(Note from Ray, their were a mix up with the column posted last week, this was meant to be last weeks one and last weeks one was meant to be this one, but I forgot to post this the previous week, but only the intro will make a difference.)

Future Stars – Part III
By Ryan Wilson

Last week I started a new weekly column based on whom I think will be future stars in the WWE, and last week you all read about Alex Riley and Dolph Ziggler, both that have big things destined. This week it will be two different stars, I was considering doing some Divas but after some deliberation I decided to stick to the guys, cos let’s face it, the average life span of a diva in the WWE is often short, so it’s hard to say who will really be here come next year, or the next two years. So let’s get cracking with this week’s two guys.

Evan Bourne
Evan Bourne is someone who is looked upon as one of the best highflyers in WWE, and has been for some time. Many of you won’t have known about Bourne’s life prior to WWE so here’s some information: Bourne became the first person in Missouri under the age of 18 to own a wrestler’s licence. He has wrestled for many independent wrestling associations facing today’s top stars such as A.J. Styles and CM Punk. He joined Ring of Honor and then Dragon Gate gaining much wrestling experience both in America and Japan. Bourne then joined WWE’s development territory OVW shortly changing over to FCW and shortly after his time in FCW he was called up to the main roster as Evan Bourne. Bourne then spent one year in ECW where he was known simply as Evan, and after impressing WWE officials was traded over to the top show Raw. Whilst Bourne didn’t exactly win any championships for the following two years he did impress the WWE Universe, competing in matches with Raw’s tops stars Sheamus and Chris Jericho whilst teaming with guys such as John Cena and Randy Orton. Bourne was then cast into a tag team with Mark Henry (the same Mark Henry that just destroys all round him now) and was unsuccessful at winning the belts. Evan was then off teh air for a while following a shoulder injury that required surgery, he returned a few months later to be cast into a feud with the all American-American Jack Swagger, in which he came out victorious with a final pinfall win over Swagger at Capitol Punishment. Although Bourne was just coasting through simple rivalries that didn’t give him his true chance to show off his full potential the Universe continued to support Evan, loving his aerial assaults, spectacular high flying moves and lighting quick kicks. Only two weeks ago Evan teamed with another high-flying menace Kofi Kingston to form a stable known as AirBoom, which got the chance to win the tag titles off Otunga and McGilicutty. In a fast paced and exciting match that actually got me shouting at the TV, AirBoom won the tag team titles and successfully defended them the week later. Whilst the tag titles aren’t as prestigious as they used to be I certainly believe that AirBoom can once again get the WWE Universe excited in the future of the tag division, I enjoy watching AirBoom and can’t wait for more exciting and fast paced matches. At only age 28, Evan is over enough with the Universe to make me believe that there will be a future for him in WWE, with a solid move set, exciting finisher and that likeable factor Evan could certainly have a run for US/IC title and hopefully WWE see enough in him to put the World Heavyweight or WWE title on him –hell I know I’d love seeing Evan as WWE champ, it’d make for an interesting champion unlike our boring champions; Del Rio, Miz…. Hmmm I feel like I’m missing someone in this boring list, can anyone help me with that?

Wade Barrett
Wade first imploded on our screens when he was the leader of the Nexus, a storyline that gripped the WWE audience from the word go. Before the Nexus storyline Wade and his Nexus members were competing in the first season of NXT –a show formed by WWE to find WWE’s next breakout star. NXT was a format like no other which included various trials and matches that couldn’t be seen elsewhere on WWE programming. Rookies were given “Pros” in other words a mentor to help them and teach them along the way. Wade Barrett’s pro was none other than Chris Jericho, which was originally the reason I believed Wade would win, to put Wade with Jericho was a huge compliment to Wade as WWE obviously thought he was big enough to pair up with Jericho. All NXT contestants had derived from WWE’s development territory FCW, Wade himself had won championships there. Wade ended up winning NXT season 1, and Wade made sure his presence was soon felt on Raw, where he had aligned with the losing members of NXT season 1 to form the Nexus, and their sole purpose was to get contracts for all losing members of NXT. When the Nexus first came on our screens we saw the WWE ring demolished, John Cena beaten down and even Vince McMahon beaten. We later saw Wade and his gang initiate Cena into the group when he was used as a slave. Barrett was then shown the door several months later and we saw a new leader take stage in the form of CM Punk, leaving Barrett to go to SmackDown and open up a new shop called the Corre, with a few ex-Nexus members. Wade would go on to win the Intercontinental Championship off Kofi Kingston, Wade would go into a feud with big Zeke for the Intercontinental Championship with big Zeke coming out the winner. With all these accomplishments in WWE we could certainly see Wade becoming a big contender and someday challenging for the WWE/World Heavyweight title. I like Wade, I think he has good mic skills and definitely has what it takes to be a big main player.