Before I start today it is the tenth anniversary of 9/11, I would just like to say RIP to all the innocent people and stay strong to their family my condolences go to you. Moving on Hello there its Sunday it means Hasnan blog about current WWE is going to be posted: D, as you can see by the title I think the Friday Night SmackDown is going down!-to failure of course. Cheesy eh? And the truth is and this might be annoying but if you look at the ratings they aint so great man 1.78’s and the super SmackDown only YES ONLY got a 2.12 (PWInsider) so roughly I would guess that is only spoiler readers actually watching for once.

Well yeah I will state things why I think it is:

Firstly I just think things are muddled up now seriously, Wade is just sitting there waiting for something to do like this past week on SmackDown he re-introduced his jacket he always used to wear back in NXT 1 alongside Jericho, like what the hell where they going down on him? You know that win vs. Daniel Bryan THE MITB WINNER actually can lead to something WWE? Like WHC shot explaining he is better than everyone and yes he fits that role though. Then you got superstars like Christian now who is still flipping moaning about crap and looking like a tool every week. They need to plan out that is doing what. Oh yeah and Gabriel what happened to him he is like gone waaaaay down. I know everyone cannot be pushed but it seems there only pushing fillers that make Orton’s reign count go up…I just don’t think Henry is going to win at NOC by the way but damn I like the hall of fame stuff BUT OTHERS LIKE WADE NEED IT xD.

And is it just me or SmackDown is now is getting really really repetitive, we keep getting tag matches like wth!? Then you got Sin Cara who just keeps winning matches but hey they got him speaking and turned heel the week before so it’s ok I guess. But I think people like Kidd and damn it yes Tatsu need to get down with each other on the big show’s not flipping NXT where the flipping rookies are…It lacks the normal 1v1 thing as a undercard, there is only Sin Cara for that they have enough time to get people over because it’s not like they have 4 titles like Raw they can do it, it just getting lazy you got people like Rek’s and Hawkins as a new tag team should of just put them together vs. Khali and Jinder man instead of a rematch this week. That really piss me off….It’s just my opinion that I like seeing new people and what people say “same old shit”

Don’t give me crap about good wrestling though…ITS WWE The promo’s are just dull and stupid they all have like the same goal besides Orton doing his part as Face of the brand burying everyone and yes I said it. It’s so generic. It helps feuds develop you see. Plain simple.

NO recognition: and when I say this it’s like they don’t care about the show…like there is raw rebounds everywhere on Smackdown, NXT and Superstars. They deserve to get hyped aswell you know there the things that spice up feuds and there suppose to be told like a story. Only thing they get is like Slam of the week on WWE.COM great isn’t it? That’s why people don’t have a clue about half the things on the show. When Raw is up our face as A show boo hoo it’s really good now. But SmackDown can get that aswell it won’t hurt.

We need a new manager…Like we got Ryder as a assistant but I’m gone really bored of Theodore and the way he is presented to us as a manger, like I said way too many tag matches come out of his mouth lol.

There is nothing to talk about, they just deliver the show like it HAS to be done like look at super SmackDown after all of that advertising it was terrible and another Orton vs. Christian saved the night. It’s not raw when you got another feud like Swagger vs. Dolph. I’m just hanging on Rhodes to do what he said “make the IC belt better”.

I want more special types of matches on SD…This only happens when the show is like based on a new contender…But it is cool if there was more specialty matches.

They really need to just care about the show I miss the days back in 04 when it was exceptional when Cena was flipping good! And then the WWE title made sense with development all round Eddie wins it he is new it’s interesting then JBL it was interesting you get me.

I just hate the concept of B show. And the wrestling excuse is starting to get lame aswell.FIX IT WWE.

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