Hello all, this is Cody Springer of the Wrestling Vengeance forum and this is my first piece of writing for Wrestling Rambles. I am going to give you my preview and predictions for the WWE Hell In A Cell PPV that is tonight at 8 PM EST/5 PM PST live on pay-per-view.

I am going to analyze each match on the card and give my prediction of who I think will be the winner.

Divas Championship – Kelly Kelly (c) vs. Beth Phoenix
Analysis: Their Night Of Champions was actually pretty decent even though I was disappointed that Beth did not walk out as the champion in her hometown of Buffalo, New York but I think tonight the outcome is going to be different. The Divas Of Doom have came out on the losing end most of this feud and I think its time that Kelly Kelly drops the Divas strap to Beth here.

Prediction: Beth Phoenix wins the Divas Championship.

Christian vs. Sheamus
Analysis: Back at Night Of Champions, Sheamus hit Christian with a Brogue Kick after Christian had annoyed us with his constant, never-ending, “one more match” speech. I like Sheamus in this match, but I do not think the feud ends here between these two.

Prediction: Sheamus wins by pinfall.

Sin Cara (Hunico) vs. Sin Cara (Mistico)
Analysis: Finally, Mistico and Hunico are going to collide inside the ring tonight. WWE has been putting these two on a roller coaster ride over the past month or so with deciding who should be in the Sin Cara role, whether Mistico should be released, etc. Ultimately, they decided to have these two feud. I am expecting a good, exciting match here. Fast paced, and should get the crowd going. The finish? I am expecting some kind of draw which continues the storyline.

Prediction: Double Count-Out.

World Heavyweight Championship Hell In A Cell Match – Mark Henry (c) vs. Randy Orton
Analysis: Mark Henry achieved his career defining moment at Night Of Champions by defeating Randy Orton to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. It seems like they really want to make Henry seriously here with this title run, so I am going with Henry to dominate Orton in the Cell. Orton will have his moments, maybe he a couple of RKO’s but he will not win.

Prediction: Mark Henry retains the World Heavyweight Championship.

WWE Championship Hell In A Cell Match – John Cena (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk
Analysis: CM Punk is now back in the WWE title picture, Del Rio is the former champion, and Cena is well…the champ. I am still agitated that WWE took the title off Del Rio as quickly as they did. They have built up this guy for over a year, won the Royal Rumble, won Money In The Bank, then he becomes WWE Champion only to have him lose to John Cena at Night Of Champions. The logic behind this move made no sense but John Cena is heading into this match as the champion and I foresee him staying the champion. We may see some involvement from John Laurinaitis, Triple H, and maybe Awesome Truth in this one.

Prediction: John Cena retains the WWE Championship.

Well, that will do it for me, hope it was a good read for you guys and enjoy the pay-per-view tonight.


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