Hey everyone, I am just here to announce that I will be taking a little time off from writing columns. I am thinking of not writing any for three weeks. The reason being, the site is taking up too much time that i’m struggling to find as iv’e had an enormous amount of work to take care of recently and i’m just finding it hard to get myself motivated to write a column as well as fully revamp pages on the site, plus especially I would be tired when I get home, its just hard.

Myself, Lucas, Cody and Bobby from WrestleMatters.com have being chatting for a long time, Bobby came to us with an idea of having a all in one site. This would mean that the forum and Audio of here would be on WrestleMatters.com that both parties would have administrating access too. However, NOTHING on here will change, just that Audio and Forum will feature on WrestleMatters.com. This will be a new site, not the one that WrestleMatters.com domain is at already. It’s pretty much a done deal.

Even though i’m not going to be making columns for a couple weeks, i’ll still comment and chat with Capt, Tony, UltimateRKO, Anna, Beth, or anyone, the staff whoever will comment. Just the stress of providing a column will be gone for me for couple weeks.

You’ll notice the site is being revamped and updated majorly, the video section is back with all Zack Ryder’s Z! True Long island story are stored on there. We have featured a project called ”Against The Ropes” under video section too, this was done by Monica, and in the near future Monica will provide a column for WrestlingRambles.com, so yea, another column will be added. Also, a lot more video will be added soon.

Cody, you know as part of the Forum and Podcast crew, will be introducing a MMA column, not confirmed 100% yet, but very likely. The podcast section should be updated by tomorrow night.

Jeremy, i’m hoping will bring back a new column idea for Monday, we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

As you know, Lucas and Jeremy are doing more interviews lately, hopefully we’ll have a consistent run of podcasts with Lucas, Jeremy and Cody.

The site has a lot of things to offer with great people, it’s just a matter of consistence and it’s gonna take time, hopefully the site will do really well in the months to come.

So, i’ll see ya’ll in comment sections of blogs!