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Hey readers hope you all had a good week in wrestling. This is the 3rd Edition of The Opinion here on Wrestling Rambles and there are a few subjects I want to discuss in this write up. First off I want to mention the resurrection of the tag team division. It has my interest as I’ve always been a fan of tag team action over the last 23 years of watching. Also I wanted to touch on if WWE needs another mid-card/lower mid-card title, as Zack Ryder has his Internet Title which he says he’s not defending. Last but not least I want to mention Mark Henry and Randy Orton and their upcoming match at the PPV.

Lately we’ve seen small evidence and have heard rumours that WWE wants to once again put some effort into the tag team division and build up some teams. We’ve already had a title change and WWE has put the Tag Team Titles on a couple of faces in order to put a jolt into the fans. By putting together 2 of their upper mid-card stars they made a fairly entertaining team in Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston. Now, I personally am I big fan of matching tag teams, such as Legion of Doom, Demolition, Rockers and such. I always liked it and found it more believable they weren’t just thrown together when they dressed similar and really merged as a team. I have a bit of this feeling toward Evan and Kofi but it’s been slowly dwindling the more they’ve been in the ring. It looks like Reks and Hawkins will finally be given some TV time which they’ve been asking for on Twitter, as they’ve been teaming up lately. This won’t be a bad thing as they both have some skill and deserve to be on TV more than some, IMO. We also saw Miz and R-Truth come down and promo themselves as being conspired against. I could see these two making quite an interesting tag team, as they are amazing on the mic, especially in the ring together. I miss the old days when there were tag teams that actually stayed together for longer than a few weeks. If WWE wants people to invest in the tag team division and once again be interested, they really need to build the teams and keep them around. Get some history in between them. The Usos haven’t been on TV all that long but already they act and look as if they have an unbreakable bond. That’s what I would like to see.

Should WWE bring in a lower mid-card title for the talent which isn’t quite in the U.S. Title or IC Title circle yet? If we remember there’s been many over the years, and personally I think WCW did the best with their lower mid-card titles. WWE for some reason barely invests time even in the U.S. Title and IC Title storylines and it makes the belts almost useless in my minds. I’m sure we can all remember even 10 years ago when there was some A+ matches for the mid-card titles and at times the feuds even surpassed the main event title matches. Zack Ryder recently introduced the Internet Title which he said is always going to be his, and he’ll never defend it. That’s fine and we’ll see how long that lasts as Vince might end up not liking the idea of having a “fake” champion on TV stealing the spotlight from his real champions. I would like to see at least a Television title or something similar that actually gets defended simply on TV. No need to do a huge PPV build up, or even advertise the matches. If WWE had a TV Title that was always defended on RAW or Smackdown I know the fans would get into it and start supporting the title, especially if the title was put on up and comers the fans actually respect and want to see move up the ladder. I’ll always believe there’s a place for mid-card titles, too. The U.S. and IC Title are great…when used properly. I personally think WWE has been too involved in their main eventers and haven’t been giving enough time to the mid-cards at all. You can only bundle them up and put so many of them in a tag team. Maybe have writers who just work on the mid-card division. That might give the fans something to be interested in. Why would we invest our time in a title that the WWE barely invests any time in?

Did everyone catch Smackdown this past week? The build up for the Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton match has been escalating and it’s starting to seem like something of actual importance. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m not a big fan of Mark Henry. There was a time when I didn’t even want to see him on TV again. This gimmick has been different, however. I actually enjoy this scary, destructive heel he’s been playing. I also believe it’s the perfect type to go up against Randy Ortons current face gimmick. I’m not sure where most people stand on this match, as I’m guessing most are picking Randy to win. I somewhat agree due to the fact the WWE has been playing hot potato with the WHC and it’s been back and forth so much you’d think they’d want stability. But I’m not sure if it’s just me who sees this or not, but Smackdown seems a little bland right now with Orton as the WHC. For some reason it almost seems as if the fans don’t really care if Randy is champion or not, and that’s why I think the right move would be to let Mark Henry win the title, and at least have it for a 2-3 months. If Smackdown had a heel champion at least the crowd would have a reason to cheer for their faces. They could support Randy, Sheamus and whoever else wants a run at Mark. This would also give Sheamus the chance to get over as a top main event face, and perhaps give him another title run. Sheamus and Mark have some good history and what better way to build off it than to continue it up until even Royal Rumble.

Thanks for read and don’t forget to leave your opinion down below! The best thing about this business is the fact that every single fan usually has some sort of different view on things. To me, that’s what makes things interesting. Until next time!

James Bones