Hello there today is a PPV weekend day :/ (lol)  and that means my weekly blog is for the PPV!!! xP. So if you are a new reader of this type of post I do; basiiiiiically I Hasnan just write down what I want to happen in the WWE PPV (this is were  the generic title “wish this happens” comes from) and thats thats it.But that seems dull so from now I will add on now what I want to be booked for the aftermath aswell, Meaning for example if the feud should continue or something should be intoduced etc etc so ENNNNJOY THE READDDD. Also Would be great if you discuss this (meaning comment) and if you agree with me! this is what my blogs are based on to speak to yoooouuuuu> 🙂

Please note that when I explain a storyline it wont be great it will just be shortend by my shit brain. And watch the promo if you have to.

This is how id book the matches andddd yes in this order,I just think there is a meaning of what order matches are but now its gone and what by this is like going for upper to high (Main event) card like boxing. But hope they do it for this PPV as it based on the titles (well the name) :

First Match: Fatal 4 way for the US title

This match would be great I guess reason I want it first is because I want to show to start and end with great matches you see and its mid card title.I thinks this match should be work for the tiny but good Ziggler vs Swagger feud that has be on for few weeks now on Raw were there both kinda want Vickie and yes that does sound weird but Swagger wants Vickie help to get him up to what he was but Ziggler aint liking it, I really want this match to be based on the two flippin men and it needs to be about them seriously these men need a recognition THEY ARE FORMER WHC CHAMPS and that is key to making them stars, A-Ry is partically young for WWE and just started a real single life in WWE after being put over somewhat by The Miz so he will just really work the match and JoMo will doing his thing in Spots and then jobbing. So Yeah thats it, A good wrestling match cuz I want wrestling of course I know every single one of them can do it, It can be contender for match of the year but not best you know what I mean? but with a ending where Swagger allmost wins BUT Vickie does something in wich Ziggler wins with the aftermath being that on Monday Night Raw…Swagger does a promo moaning then gets his match for the next PPV and over the overcoming weeks IDK they do some things were the feud can get recognition (ive said that but its a key thing that WWE dont do other than Main Event) and ill just leave that to WWE, Cause I aint no creative writer. Or alot of people think Swagger will win to add fire to the feud BUT Ziggler has only like defended it once so I dont think WWE will do that. I get the title change is big but WWE will just fail IMO.

Second match: Intercontinental Championship

Well it hasnt been annoucned yet but I guess its gonna be Cody Rhodes vs Ted DiBiase, just look they have hate for eatchother now and this past week Dibiase destoyed Cody. Well I think match is gonna be to put up Rhodes characters, and he is gonna get the win tonight then letting him go forward for what I want is bigger opponents so the aftermath rhodes win but he is gonna leave a trail for him to get gotten by Ted and then this feud continues because it really just started…eventually I hope with Ted getting back over to what he should be and then cody winning the belt off  *someone* this match is gonna be a quick one.

Third Match: Diva’s title

Well I say this would probably be the break time or the match that just breaks things for a normal show, not be rude but thats what womens wrestling has lead to now in WWE..I see beth winning this match after a simple diva’s match and then maybe a harsh looking end for kelly kelly and then aftermath is another feud but another diva. This is how WWE diva wrestling feels like now so yeah thats all I can say. Fix up wwe -_- the only thing that is bright meaning shows out btw is that they made a scary tag diva team and thats it.

Fourth Match: Tag titles

I think this match will be over looked because seriously WWE have practically made a Main Event tag team I say that because look truth was the filler at capital punishment and then Miz was a former WWE champ. I would like to say they are hilarious though like remember this past week on SD they were great the rap oh lord looool and Ninja Please! comment, great workers together they are. But it will go down like this seeing that both men from team have won over Kofi and Bourne I think they are gonna have a great match but were something mucks up leading the aftermath to be Miz vs Truth stoyline were go and blame eachother? I really dont know about this…We got air boom who JUST won it like 2 weeks ago it will be too harsh on them :/

Fifth Match: WHC title

Well it looks like they pushed Henry again based on the fat angry strong man, like there has been points were he has dominated like this

Ive really liked what they have done with him over the past 4 weeks and more…Now you see what recognition does to a superstar? it helps them get over. Id love the guy to win this Sunday but then Orton losing the title again does seem silly..And I wonder if the aftermath being that at HIAC orton is trapped and then Henry finally wins a world title. I hope that is…I saw the cutting edge this week…Orton just seems to go mental then win tonight I guess..Im just a bling orton hater for his charatcer now..Fuck this match seriously.

Sixth Match: WWE title..

Alberto Del Rio for the win seriously I wrote a full blog about why I want him to win sooooo I’m just gonna post the link for why I want him to win (yes click this) . But how I want the match to be is, This is gonna be a brawl – well I want it to be where ADR wakes up and doesnt do that running away shit…And today get a clean win (where he pins him without cheating and stuff) giving what I like to say Shock factor to everyone that “Oh shit!? ADR beat Cena OMMMG” and again if that happens I say he is gonna make things interesting, And maybe his hate might wash off after tonight from IWC.Also remember how he was really pissed this week on Raw but then i’m sry no matter how big Hart is he did absolute shit in that promo and somewhat made Del Rio look like a Taco and then cena made a worse to make him feel like a dick by owning him so this win might just stfu the casual fans aswell. So the Aftermath knowing that there is only a two week build were gonna see a HIAC match at Hell in a cell 2011 with of course John Cena who gets a contender match I guess to say continue the feud.

Last Match: CM Punk vs HHH

YEAAAAAAAHHHH BOY this match has been presented to us as main event stuff seeing how WWE are putting it on Raw every week as last and ending the show. How this feud has been great is amazing its been like for once i’ce finally glued on to the TV screen in order to watch WWE because its so damn interesting..So guess what I want this to end in a double count out with a epic fight, but not only like that I want Kevin Nash appearing on the PPV were the ref is down and then attacks both Punk and HHH and then the Ref wakes up to give the count out..making the MILF us Wretling rambles readers said in Ray’s Poll STEPHANIE!!!!! hell yeah it would be great and then her coming in and saying she is the new COO and wants that roll and deserves it basically I wanted her to cut a promo today and then the PPV ends with Punk going like WTF and HHH making that errrrrrgh face he makes when he is angry aftermath to be that Punk moves on to vs Nash at somepoint and listen! Nash is appointed again but this time as Steph’s guard but Punk wants this match to happen so he gets it and something else that I would want is HHH vs Steph feud please WWE!!!!!!

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