Survivor Series is approaching shortly, there is about to be a month of heavily promotion due to the Rock returning to the ring, not only that, he’ll be teaming with John Cena, whom the duo will be battling it out at Wrestlemania 28. I’m guessing its gonna be a traditional 5 on 5 tag team match, right? So, you have the Rock, Cena already confirmed. Who else? What if Mick Foley was on the team? It would be great to see him back with WWE again, he could be the anonymous GM, but lets see him in a match first. Now, i’m not actually sure what condition he’s in, i’m assuming he’s alright. So, if he gets medically cleared by WWE, he could be with Rock and Cena. But, we still need two more people to make five. Yes, i’m a mathematical expert Jabroni! I’m think if Zack Ryder and  Drew Mcintyre? Drew isn’t doing anything, at least very little on RAW, so why not build him up for that match? Ryder would be great to have on it.

So, we have a team of 5 wrestlers.
The Rock
John Cena
Mick Foley
Zack Ryder
Drew Mcintyre

They’re the five guys for the first team. So whom should they face? The nWo. A team of five guys of destruction, chaos, bad ass heels who do whatever they like. But, we’ve seen this already, right? They could call it something fresh, but basically it would be an nWo type stable. So, this gets me down to writing about the five guys apart of the stable. It’ll be a little tricky, but lets get to it.

The formation of the nWo.
So, as you all know, Kevin Nash, R-Truth and Miz have all been fired from WWE, well supposedly. So, they start appearing a TV event shows and just do what they like. Miz and R-Truth ‘did’ what they liked on last RAW and had to be restrained away. So, Miz and Truth are outside the arena (Whichever one their at) and trying to get in. The cameras are on Miz and Truth, they just look over and see Nash. They got talking, not on the cameras, and basically broke their way in. They have baseball bats and shit on them, so they are feared as they walk past people backstage. They make their way to ringside. Nash has the MIC in his hand. Miz and Truth walk proudly beside him with that cocky attitude. Their in the ring, Nash is about to speak, holds the MIC to his mouth, takes a breath, drops MIC to the mat, they walk slowly around the ring, till they get to the announcers booth. Cole, JR and King move away, but, they grab a hold of Cole and start pushing him, till they threw him to the ground. They start destructing the place, a few wrestlers try to come to the aid but they are all mid carders and are not capable of controlling them. The RAW ends that way, basically something like what Nexus did.

The next RAW, the nWo are walking around backstage, they get approached by Punk. Miz starts talking, he says something like, we apologize that we attacked you at Night of Champions, it was strictly Business, nothing else. Truth goes on about the conspiracy and that Punk is about of it. Then Nash speaks, he says something like, I know we’ve had settlements and conflict between us last few weeks, but i’m willing to forgive and forget if you are, and if you would like to be apart of nWo, the door is wide open. Their is silence for 20 seconds, Punk smirks, then nods his head up and down, and says, Count me in. RAW hits into a commercial break.

Later on in that night, the four of them are in the ring, preaching that they need one more guy to fulfill their task. Nash is the one doing the talking. They have an open house for wrestlers to come out and be apart of the stable. Firstly, David and Mcgillicutty both come out. Punk grabs the MIC and says something like, we hold a open house for someone to be a member of our stable, and you two losers come out!? Punk nods his head sideways, steps away from Otunga  and Mcgillicutty, Miz and Truth step in and kick the crap out of the two of them. Throws them over the ropes and their gone. Then, Nash speaks again and says something like, we’re looking for a man, not some guy who’s hear because of their relatives or is married to a wannabe celebrity, their is surely someone back there! Big Shows music hits, its his return to the ring, he looks as if he was gonna fight the nWo, so they are little worried, but, Big Show steps into the ring, smiles and hugs Kevin Nash, shakes hands with the other three.

