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Thanks for coming to check out the 5th edition of The Opinion here on Lately in the business there have been rumblings of what might potentially be some of the programming on the WWE Network when it makes it on air. I for one am pretty excited for WWE to finally have their own network and have the chance to put all that old programming on air. I love WWE Vintage Collection, and anything to do with WCW in its glory days is gold to me. I can just imagine all the old footage they have ready to blow our minds. It also sounds like WWE is asking people what they would be interested in viewing on the network as well. A few good ideas thrown out there and I think it would be a good thing to see a different side to some of the superstars. I’m going to give you my thoughts on what I would like to see and what I think might actually work. Now remember, WWE is going to have non-wrestling shows on the network as well, and those are what I’ll be discussing.

First off I read the idea of having former WWE talent living in a house together much like Jersey Shore or Big Brother. Obviously this has huge potential to be greatly entertaining depending on who ends up in the house living together. It seems wrestling fans have always had the interest of finding out what the superstars are like outside of the ring, and this would feed that hunger. In my opinion WWE would actually have to make sure they had some real interesting talents in the house who actually have an important past. You could obviously through in a few novelty superstars who never quite made it big, but had big personalities. I’m not sure if they were thinking of the Hardy’s when this idea came about, but just imagine a household with them in it together in front of cameras. Most of these former talents are probably starving and looking to have a bit of a paycheck, so they’d be willing and able to get involved. The first cast I would like to see is obviously the Hardy’s, just to see if they crash and burn. Next would be Chyna, just because she’s a train wreck waiting to happen. Next I would go way back and try to find a legend to throw in there. Roddy Pipper would be my next pick because he still has some drawing power and fans love this guy’s energy. I think in a house full of personalities, Roddy would be the backbone. Also having a few personalities from different countries would be great for conflict in the house and probably cause some entertainment. This idea could have huge potential to be one of the wrestling businesses top entertainment shows. This could also be a huge mess depending on who they actually hire to live in the house together. Either way, I’m pretty sure I’d watch. It seems the talent who have been out of jobs for some time are willing to do anything for a bit of spotlight.

Next idea thrown around was a cooking show with Big Show and his wife. I’m not against cooking shows and actually don’t mind some of them that are actually entertaining. It totally depends on the character doing the cooking. I think Big Show could actually be great for this as he’s entertaining and knows how to work a camera, and I’m sure he knows his food. Not to mention I’m sure Big Show must have huge portions and just seeing the amount of food they need to cook to keep him and his wife fed would be a shocker. Many superstars or former superstars are involved in hunting and enjoy food as well, and maybe tie ins could happen and Big Show could have special guests and themed shows. Shawn Michaels could show up with an animal he shot. Superstars with special diets could come on air and cook related foods to the diet. Hell, even Jim Ross could come on and use a whole bunch of his sauce and do special BBQ episodes with Big Show. The WWE will have plenty of time on the Network to fill and they will need to fill it with wrestling related TV shows or I think people will change the channel. Currently food shows seem to be quite popular and jumping on the band wagon has been something WWE’s done in the past, so why not again.

Next up a call-in show featuring WWE talent was brought up. I’m my opinion a majority of wrestling fans want nothing more than to get closer and know their WWE superstar even more. Having a special live call in show where fans of all ages can phone in and ask questions either “real” or “fake” would be a huge hit. The WWE has always been a little weary of letting the truth be known and making sure their superstars don’t reveal too many truths of the business so I’m sure there would be a limit as to what the discussion would be. I personally would prefer more of a reality based call-in show instead of people following storylines and continuing them on a question show. If you’re on twitter and you follow wrestling fans and superstars alike, you’ll notice that fans are asking superstars and performers questions all the time. What happens when a question actually gets answered? Well mark out because a WWE superstar just answered their question! It’s a big deal to some and even knowing that a superstar spend some time to reply to you, feels good. A call in show where a fans voice would be heard on air with their superstar visually responding and vocally responding would get any fan more excited and probably more involved in the business. A good way to keep fans around and interested, as well as get the personalities of the superstars out there more so than just from a wrestling program.

Thanks for checking out the write up this week. Anyone else have thoughts on the WWE Network and what they would like to see? So many options and I just hope they don’t drop the ball. I’m sure many shows will be trial and error, I just really don’t want to see anything too horrible that pushes me away from watching.