Match #1: WWE Tag Team Champions Air Boom (Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston) d. The Awesome Truth (R-Truth & The Miz) via DQ.

It was a great choice for the opening contest. It’s what I thought would start the show off. I also had high expectations for this match. All four competitors are solid in-ring workers, with The Miz being head & shoulders above the other three. Truth and Miz did a new rendition of Truth’s “Whassup” theme song. Instead of “Whassup” they said “You Suck”. I love these guys. They are hilarious. Truth & Miz worked over Bourne for the majority of the match, before Bourne got the hot tag and was looking good with his controlled frenzy. He attempted the Trouble in Paradise on Miz but ended up hitting the SOS instead. This is where the story of the match begins to unfold. Kingston makes a tag to Bourne, only there was no tag but the referee said he could hear it when Miz complained to the ref. Miz made a tag to Truth but the referee wouldn’t allow it which meant Miz was still the legal man. He hit the SCF on Bourne, but the ref was still arguing with Truth, which allowed Bourne to kick out at the count of 1. The Miz was frustrated by this so he laid out the ref, who then called for the DQ, meaning that Air Boom win this match and retain their titles.

I’m fine with this booking. Kofi & Bourne retain while Miz & Truth aren’t made to look weak. It’s all about this idea that there is a conspiracy against them. So it’s basically a continuation of what they’ve been saying over the past few weeks, or in Truth’s case, months. I don’t think Miz & Truth will be a team for very long anyway. Miz should be headlining PPV’s for the WWE Championship, while Evan and Kofi seem like a more permanent team. They work well together. I hope they hold on to the gold for a long time. Long title reigns with lots of defenses makes the titles mean something. The only problem is the lack of tag teams. Please sign The Kings of Wrestling. They are fucking awesome.

Match #2: WWE Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes d. Ted DiBiase.

I expected this to be a solid wrestling match, and it was pretty good. It wasn’t great, but it was good. Let’s be honest, though, did anybody expect Ted to won? I know my money was on Cody. That would have been a smart bet as he did end up winning in relatively clean fashion. The match was pretty much back and forth. Cody did hit the beautiful disaster at one point. That was a thing of beauty. He got caught with a dropkick when he tried it a 2nd time. Ted ripped the mask off and missed after attempting to hit him with it, allowing Cody to roll him up for the 3 count.

It looked as if Cody was supposed to pull Ted’s trunks for a dirty win, but he couldn’t get all of it, so it ended up looking like a clean win, which is fine by me. Clean wins are good for heels. Let Cody have a lengthy reign. Like I said about the tag titles, long reigns and a lot of defenses makes the title more coveted and actually worth something. Right now, the IC title means nothing. It’s just a prop. I hope that changes. Cody is the right man to put the gold on to make the belt prestigious again.

Christian makes his way out to the ring. What a nice surprise! He’s in street clothes, so he wont be in action tonight. He grabs a mic and talks about how he spoke to Teddy Long and Triple H earlier in the day, but they couldn’t do the right thing. So he’ll just have to do the right thing. He said he wants the winner of Mark Henry and Randy Orton immediately after their match. He says Buffalo have never wpn the Superbowl and they never likely will. But he has won it twice, and gets the crowd to chant “One more match” with him, before Sheamus comes out. He says Christian is right. This is the Night of Champions. Not the night of the squinty eyed, crying, moaning, complaining little weasel. I know one of those. He’s a keyboard gangster who thinks he’s tough, yet would last about 30 seconds against somebody the likes of Hornswoggle. Seriously, The Bella Twins have more talent than this guy. They’re better “Actors” that’s for sure. And The Bella’s are shit. Anyway, enough of that. Sheamus says he’d give his Uncle Ferguson’s lucky green testicle to have a match tonight. The colour green is awesome. You know what colour isn’t awesome? Orange. Hey Heath Slater, how you doing? I’m off topic aren’t I? Christian thought that too, except he was talking about Sheamus being off topic about his Uncle’s weirdly coloured testicle. I guess whoever wrote this thought it was funny. Sheamus says that if he helps Christian get one more match, and he wins the Title, he has to give him the first title shot. Christian says it’s a deal. They both start chanting “One more match” with the crowd, then Sheamus hits him with the brogue kick to a nice pop. Sheamus walked to the back smiling. I like the idea of this Sheamus/Christian feud for the World Title. It’s certainly better than Orton/Henry. I do like Orton, but Henry isn’t great. He’s been good since his heel turn, though, but before that, he was complete shit. I guess in WWE, anyone can beat anyone. Except Cena. Nobody beats Cena.

Match #3: WWE United States Champion Dolph Ziggler d. Jack Swagger, John Morrison and Alex Riley.