 The team of 5 nWo wrestlers.
Kevin Nash
The Miz
CM Punk
Big Show

So, both teams are equal. Each have 5. Who will win? nWo. How will they win? Cena screws his team for nWo to pick up the win. Cena would get eliminated second last, Rock is left for their team. For nWo, Punk is only one left. So all looked bright for Cena and Rocks team. So, as Cena was being eliminated by Punk, he was leaving the ring. Cena was lying down ringside cause of the GTS he would’ve received. Rock and Punk are now left. Rock connects with the Rock Bottom. Rock is preparing for the peoples elbow. Rock runs go the rope, gets his ankles grabbed by Cena and is slammed to the mat. Slowly, he gets back up, turns around, Punk has Rock on his shoulders, but Punk stumbles with the weight, collides with the referee, referee is knocked down and out for a minute or so. Cena sweeps into the ring to take advantage, connects and delivers the AA, Rock is down. Referee gets back up slowly, as does Rock, Punk gets the Rock on his shoulders and connects the GTS. The referee counts 1-2-3 slowly, the match is over.

So, Cena has now turned heel. It’s been a long wait, but it’s worth it. Cena can now feud against the Rock going into Wrestlemania as the heel and the WWE champion. Of course, Cena would have to defeat a wrestler or two before Wrestlemania, but all the focus and attention will be on his match vs. Rock at Wrestlemania 28. When it comes to that time, Rock would win. Why? Your’re either in Miami or watching at home, who do you wanna win? The answer is basic, you are gonna want Rock to win. And with Cena being heel, it would be a good feel good moment. The moment every Attitude Era fan wants to see happen, would of happened, John Cena gets defeated cleanly by the great one, the Rock. Can you just imagine that moment?

You may question why would the nWo be reformed? Well, it wouldn’t necessarily have to be called nWo, but it will be the exact same stable as them. Their a group of guys who are massively over as heels with the fans, do what they like, how they like and when they like. You also may ask, why repeat history? As Vince McMahon once said, to move forward, sometimes you gotta start backwards. It’s not going to be as good as the MNW stable whether they were in WWF or WCW. But a thing we gotta remember, a hell of a lot of WWE’s fan base now are kids, not sure on percentage, but they are. They never would’ve witnessed what the older fans did. So, it would have no problem selling it as a storyline in my opinion.

With Cena as a heel, it would have some advantages. As the biggest babyface in the WWE is not hated and has enormous heat on him, it requires another or more people to want to be on Cena’s spot, or at least move up from where they were. Its going to give a demand for a top babyface. Sure, probably Orton will get it, but it means wrestlers are going to have to want to step up their game, thus working harder, thus entertaining us better and finally us wanting to not wanna miss the next episode and having to want to see what the hell is gonna happen next!

Will WWE fall in profit? The answer to this, in my opinion is no. Reason this question is asked, is due to the fact that Cena would’ve turned heel, thus kids not buying all the merchandise and all that. Way I see it, half the fans are booing Cena anyway now, so he would get major heat as a heel, crowds are going to be electric. Ticket sales are’t going to fall or anything. Those kids are kinda growing up now anyway of Cena’s, they are not going to be still interested in his Superman role. What are they gonna do? They will all follow the Rock, which by the way don’t forget, Rock is the ‘man’ of men, he is gonna sell T-Shirts, tickets and PPV’s. Look what he did to Wrestlemania, they were highest in recent years I know of anyway. Also, the nWo, the merchandise is going to sell for them , too. So as far as WWE making their profits without Cena as babyface, I think its still gonna sell. In fact, with Cena turning heel, it could skyrocket WWE’s profits.

The one thing I noticed from writing all that, was none of all this would work without Cena. At least that’s what i’m understanding from all this. I know its not picture perfect all this, and some parts may not make sense. You’d notice, Triple H nor Stephanie nor Vince are involved in this. Why? Well, I was reading a dirt sheet earlier, and it was said that something big between Vince and HHH involving Stephanie is going to happen when Vince returns the screen, so I left them all out.

Hopefully if you all reply by commenting, you’ll say something about the sales and stuff with Cena being heel. I just wanna say this, once the product is hot, it is gonna sell, no matter who is the poster boy or the top dog. How many times have we seen that over the years for that point to be proven? A lot anyway.

Again, I know this isn’t picture perfect. I just wanna know would you find all of this entertaining to watch? Would you enjoy it? You know, your thoughts and opinions. I have spent a long time writing this, and I really would appreciate your comments. You don’t need an account or you don’t have to be registered to comment, you can chose to be guest or pick a name and you don’t need an email address.

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