What can I say? I think satisfied is a good word to describe what i’m feeling. Why am I satisfied? The last few months the WWE have put out a phenomenal product and I do my utter best to watch the episodes of RAW and Smackdown as soon as possible. Being from Ireland, it is a  little harder to watch it with the time zones, oh well. We can safely say that WWE are on the right track. We as fans, have something to look forward to 4-6 hours a week (If you watch NXT and Superstars too).  One can argue the ratings haven’t improved that brilliantly, but they are pretty steady, except one or two weeks when other big events are on. 2011 indeed, has been a good year for WWE, so lets take a look through some of the wrestlers/feuds etc that have put WWE ”Back on Track”.

CM Punk vs. The Establishment
What did CM Punk do? He stepped up and expressed to all of us with his REAL feelings about WWE when he was given time to talk about what he wanted. He made WWE ‘fun’ again. He was a self righteous heel now turned tweener. His character was interesting as it was before his shoot promo and all that, now as a tweener, I find him more interesting. Just hearing him talk with what seems to be more freedom on the MIC, is just awe-inspiring. As the weeks went on, Triple H became involved in his whole new direction of the company, stirring Vince off camera, at least for now. And, Triple H’s new role was due to Punk’s voice of the voiceless angle. Vince, at the moment, is down and out. Lets just say, i’m sure its not the last we seen of Vince McMahon. Back to Triple H. With him playing this role as the COO , it was such a shock, I was not expecting him to come out and tell Vince he had to go, from the company he built, was shocking. I was shocked it happened this soon. Anyway, Triple H is making Punk look like a good old asshole at the moment which is what Punks schtick is all about, exposing the real asshole in the situation by “pushing” them. Bringing in Nash and John Laurenitis, is really interesting. It’s fresh. It’s like watching another Stone Cold being reborn, perhaps you can argue Punk isn’t that far yet, but this is in the early stages of a new direction for WWE. It’s exiting, unpredictable, fun really. It leaves us most weeks with, what will happen next?

I have been proud, and a great admirer of the Celtic warrior, fella. Why? It’s not everyday someone from your homeland becomes a WWE superstar, especially as big as Sheamus has become. WWE did such an excellent job with him. They pretty much got him over with the fans for being a heel for around a year and a half. Sheamus is actually a really easy going guy, so him playing a face is natural to him. One thing I know, i’m going to be looking forward to seeing Sheamus over the course of the next year.

Stephanie McMahon 
Stephanie is awesome, glad she is playing the odd role here and there. Oh yea, she is sexy too. But, you already knew that!

Alberto Del Rio
I think Alberto Del Rio is one of few wrestlers in the company that have the full package. He has good lucks, great MIC skills, good in-ring ability, has got a really interesting gimmick. He is simply a joy to watch. The kind of performer you love to boo. WWE, if you book him right these next few months; a legend is in the making. I feel strongly about this, he really has some great potential.

Daniel Bryan
I’m finding Bryan interesting. I think he needs to have a good long feud with Tyson Kidd. They seem to be feuding him with Sin Cara, which will be fine. Then, i’m hoping that they will indeed feud him with Kidd, not just one or two matches, but two or three PPV’s. If they did something like they did with Matt Hardy and MVP in an ”I’m better than you” feud like we’ve seen a couple few years back. That would be awesome. Both of them are phenomenal wrestlers. I like to refer him to as this generations Bob Backlund, bland but brilliant and when a heel turn happens it will be relevant. I may not of seen much of Bob Backlund, but as a wrestling fan, you gotta know its history. Bryan is missing something, though, perhaps a manager? He does need a manager. I think someone like Jimmy Hart, would be good for him.

Good ole JR is back!
When Triple H announced JR’s return, to me, it was a big star to return. Sure, he doesn’t wrestle, but when your’re at home on your sofa, you NEED someone announcing as if you were actually wrestling in that match. I think JR is hands down, the best announcer of all time. Certainly in my generation anyway. Remember the match of the year WWE pulled off? That was missing one thing for fans watching at home, and that was JR’s commentary. That was Punk vs. Cena at Money in the Bank.

Christians adequate heel turn
Why was it adequate? Lets see, it brought out the very best in him. What was the best thing that could of happened to Christian when he won the belt the first time? For him to lose it 3 days later. Why? This, 100% undoubted shocked the life out of me when I found out. Never, have I been shocked in a long time in anyway when this happened. My initial reaction was that I was shocked. Then I did become a little angry, then I realized, he is gonna become probably the biggest heel in the company. Since he was slowly becoming a heel. This is something I wanted to happen for a long time. He’s had a long, but good feud with Orton. It did get little uninteresting at points, but their matches were superb. The wrestling in their matches were just as good as Cena and Punk.

Now, I usually refer to Miz as ”Twat Face”, but I will be honest in saying, he’s been doing pretty good lately. Especially with R-truth. Maybe Truth is making him look good? I don’t know, anyway, iv’e found the duo to be entertaining at its finest. Their promos are pretty good and both are little half over with the crowd. I think Truth is standing out more than Miz, though. The guy is freaking hilarious. It’s a part of the show when your waiting for a funny moment, Truth delivers. Before, I found Miz an annoying, boring piece of shit, now he’s working well with truth. Would you agree little Jimmy? Don’t make me say Ninja Please!

Mark Henry
Iv’e always liked Henry. Don’t recall ever hating him or disliking him. He is the pissed of black man, trying to capture the world heavyweight championship, which in fact, I think he will capture and deserves to get. I Don’t think he’ll win it at Night of Champions, maybe a PPV or two after that. Also, facing Orton, is new and fresh. They’re building him up very well in promos and advertising him well in video packages. Keep this up WWE!

The Build up to Rock and Cena
When the two announced the match for Wrestlemania 28, I was delirious. It was so smart for WWE to do that. I think I referred to WWE as ”Marketing Genius’s”. What I like about this, I knew they weren’t going to be going at each other every week until WM 28, the odd dig at each other every now and then, I knew this was going to happen, so it’s exciting. I once complained about Rock by using his powerful words that he was never going to leave us again, which he hasn’t appeared in months. But, then I realized, the less appearances he makes, the more powerful his character is. On the road to Wrestlemania it’s going to get real interesting. The best way they could hype up wrestlemania, is if they hype up each other. Let us know how great the other is. Then when it comes to wrestlemania, not many wrestling fans won’t want to see that match. It’s going to be epic.

Well guys, that’s all I had time for this week. It was enjoyable writing this, I hoped you enjoyed it. We’ve had a shitty week for comments, we hope that you can reply. Site numbers are higher than ever, strange that comments are down. This took a long time to write, so I would really appreciate it if you liked this column, to reply to it. Now take care…..you know the rest!

Thanks for reading.

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