Smackdown starts off with the Kool Aid man: Mark Henry coming out this week. He talks about how everyone thought that his best years were behind him, but they are in fact just getting started. Just ask Big Show and Kane. He says that last week, Orton got a taste of what his hall of pain felt like. He says at NOC, he’s going to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. He then says that his heart don’t run on Kool Aid. Blatant lies! Ok, so I made that up. Zack Ryder comes out to address him. He says that both he and Orton have matches but they can’t interfere in either’s match. Mark asks him if he likes Kool Aid. I made that up too. What he really asks him is who he thinks will win at NOC. Ryder says that Beth really has Kelly’s number. That doesn’t surprise me. Everybody has Kelly’s number. Mark says if he can’t put his hands on Orton, he has to put his hands on somebody. Ryder tries to fight him off but is squatted away and flattened with the Worlds Strongest Slam.

This was good for what it was. Especially for a Mark Henry promo. He’s not a very good talker, so it was nice to see that he did a decent job here.

Mark Henry d. Ezekiel Jackson.

Basically a squash match to show how dominant Mark Henry is. There’s not much I can say. It wasn’t much of a match. I’m just glad it was over rather quickly. Henry won with the WSS. Mark is on the roll of his career. I am very impressed with his work as of late. He has improved a lot since his heel turn. I don’t expect him to win at Night of Champions. Orton fans shouldn’t worry there. However, I do think Mark Henry will win the WHC at Hell in a Cell. That would be fine by me. Mark is a loyal veteran of the WWE. He’s been there for 15 years and is probably going to retire soon. Probably within the next 2 years. I say give him a Title run before he goes. He does deserve it, no matter what anyone says.

Backstage, T-Lo is talking about the new WWE ’12 video game on his cellphone. He says there is no better candidate than Randy Orton to be the cover boy for it. I agree. He’s been on a roll this year. Aksana came in and asked if she could do another ring announcement tonight. Teddy says no. Aksana says that announcing isn’t the only thing she can do with her mouth. Has Kelly Kelly been mentoring her? Teddy says he has to go check on Ryder.

Bad segment. Whoever wrote it obviously thought it was funny, but it clearly wasn’t.

Sin Cara d. Tyson Kidd.

Decent match. You could see that Tyson carried the majority of the match. But of course, Sin Cara came out as the victor following his Springboard rolling senton and lionsault. You can tell that Hunico isn’t very good. That’s just my opinion. Tyson Kidd deserves a push. He’s one of the better workers that the WWE has to offer. Use him right!

Post match, Josh Mathews interviewed Sin Cara. Even though he was speaking English, I still couldn’t understand him all that well. Oh, and speaking of better workers, arguably the best worker WWE has to offer, Daniel Bryan, came out to confront Sin Cara. He says he never saw him speaking English coming. Of course, being kicked in the head last week, he never saw that coming either. He challenged him to a rematch next week and says he caan be as aggressive as he wants. Sin Cara attacked Bryan and made him tap with his own LeBell Lock. I don’t understand. Why make Bryan lose on SD for over a month, and when he doesn’t have a match, they make him look week  yet again. That’s no way to use the most talented performer that the company has to offer. I expect him to be used better from next week onwards.

Backstage, Orton is interviewed. He says Cody is a changed man but not for the better. He also says that Mark Henry deserves credit for what he did last week. He said it was smart and calculated. Not something that usually describes Mark but it is now. he says Mark is at the peak of his career. He says people are wondering what can stop him. Orton replies with an RKO.

WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly d. Natalya.

I’m getting annoyed with Kelly. All she does is scream. She would even be bad in TNA. That’s how bad Kelly is. I respect her ability to get better, and she had a decent match with Beth at Summerslam, but come on, enough is enough. Time for Beth to become Champion. I don’t really know what to say about this match without it making me angry. Natalya is the best Diva in WWE, so I really don’t get why she’s booked to lose to Kelly. I don’t see the logic in it. Kelly won via rollup after countering the sharpshooter. Beth Phoenix, please win the Title at NOC. It’s time for a change in the Divas division. COME ON~!

Christian makes his way out to the ring. Bitching and complaining as usual, because in fact, he is great in that role at being a heel. He says he deserves one more chance at the WHC. No, he doesn’t. Why? Because he deserves to BE the WHC. But he’s not. Randy is. Sheamus comes out and says he’s out of chances, out of matches, out of luck and more importantly, out of this ring because he has a match coming up next.

Sheamus d. Wade Barrett via DQ.

It could have been a better match if it ended by pinfall. It was a very physical match up. They could have a decent feud if booked right. That wont happen for a while, though. Christian attacked Sheamus during the match causing the DQ. Christian and Barrett began to beat him down but Sheamus fought back and cleared them both out. He hit the Brogue Kick on Barrett and attempted the High Cross on Christian, but he slithered out of the ring, because he is a chicken shit heel. Sheamus looks like a dominant babyface right now. I am rather enjoying it. Sheamus vs Christian is a match I expect to be made for NOC.

WWE Tag Team Champions Air Boom d. Jinder Mahal & The Great Khali.

Pretty much the same thing we saw on raw. Basic formulaic tag match that ended when Khali turned face and turned on Mahal, allowing Kofi to hit TIP to pick up the win. Khali is a face already? Didn’t he just turn heel like a couple of weeks ago? I’m fine with it, because Khali sucks either way and Mahal has an incredible future ahead of him as a singles superstar. Mahal is Canadian, for those who didn’t know. Canadians are fucking awesome!

Cody Rhodes comes out to the ring and cuts a promo before the main event. He says even though his face is fractured, he is still an inspiration. He says Ted was just happy being Ted, but Cody wasn’t happy with that, so he dropped him.  He then asked the question with that anger sunk to the bottom do you know what floated to the top? It was the Intercontinental Championship. Earlier tonight Randy Orton said Cody Rhodes was unstable. There is a thin line between being unstable and thriving. Cody then said that Randy Orton has inspired him yet again to show Orton just how unstable Rhodes can be.

World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton d. Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes.

Great match! This could be a great feud in the near future. Cody used a lot of submission holds in this match. That was nice to see. It shows that he is one of the better wrestlers in WWE. Let’s be honest, though. Did anyone see Cody Rhodes winning this match? I know I didn’t. Cody attempted CrossRhodes, countered an RKO, attempted the Beautiful Disaster and was eventually caught with the RKO. It’s amazing how a move that has been done for 8 years can still draw a massive pop. I love the RKO. I loved it when DDP 1st used it and I love it now that Orton has made a career out of doing it. Watching this match, you can see that while Cody nor Randy are the best workers in WWE, they are definitely among the better ones. Orton is so good right now. He shot up to one of my fave’s, on raw, after beating the ugliest man in WWE: Heath Slater. Wade Barrett is an ugly man, but Heath makes him look like a Greek God, haha! Anyway, highly enjoyable match. I recommend you watch it.

Post match, Mark Henry came out and laid waste to Orton yet again. He hit him with 2 WSS’s. He goes to the outside and picks up a steel chair and places it on Orton’s throat and sit’s down on it. He says he could have easily broken his leg, but that aint his objective. He wants the World Heavyweight Championship. Smackdown goes off the air.

Like I’ve said, Mark Henry is on the roll of his career. I wouldn’t be surprised if he beat Orton next week, but I find it highly doubtful. I don’t think it’s the right time yet. I say wait until HIAC or even Vengeance, but that’s just my thoughts. I have to say that Smackdown was ok this week. I’d give it a 6 out of 10.