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Welcome to another edition of The Opinion after a week of build up to the Hell In A Cell PPV. It’s been interesting to see WWE cram so much together trying to build up HIAC after only a few weeks since the last PPV. I won’t be watching tomorrow but it does seem to have a few good matches and some continuation of previous storylines that have been happening. Quite a few interesting things happened this week like the return of Mason Ryan, who was meant to come out and be a third tag partner for Vickie’s men, Dolph and Swagger, but instead turned on them and made quite an impact as a face. Also we had more interaction between the two Sin Caras, even continuing their storyline from Mexico. On Raw and Smackdown we also saw Cody Rhodes win a battle royal to keep his IC Title over Sheamus, as well as looked strong against Sheamus on Smackdown in a singles match with ended in DQ. Is this Cody’s push to the top? I chose to discuss these three things this week as I find them to be the most interesting happenings of the week and all important in their own ways.

Mason Ryan made a bit of an impact this past Monday on Raw when he was hired by Vickie Guerrero to be the third tag partner of Dolph and Swagger in a match against Air Boom and Zack Ryder. As Mason entered the ring, instead of helping out his tag partners, Dolph and Swagger, he turned on them and took them out instead allowing the face team to get the victory. Now I know a lot of you out there don’t really like Mason Ryan and I’ve heard a lot of people comment on his skills or lack of but I don’t think the guy is really that horrible. Yes, he’s a big man and yes he’s going to look a bit stiff. So do most bigger built men. Yes, he has lots of learning and seasoning to do and a lot of personality development, but this also isn’t his first show. Mason Ryan has some history behind him and has at least wrestled around the world and has a bit of a past in the business. He isn’t one of these big oafs picked up and thrown in developmental who don’t have any experience. So before you’re too hard on Mason Ryan, at least remember the guy wasn’t found on the streets simply because he’s large. I actually think he has huge potential and I saw some of that on the Raw Supershow. Although I think his hair looks goofy and they’re probably making him keep it long so people don’t think he’s a 20 year younger Batista, Mason looked great in the ring with the midcarders on Monday. Not only that, did you hear the crowd response he got? Seriously…don’t just pretend you remember, go look on YouTube. The crowd popped big time when he took out Swagger and Ziggler. This is how he needs to be booked and this is what WWE needs to do in order to get the crowd interested in someone. I’m not saying Mason should be pushed to the moon right this moment, but I do think he has huge potential and I do think he should be an upper midcarder right now.

WWE actually bringing up past history from a different wrestling league they don’t own? It’s true! On Smackdown we were able to see both Sin Caras once again. As the real Sin Cara was in the ring getting an easy win over Heath Slater, Sin Cara #2 came on the Titantron and gave us a few English words saying that the Sin Cara original stole his Mistico identity before, and now it’s going to happen to him. Obviously this happened down in Mexico before these men were hired by WWE and to me this is fantastic story telling. I know Vince usually stays away from things which weren’t under his WWE umbrella, but this really shows that these two men have a history not only with each other, but also in the business. I’m sure there are people out there who think these are two guys right up from developmental with no background whatsoever. Wrong. These two are Mexican hero’s right underneath Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio. I’m glad this match is already taking place for a few reasons even though some people think it’s too soon with no build up. To me it’s very obvious this isn’t going to be their last match and so it doesn’t really matter if this match came on quick. It’s just the start for these two. I’d hope this feud lasts quite some time as these two are comfortable in the ring together and have potential to do some amazing things. Obviously I would give the evil black-masked Sin Cara the win this Sunday and have him in control of the feud for the first little while. Not sure how other people feel about this feud, but for me it’s one that has more potential than most. Feel free to leave your comments about this.

Does anyone else think Cody Rhodes is on the brink of getting a main event push? I do! I think it’s especially been shown the past few weeks that they’re investing a lot of time into Cody and they’re also getting ready to invest a lot more time into him. Obviously we’ve noticed him get a bit of a push with the IC Title and the new gimmick twists, but if we really look at this past week, to me it shows WWE is ready to take it to the next level with him. We’ve seen him get a win over the huge monster Ezekiel Jackson to win the IC Title but this last Raw we saw him keep the IC Title after winning a 10 man battle royal with the belt on the line. The last man in the ring with him? Former WWE Champ Sheamus. Yes there was interference from Christian and he had some help, but this basically made Cody look strong over Sheamus, who’s been playing a face lately. Then we go to Smackdown on Friday and we saw Sheamus win by DQ over Cody, but IMO Cody looked damn strong against Sheamus and Cody still walked away with the IC Title. Cody has been looking stronger and has had a lot more time invested in him lately and I think he’s doing well with it. Do I think he should be handed a world title right away? No. I still have troubles believing he could beat guys like Zeke and Sheamus, but they’re letting him. Do I think he could have a main event feud with someone? Yes. I think Cody could even have a main event feud with former leader Randy Orton and come out victorious without hurting Orton’s status. I remember reading a year or so ago that WWE was a little hesitant to give Rhodes the ball as they were unsure how it would go. Well, I’m glad they did as he’s proved that he can be a top story teller on any of their shows, as well as be a top performer. I must give him props.

Thanks for checking out this week’s edition of The Opinion here on Feel free to leave comments below and give your ideas on these subjects. Hope you all enjoy HIAC. I won’t be watching as my cable/internet bill is huge each month and being on disability doesn’t give me too much cashola. Take care!

James Bones