I like 3 of the 4 guys in this match. I don’t think Riley is very good. He’ll get better with time, though, I hope. Obviously, we all knew that Swagger or Ziggler was winning this due to their ongoing storyline feud. To be fair to A-Ry, I thought he had the match won at one point. Morrison wasn’t all that impressive in this match, which surprised me, as he usually always puts on great performances, although he did hit a pretty cool Spider Suplex to Riley. I don’t think the match was very good, but that’s what can happen when you have a storyline with 2 guys involved with another 2 guys just randomly thrown into the mix. Swagger nailed Morrison with the Gutwrench Powerbomb and was shoved across the ring by Ziggler, allowing him to pick up the win.

I’m fine with this outcome too. It might make fans sympathetic towards Swagger which would be a good time to turn him Babyface. He needs the turn. He’s a great worker for a big man. He’s actually better now than what he was when he was World Champion last year. Excuse me while I forget that horrible reign. He could have some great matches with Ziggler one on one. Let’s hope we get to see it at Hell in a Cell.

Josh Mathews is backstage with Mark Henry. He basically said that Josh had to interview him after he won the World Title tonight. I assumed that meant he was losing. Let’s see if I’m right.

The cameras then cut to Vickie with Matt Striker. She says she is working with the US Champion, Swagger wants to work with her and she’s happy that the roster is finally recognizing her talents. She says if Triple H loses tonight, she should be COO. She then kisses Striker, who looked like he enjoyed it.

Match #4 Mark Henry d. World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton.

What can I say other than that I was surprised by the outcome of this match. I wasn’t in shock, like everybody in the crowd was, but I never expected Henry to win tonight. The match was actually very good considering it’s a Mark Henry match. Orton did have control at the start, which caught Henry off guard. Henry was really dominant, though. But Orton did fight back valiantly. He even kicked out of the WSS. I was certain he was going to win at this point. I wanted him to win too. He even hit his rope-hung DDT. That was impressive. It must have taken a lot of power to do that. Both Orton and Henry have been impressing me so much as of late. But Henry was able to pull Orton’s ribs into the ropes. He finished Orton off with a 2nd WSS to win his 1st ever World Heavyweight Championship, while bringing a tear to my eye. Kool Aid celebration party at Mark Henry’s house tonight, haha.

He was interviewed by Josh Mathews after the match and said this is his time. He will take on all comers and he will beat them all too. Are you going to argue with him? Welcome to the Era of Kool Aid…I mean, Mark Henry.

Even though I was surprised by the win, I’m fine with it. I think Henry is retiring in the next 2 years anyway, he’s been loyal to the company and has never complained about anything he’s been asked to do. He’s also been on the roll of his career as of late, so I think he deserves the title. I think giving him the World Title was the right move, although I’d have waited a few weeks yet before giving him it. I can see him losing to Sheamus at Survivor Series, who will be defeated by Christian at the Royal Rumble who will then lose to Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 28. Of course, that’s how I would book things at this point in time. Anyway, huge congrats to Mark Henry. You proved everybody wrong and won the big one. That’s very inspirational to me, in a way. Now go and have a big glass of Kool Aid, champ.

I went for a pee break at this point but I came back and saw Alberto walking away with Ricardo backstage, while CM Punk, wearing a new shirt with an Ice Cream bar on it, was with Johnny Ace. Ace said good luck. Punk said that almost sounded sincere. Johnny says when he says good luck, he means it. Punk says like wishing the best of luck in your future endeavors. Ace started texting. I wonder who could be receiving those texts. Hmmmm.

Match #5 WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly w/ Eve d. Beth Phoenix w/ Natalya.

Kelly Kelly came out to a heel reaction, seeing as it is in Buffalo which is Beth’s hometown. Beth Phoenix then came out to one of the biggest pops of the night. Natalya is with her. Everytime I see Nattie, I get more and more jealous of Tyson Kidd. She is so sexy! Oh yeah, we have a title match right now. I have to say, as much as I dislike Kelly, she does put on good performance against Beth or Natalya when she’s facing them. Tonight was no exception. The crowd was pretty hot for this match too. They were all solidly behind Beth Phoenix, as was I. Towards the match conclusion, Beth pulled off a top rope superplex that actually made me cringe. It was executed nicely, but both girls looked hurt. That’s why I don’t like seeing divas pulling off any risky moves. I hate seeing women suffer. I have to give huge credit to Kelly for kicking out of that. She won the match be countering a powerbomb attempt into a rollup. The crowd was not pleased.

I’d much rather Beth as Champion, but Kelly won in a way that doesn’t take anything away from Beth. We, as fans, can say what we want about Kelly, but we can’t deny her heart and determination to get better as a performer. Kelly deserves major praise for taking that top rope superplex. She could have been seriously hurt if it went wrong. I don’t wish injury upon anybody. Unless I hate them. I don’t hate Kelly, though. I just dislike her. Beth also desserves praise for carrying pretty much the entire match. She’s one of the better workers WWE has. That’s including  the superstars. I care a lot about the divas division. Some of them are super talented. I wish WWE Creative saw things my way.

