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ROH Death Before Dishonor 9 Preview
By Jordan

This Saturday, Ring of Honor will present their ninth annual Death Before Dishonor event, live on iPPV. Even without the World Champion, Davey Richards, who’s currently on a tour of Japan, on hand, the card looks solid from top to bottom. We have the Television Champion, El Generico, in competition against, recently returned, Jimmy Jacobs.
Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas will go one-on-one againt “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett and Michael Elgin respectfully. Among a couple other matches scheduled. There are two specific matches I want to focus on, the mainevents: Ladder War 3 The Briscoe Brothers vs. The All Night Express, and a Ringmaster’s Challenge match between two former World Champions, Eddie Edwards and Roderick Strong.

Ladder War 3
In the history of Ring of Honor, there have been but two previous Ladder War matches; for good reason. The first Ladder War, which saw the Briscoe Brothers pitted againt the team of El Generico and Kevin Steen, was a showcase of brutality. It was so brutal in fact, that then booker Gabe Sapolsky vowed to never book the match type again. Brutality would become the matches’ calling card. It’s made to end bitter feuds. The Briscoes would manage to come out victorious, retaining their tag team gold. They clearly have the experience behind them going into this war. That was in 2007, though. Today, the All Night Express is young team, rising through the ranks oh argueably the best tag team division in wrestling, with a hunger to prove themselves. While yes, Kenny King and Rhett Titus lack experience, and their wrestling style varies from the gritty, hard-nosed Briscoes, ANX seem to be the more focused of the two teams. This match won’t be for the Tag Team Championships, only a #1 Contenders Contract for a shot at Benjamin’s and Haas’ titles at Glory by Honor X. Having never competed in a brutal Ladder War before, many would be quick to put ANX at a disadvantage. However, as Kenny Kinh put it, they’ve been digurating climbing up the ROH ladder since they first arrived. This match wil be another rung on their journey to the top. On the other hand, Jay and Mark Briscoe are set out on reminding everyone of how they set the standard for Ladder Wars. The two are also Hell-bent on showing their violent nature…

Ringmaster’s Challenge-Edwards vs. Strong
The Ringmaster’s Challenge concept, is a 2/3 falls match designed to truly test the competitors wrestling skill, endurance, and heart. The first fall, must be decided via pinfall, the second by submission, and if a winner has not yet been decided, the third will cone down to a 15 minute Ironman. Since Eddie Edwards captured the ROH World title from Strong back in March, the two have continued to run into one another throughout the year, each vying for World title contention once again. Both have claimed to be two of the best wrestlers in the World. This match will put those claims to the test. Each are technically sound in the ring, and both favor submission finishers; Strong with his Strong Hold, and Edwards with the Achilles Lock. Strong may be the better grappler and ground worker of the two. While, Edwards is more of a striker, who can burst out power moves. Don’t expect a straightup fight, however, as Strong isn’t past using a few tricks, including his manager, Truth Martini, who will be in his corner and sure to be involved in some fashion. Edwards on the hand, has vowed to live up to “Death Before Dishonor” name.

On one end of the spectrum, we have a brutal, hard-nosed, Ladder War. On the other, a technical battle between two of Ring of Honor’s finest. While both matches are for championship contention, there’s a lot more at stake for these competitors; pride, glory, honor. Personally. I want to see ANX knock off ROH’s staple tag team, the Briscoes. I believe it’s time for them shine. I would also prefer to see Eddie Edwards defeat Roderick Strong, but the Ringmaster’s Challenge match is a real toss up.

I highly recommend you spend the $15 for this iPPV, as it’s sure to be a good show. Especially if you live in the UK, since you’re able to view Night of Champions for free. Anyway, you can order Death Before Dishonor IX at GoFightLive.tv. It airs Saturday, the 17th, at 7:30 EST.

For further information, including the full match line-up, check out Ring of Honor’s website: http://rohwrestling.com/

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