Making the Lies, How The Miz is damaging the Truth!

When R-Truth Snapped, the bandwagon got full instantly. And while he was shouting Nonsense, he actually had right claims, he wasn’t in the main event despite his skills, he wasn’t on the cups, and he wasn’t winning over the fans, and was tired of pandering to the little Jimmys! While a huge chunk of this was thrown into CM Punk’s promo, one thing stood out still, and that was that R-Truth still was not winning over the “little Jimmys” and was just as insane, so insane that he can make up these ideas of a conspiracy that was holding him back and preventing him from being the champ. Now let us cut over to his partner… Tag Champ and US champion at the same time… Money in the bank winner… 100+ days as WWE champion… Main evented Wrestlemania… On the collector cups… Yeah, Why is the Miz complaining? I hate to say it, but Miz has had a successful career, and R Truth should have a beef with him, infact, it was Miz that beat R truth for the US title, after Truth had it for 21 days. R Truth and The Miz are on total opposites when it comes down to the conspiracy theory world, that in his mind, R-Truth should be even more mad at the miz, for costing him the Tag titles last night.

To me this team is a dud, so much so, that last night, they couldn’t even agree on a winner. When earlier in the night they were boasting about how Triple H would not be the COO anymore, then all of a sudden, R-Truth pulls Punk of Triple H in the match. They have no clear direction and no clear motive, as each are on opposite levels here. R-Truth should do the world a favor and Kick Miz in the face and go after Triple H alone.