and have been looking to expand my collection by…um, well, let’s just say a lot. Anyway, through my searches I’ve discovered what some of the harder dvds to own are.

Judgement Day 2002

While not too difficult to find today, the original dvd was  released only via WWEShop.com, and only for a limited time. What makes this such a cool dvd to have, is that it’s the first ppv under the “WWE” name. Like I said, this ppv isn’t difficult to find, as a quick look on Silvervision, Amazon, or Ebay, and you can  own it. To find the original dvd, though, you’ll need to look far and wide for this number on the side of the case: WWE59316. Don’t expect to find it cheap, as the price can range from $100-$200.

Best of the WWF 2001 Viewer’s Choice

This features the best ten matches of 2001, along with some other top moments. It aired on TV at the end of the year as a New Year’s Special, but was only released on dvd, in Canada.   As of this writing, you can find one copy, on Ebay and Amazon, going for $196.

In Your House 29: Over the Edge 1999

Over the Edge 1999 was the last In Your House ppv. Due to the tragic death of Owen Hart, it was never officially released by WWE. So, if it was never released, how are you supposed to own it? The only way is via bootleg distributors. The good news, however, is that you won’t have to worry about paying a ridiculously high price; you can find the entire In Your House set (1-29) for about $40. That being said, this dvd makes the list solely because it was never officially released.

Trish Stratus 100% Stratusfaction Guaranteed Collectors Edition

This dvd was released in 2003, as an FYE exclusive, and included a Trish bobblehead. It is extremely difficult to find, and even pictures of it are hard to come by (special thanks to wwedvdnews.com for the above). If you do find it for sale somewhere, via some miracle, forget chunk change, you’ll be paying upwards of $200. Make sure that you’re getting the real deal; the collector’s edition has “Special Collector’s Edition” at the top of the case. It’s definitely one of the gems of the wrestling dvd collecting world.

RAW Homecoming 

Another gem of the wrestling dvd collecting world, is this dvd here. The actual show aired on October 3, 2005, and was the first RAW to air on the USA Network since it moved to Spike TV(TNN) in 2000. The dvd would not be released until 2007, as a Walmart Double-Pack exclusive, alongside WrestleMania 20. However, it would quickly be pulled from shelves, due to the unfortunate Chris Benoit tragedy. If you’re lucky enough to locate this dvd, expect to pay anywhere from $100 to over $200.

The Complete WrestleMania Anthology: Limited Edition, Signed, Leather Box Set

 If the previous two dvds I showed you are gems, this just might be the Holy Grail.There were three different versions of the WrestleMania Anthology released; the regular version that you can find anywhere, the Holographic box version, and this very special edition. This box set is made of leather, is signed by Vince McMahon, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by Linda McMahon. It also includes: four collectible Senitype cards,  one signed Senitype card (I know of one Shawn Michaels signed, and another signed by HHH. Don’t know how many different superstars signed cards), the four dvd sets with WrestleMania’s 1-21, and a bonus dvd featuring historical WrestleMania photographs. Only 1000 of these were made, and the box set was exclusively sold on WWEShop.com.

If you come across any of these dvds, and have the means to do so, you should definitely pick them up quickly. Not only would they make excellent editions to any collection, but if you ever wanted to re-sell them, there’s no telling how much they’d be worth. It would also be smart to keep an eye out for store exclusives (Walmart, FYE, K-Mart, WWEShop.com, etc), as you never know when something like the “The Biggest Knuckleheads” will become worth something.

Happy Hunting,