All right, i’m after seeing that quite a large part of the IWC were not too fond of the PPV from Sunday night. Did I like it? Yea, I enjoyed it, some parts were little unorthodox. So, I thought i’d write up a column on how I would’ve booked Night of Champions. It’s not a fully ”How I’d Book it” column, just more on the finish really. It’s straight to the point.

 Air Boom vs. Awesome Truth
We’ll stick with how the much was won, but after the match, something better could of and  should of been done. I would of booked it that Awesome Truth would of gotten more heat  coming out of the match than what they went into it. So match is over, AT (Awesome Truth)  start blaming the referee and they just explode on him. After they are finished with the  referee, they move in and beat up Air Boom with chairs. It would get even more heat on  them. I was sorta anticipating this to happen after the match was over.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Jack Swagger vs. Alex Riley vs. John Morrison for the United States Championship
Right, I would of booked Jack Swagger to get the pin to progress the the Ziggler feud, Swagger doesn’t pin Ziggler, he pins either Riley or Morrison. This would of led to Hell in a Cell PPV, where they would’ve had their blown-off match to end the feud.

Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix for Divas Championship 
The Diva division has slightly progressed over the last couple weeks. I’m kinda surprised Kelly Kelly walked away Champion, I really am. So, I would’ve had Beth win by the GlamSlam (Think its what its called), cleanly without the help of Natatlya. The crowd would’ve gone nuts! In her hometown. Moving on to RAW tonight, Natalya congratulates Beth on her win, but things start to get itchy bitchy between them. They start fighting, Kelly comes out and reminds that she has a rematch, so it would be announced at Hell in a Cell a triple threat natch for the Divas championship.

Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase for the Intercontinental Championship
DiBiase doesn’t do the mask spot. Rhodes/DiBiase goes to HIAC and DiBiase hits the mask spot and a dream street for the win. This gives Ted something to do and it free Rhodes up to go beyond the IC title. Plain, simple, moves on.

Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry World Hevt. Championship
I really enjoyed how this match was booked. I simply enjoyed it, no need to comment on this one.

Alberto Del Rio vs John Cena for WWE Championship
John Cena won, I am so shocked, oh wait now, i’m not. It made no sense Cena winning this one, I know he won so he’ll have the belt when it’s time to face the Rock, but that could of been won at Royal Rumble or around that time. Couple reasons why. Del Rio practically just won the belt, why take it off him? He should of had it, also because he would of really made him look like a Champion and put him over as one. How would I of booked the ending? Either Cena gets himself disqualified or Del Rio made Cena tap. Either way would’ve been better for me to watch anyway, if that was to of happened.


                                                                                                       Triple H vs. CM Punk 
A lot of my timeline was complaining that Punk lost, really? Like come one people, Punk had to of lost that match. I ask this question…. Would it of made sense for Triple H to lose after he just took on the roll as COO? No, it would not of made sense. WWE aren’t stupid. Okay, they book stupidly many times, but that’s not the point. It would of taken all creditably Triple H had, away. I liked how this match ended, most people didn’t like it due to interference’s and shit. But, I don’t know whats gonna happen next with this storyline, it ain’t over, not by a long shot, so you can’t judge that its horrible just yet. Just watch it, enjoy it, wait to see what happens next. Also, Punk wasn’t made look weak either, it took more than one Pedigree to finish him off, plus all the outside interference’s.

I know it’s a couple days after the PPV, but what do you think? Did WWE satisfy your moneys worth? Are you still interested as you were 3 months back? Basically, your thoughts and if you wanna share how you would’ve booked it; I love reading. So i’ll read them and reply back. You don’t need to be registered to comment below, you can simply just use a name or be anonymous.

It’s short this week than usual but i’m real busy this week, so it’s all I got time for. Thanks for reading.

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