When Ring of Honor debuts on national television for the first time, via the Sinclair Broadcasting Group, on September 24th, a new era will commence. The current top talent, such as ROH World Champion Davey Richards, Roderick Strong, Eddie Edwards, among others, will be paving the way through this new and exciting era, while setting a new standard. However, the future of the company will also be looking to make their mark, as well.


O’Reilly made his wrestling debut in 2005.  After a few years working various independent promotions, he began  wrestling  for Ring of Honor in 2009. He was officially signed to the company in fall of 2010, and quickly teamed up  with fellow  newcomer, Adam Cole. The two have since risen through the tag team rank. They’ve had notably series with the All Night  Xpress and Bravado Brothers, and recently this year, earned a future shot for the ROH Tag Team Championships.

He has a hard-hitting, MMA style, utilizing numerous kicks and submissions. Being the training partner of current ROH  World Champion, Davey Richards, has also certainly added to his repertoire. O’Reilly also isn’t afraid to take the air, and his  “hunger” and determination always shine through during  matches.


This is the guy I just mentioned….he began wrestling for ROH in 2009, and was finally signed to a contract in August of 2010. He soon paired up with fellow newcomer, and the guy I just profiled, Kyle

O’Reilly. Since then, the team have been ascending through the tag team division, earning a future tag title match, recently this year.

Prior to working for Ring of Honor, Cole started his career in 2009, and worked in various independent promotions.

Cole’s style is based on his natural athleticism, thus he utilizes several explosive maneuvers, including a variety of kicks, suplexes, and dives.







While Kyle O’Reilly are a team just beginning their careers in Ring of Honor, the following team have finally seemed to come into their own, and are in full swing, chasing the gold. They are the team of the All Night Express, comprised of Rhett Titus and Kenny King.



RHETT TITUS             

 Rhett debuted in Ring of Honor in 2006, after completing his training at their Academy. He began his training with then  head trainer, Austin Aries, at the age of 17, and would later be trained Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan), who took over for  Aries.

Titus would go on to become the final winner of ROH’s Top of the Class Trophy, His most notable singles feud was  against  Delirious, over Daizee Haze. In 2009, he would begin teaming with Kenny King, as the All-Night Express.

His gimmick was that of a brash ladies man. He would spend quite a bit of time trying to impress the women in the  audience, even going as far to pass out hotel key rooms during his entrance. However, in 2010, Titus would became more  serious about capturing the ROH World Tag Team Championships, with King, and has since toned  down his “Addicted  to Love” gimmick.

On a side-note, Rhett Titus reminds me of Edge.


King was trained by Al Snow, Chavo Guererro, Ivory, and Bob Holly, during the second season of Tough Enough. After not winning the competition, he began competing on the independent scene, and in 2005 began working for TNA. However, in his year with TNA, he was only used as enhancement talent (Jobber).He would begin working for Ring of Honor in 2007, and after a couple years working as a singles star, and in a group known as the YRR, would begin teaming with Rhett Titus.The All Night Express are currently entrenched in a feud with the Briscoe Brothers, in their pursuit of tag team gold.

King’s greatest weapon is his amazing athleticism. He’s also quite strong, unleashing high-impact maneuvers.Many fans have compared him to Shelton Benjamin, though he and Titus have worked to prove that they are not like Benjamin and Charlie Haas.

The previous four guys are working through the tag team ranks; the next talent is carving his own singles career…


The self-proclaimed “Prodigy” utilizes power and brutality in the ring, while combining natural athleticism and speed. He  also utilizes the services of manager, “Brutal” Bob Evans.   While a good in-ring competitor, one of his best strengths is  his charisma and mic work.

Bennett earned a ROH Television title shot in earlier in the year against Christopher. However, after his arch-rival Steve  Corino prevented  “Brutal” Bob from assisting him at ringside, Bennett would lose the match.

With his sights on the Television Championship, along with his quick push as one of the top future talents in the company, Bennett definitely has a great future ahead of him.





As a reminder, Ring of Honor’s first SBG show airs on September 24th. Regardless of whether or not you have a channel it will air on, you’ll still be able to watch as ROH will be airing the episodes on their website: http://rohwrestling.com/

ROH’s next iPPV, Death Before Dishonor 9, is on September 17th.

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