Match #6: John Cena d. WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio.

I think everyone knew this was happening after Mark Henry won earlier on in the night. It was another match that I didn’t have high hopes for, but turned out to be halfway decent. Is it just me or has Cena been improving in the ring a lot lately? The guy has been delivering at every PPV he’s had this year. I’m both surprised and impressed. There wasn’t a lot of memorable moments in the match. Ricardo got sent away from ringside early on, though. And Cena stole ADR’s Ferrari. Nice car! Cena got the win after hitting the AA and winning with the STF.

I really don’t know how describe this match. It was good, but it wasn’t memorable. I think the only thing memorable about it is how short Alberto’s 1st title reign was. I thought Del Rio was winning at the start of the show. WWE do have a tour of Mexico coming up in October, so unless he wins it back at Hell in a Cell, I don’t really understand why he lost it. Of course, if he does win it back in two weeks, you know Orton will win his gold back too. They must be against having 2 heel champions. I prefer heel champions. Makes for a better story.

Match #7 – No DQ: Triple H d. CM Punk.

I think we all knew who was winning this going in. I thought he’d have won it in a different way than he did, but I knew he was going to win. It wasn’t really a wrestling match. It was more of a fight. They brawled back and forth all the way throughout the arena before eventually getting into the ring. Triple H hit the Double A Spinebuster to perfection as usual. Double A is short for Arn Anderson, who used this move as his finisher. They went back to the outside and took apart the announce table. Punk is able to damage Triple H for just enough time to allow him to hit his signature elbow drop through it. How many PPV’s is that in a row that the Spanish announce table has been destroyed? Anyway, it wasn’t long after that, that The Miz and R-Truth came down and beat on Triple H and Punk. Miz hit Hunter with the SCF and Truth hit his Paydirt finisher on Punk. They put Punk on top of Hunter but he kicks out at 2. They argue with referee Scott Armstrong (Who is actually Sin Cara, haha..jk) and Miz even goes to punch him, but Scott counters with a right hand of his own. For those who don’t know, Scott is a retired professional wrestler. You should know his brother too. His name was the Road Dogg. Truth took him out from behind, though, and both he and Miz started beating him down. Triple H and Punk took out Miz and Truth then Punk was nailed with the pedigree. Johnny Ace was at ringside by this point, and as another ref made his way out, Johnny told him to check on Scott. Triple H wasn’t pleased. He got nailed with the GTS. That would have done it if it weren’t for Truth pulling Punk out of the ring. He then headbutted Punk’s knee. Like a Boss! In other words, Truth got GOT by the GTS. Punk gets back in the ring and gets hit with a second pedigree for a two count. Johnny Ace is seen texting and out comes the Kevin Nash, who had been wished well in his future endeavors the week prior. He takes both men out. He attempts the Jackknife on Hunter but Punk prevents that and gets hit with the Jackknife instead. He goes outside and takes apart the remaining announce table, turns round and is knocked unconscious with Triple H and his trusty sledgehammer. He goes back into the ring and nails Punk with a 3rd pedigree for the 3 count. He closes the show after doing the DX crotch chop as the show goes off the air.

I thought it was a pretty good main event. It was the right choice for the last match. It delivered for me. I think there was a lot of confusion in the audience when people started interfering. I thought HHH was turning heel, but i guess it’s not to be. That disappoints me. He’s more bearable as a heel. I’m fine with Miz, Truth and Nash getting involved too, because they never sided with any one man, which makes the match still an even contest and at the same time, doesn’t affect the credibility of either superstar. This feud hasn’t ended yet. Expect a Team Punk vs Team HHH at Survivor Series. I would expect Punk’s team to come out victorious.

I thought it was a pretty good PPV by WWE yet again. Some of the matches had questionable outcomes but the matches were pretty solid nonetheless. I don’t know why people are bitching about it. Because they don’t like the endings, they go on record and say the whole match was crap. That’s not the case. I agree with most of you, but I enjoyed most of the matches. I see some tweets saying that this was the worst PPV of the year. It’s far from it. It get’s a 6.5 out of 10 from me. Not the best PPV of the year, but certainly not the worst. The worst was Capitol Punishment. My God, what an awful PPV that was. Of course, this is just my opinion. I try to make it sound as unbiased as possible, but you can’t please everyone. Don’t forget to comment on this. All feedback welcome. Both positive and negative. I understand if you see things differently from me, but I’m the writer here, haha. Like I said, Pretty solid PPV.