Highflying, entertaining, and energetic. Words to describe any wrestler who fights as a highflyer. And throughout history there has been many great highflyers. Names like Eddie, Jim “Super fly” Snuka, Ricky Steamboat and many others. However at this current point in WWE I think the best highflyer we have right now is Evan Bourne.

Evan is currently only 28 years old. He used to go by the ring name Matt Sydal. He has given us fast paced and crazy matches. With his precious finisher Air Bourne which is a Shooting Star Press. Working with many promotions such as NWA, TNA, ROH, Dragon Gate USA, Wrestling Society X, OVW, FCW, and of course he currently is in WWE.

I think his skills were shown really well in Wrestling Society X. Not just his wrestling skills but his Mic Skills. I want to talk about his mic skills first. A lot of people say he sucks on the mic or is okay. But I actually think he is really good looking at some of his indy promo’s. If you haven’t ever seen one I suggest you watch some. Now on to his wrestling skills. Just in general he has some great moves in his move set. He can be very creative when it comes to trying to bring pain to hi opponents. Now the highflying side of it.  Watching Bourne in the air my first comment is that he can get some good height. Simple things like a drop kick he gets great elevation. With his signature the standing moonsault he gets up higher for that move than anyone else I have seen do it.

Bourne may be Tag Team Champ along with Kofi Kingston. However if you have seen some of his matches in other promotions you know that we haven’t seen the best of Bourne yet in WWE. They need to learn to use his skills better and he really could be an actual contender for the top tittles like the WWE Championship.  I know I have said it a lot but Evan Bourne in all his indy stuff that’s when he really shinned.

Bourne has a brother who wrestles also. His brothers name is Mike. I do not know much about his brother. But honestly Rey Mysterio I am a fan but his highflying skills and moves are overrated. Whereas I personally think Bourne is often underrated especially his mic skills. I look forward to see what the future hold for Evan Bourne.