Ok so this Sunday is WWE’s Night of Champions, and the main event of the night ALLLLLLLLBERRRRRRRTOOOO DELLL RIOOOO going vs John Cena. This is a new feud and is quite interesting seeing how its a new champion and how there working with him, so far its going well and I found it funny how pretended he was playing “mind games” when he had visa problems like 2 weeks ago and they didnt a “burial” comment from Cena OMG!?. There kinda working the feud well IMO and thank god he aint turning into Jack Swagger or Miz with the stupid moves creative did with them,thank you WWE!

I think the guy since day one had the WWE management on his back, he had such a great debut lets just share it man:

He didnt have any political bullshit or anything like that, he can wrestle and he has those normal mic skills to get you around in todays WWE. He has just shined on me and is now growing on me. He got himself over I know Rey did it but he had worked so well by himself aswell again IMO. They have made such a great mexican star.

Ok Why I think he needs to win.

Its a succeding heel WWE man, now he is getting reactions since he is WWE champion and isnt those sad fails that I keep saying numerous times. Just go with it we are lacking GOOD heels and its just nice to see new people in main event, and seeing that we got this “supershow” thing going on now he can be more ignorant and annoying with the whole roster and make us hate him even more. Think of it as a normal fan and not a internet guy (yes im being hyprocritical but we all are 😉 ) they like it and take it as entertainment ITS WORKING :’). ADR is a baddy 😛 just look at last nights opening promo from him!

There isnt anything to do just stick it with him and give to another person…YES IM SAYING IT BUT DO A JBL ive said it before his character can develop even more, and i’m not showing off but he is doing what I said from my previous posts..making himself interesting the destiny thing got dull but now its means something, its got a identity he is WWE champ. Lets try give him a long reign and then put another superstar over like IDK the IWC darling JoM0 or back to MIZ. Just look at Raw like all we care about is main event, the only other good thing is when Ziggler turns on to give a good match.Id rather see more storylines with ADR yes meaning a win at HiAC aswell. Forget same old shit cena as champ. Also me saying there will be storyline is me showing blind cena hate i’m just bored of seeing that man in the title scence.

And finally, i’ve said he will get more over and they make him a heel that eveyone hates using the supershow stuff and making more feuds. But the most greatest thing for him winning on sunday will be cementing a WWE life seriously…John Cena beating the face? and then before that the amount of people that got his deadly finsher, the amount of times they showed he was better than mid card, how he won Royal Rumble this year and then TLC matches before that. I woudnt mind him having one long reign and just leaving and just putting over Miz and i’m being serious.I would say thank you WWE the guy is like 33 so I think if it goes lonnnggggg that should be just it. And then I could say WWE have finally did a good push.

This might just be a stupid post BUT this is not my weekly post im just doing this for fun…and after like november im really busy so just wanted to get a few things off my chest…em ill probably give a wish this happens issue on Sunday

Ok peace Hasnan and follow me on twitter dammit @iAminulHasnan

and I would like to end the post with this… Super Cena was trending last week…it returned please dont continue it WWE! xPPPPPPP