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Thanks for checking out the after Night of Champions edition of The Opinion. In this write up I’ll be discussing the 3 most important parts in my opinion of last night’s PPV. First off I want to discuss John Cena once again winning the WWE Title and taking it off Alberto Del Rio in which I think is way too early. Also, I would like to touch on the World Heavyweight Title match and how Mark Henry finally has his first world title in 15 years. Also I would like to discuss HHH vs. Punk and how the events of that match unfolded and how the finish was actually more impressive than people think.

Who else thinks it was a little too soon for ADR to lose the WWE Title? I know I sure do. I’m a little choked at this decision as I don’t believe it was the right time, nor the right person to lose the title to. After only having the title for just over a month ADR did the job and handed the WWE Title back over to Cena. I personally believe Cena doesn’t even need a world title to keep selling shirts, and I’d prefer to see it going on the wastes of up and comers who need that push. Why on earth WWE pulled this move, I have no idea. They’ve been playing hot potato with the belts for quite some time now, and last I checked they wanted to have the title on Alberto for when they tour Mexico in October. So does this mean once again that we’ll see another title chance in the too soon future? I would love to see it back on ADR, but I really don’t want to see another title change. I want some stability with the champions. If ADR would have held on to the WWE Title for the next 3-4 months, that would have added some credibility to him as a champion, and also add some credibility back to the unstable title. I’m not sure if WWE just doesn’t have faith in anyone else, or they just really think Cena needs that title around his waist. Are they blaming the lower Monday night ratings on ADR being champion? I’d sure hope not. The product was even slowly losing ratings while the whole CM Punk angle started. I’m guessing once again before they go down to Mexico we might see the WWE Title change hands one more time back to ADR. I know I’m losing interest in the damn title belts….I wonder how many other people feel the same.

Next up we had another title change, this time being the World Heavyweight Title. Now I actually am glad this title change happened and I hope it actually lasts a little while like I’ve mentioned before. Mark Henry after 15 long years finally won his first world title. It was seemed like a decent match with Randy Orton, Mark hit the slam and took the pin. I’m glad this happened for Smackdown as Randy seems a little stale as champion to me right now. There’s really no reason for him to have it, as he doesn’t need it to get any more over. This gives Mark Henry a great chance to become the huge monster heel on Smackdown and seem almost unbeatable. I hope they keep the WHT on Henry for a good 3-4 months at least making him a credible champion, and also making it seem like no one on Smackdown can remove the title from his grips. This would give Mark a push up into the main event which should last the rest of his career, but also give the opportunity for Kane or Big Show to return and be the big fresh face that comes in and puts up the biggest fight against him yet. They could give Kane his one last title run or even give Big Show a shot with the title again. Might give whoever his opponent will be a big face push, or even push for that matter, which both Kane and Big Show need.

The final match of the night saw many run ins and much expected drama to determine if HHH was still going to be COO of the company or not. I’m not going to go into details about the happenings of the match, but I’ve just heard a few rumblings how it seemed like it was booked like a TNA finish or just too many distractions. I’ll agree a little bit, but that’s what I’ve come to expect in WWE no DQ matches. CM Punk put up a great fight and it took 3 Pedigrees and a couple Jackknifes or something like that in order for HHH to get the pin. In my opinion that made Punk look like he was more than strong and also made him seem almost undefeatable. I like how this gives him bragging rights about how much it took to even take the guy down. We also saw Mr. Future Endeavored himself John Laurinitis come down and text which was obviously texting Nash to come down and interfere. This allows HHH to keep his position, but also shows that HHH and Nash aren’t in cahoots, as HHH ended up cracking Nash in the face with a sledgehammer. I’m not sure where the story will go from here, is my only issue. It really could turn either really boring and same as always, or it could actually keep people asking questions. Not sure where WWE wants to go with this one but I guess I’ll be watching and wondering until it all unfolds.

Thanks a bunch for checking out the 4th edition of The Opinion. Don’t forget to leave your comments and give your ideas and observations of the PPV.

James Bones