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If I was the booker. (no, not Booker T.)

I’m doing things a little differently this week as I wanted to do a write up pretending I was going to book something for WWE. I decided to go ahead and book how I would have Dolph Ziggler move ahead and win the WWE Title. Now, I didn’t get into every specific detail and I know everyone would want to see it happen a different way, so feel free to leave your comments below. This is how I would like to see Dolph’s push happen, in the WWE way. Yes, we could all be dreamers and say something different will happen, but let’s face it…feuds/pushes will 99% of the time go the WWE way. This is simply my take on that.

Dolph Ziggler drops US Title to Zack Ryder. This would be first on the list to not only put more interest into the US Title (because let’s face it, the IC Title is looking great right now), but also to give the fans what they want and that’s a Zack Ryder push. He’s had several wins over Dolph now and the crowd has been fairly hot each time. In fact every time Zack Ryder does anything the crowd gets pretty hot. But this also has a deeper meaning. This gives the opportunity to get the US Title off Dolph to free him up for another title. The WWE Title because that’s what I said up top, you’re thinking? No, not yet. I want Dolph to be freed up of the US Title so he can go ahead and team up with Swagger in order to win the tag team titles. I know some people aren’t going to agree with that, but here’s why. Dolph and Swagger do have some good chemistry going especially with Vickie Guerrero as the anchor. The Tag Titles have also received some spotlight lately and it seems like WWE wants to spend some time on them. What better way to get people interested in the Tag Titles, by having the faces drop the Tag Titles to Dolph and Swagger and letting the horrible heels carry them around for a bit. Naturally people will want to see the titles taken off the heels, and given to the faces. This would also put a lot more interest in the Tag Titles and give the division a little more spotlight, which it deserves.

Air Boom drops Tag Titles to Team Vickie. Zack Ryder can go on being the US champion and starting a new feud freeing up Dolph for his Tag Title run with Swagger. I like Air Boom and think they will be around for a little bit longer, but I don’t expect them to stay together up until Royal Rumble. If Jimmy Uso isn’t fired due to his DUI, I’d like to see a face team of The Usos vs. Dolph/Swagger. Dolph and Swagger would go on always getting the upper hand until the underdogs; The Usos finally get the victory and take the Tag Titles off Dolph and Swagger. This would start a small feud and complete the breakup of Dolph and Swagger who would go on their separate ways. This would free up Dolph Ziggler for a WWE Title feud.

John Cena drops WWE Title to Dolph Ziggler. I’m guessing at this current time John Cena would be the WWE Champion because he usually is every 3-4 weeks or so. Yes, that’s a smart ass comment but well deserved. I would start the feud between Ziggler and Cena by having Ziggler come out and interrupt Cena, wanting a title match. Cena would act like he usually does when someone who isn’t a main eventer tries to get a title match and blow it off like it’s no big deal, and that it wouldn’t even be a challenge for Cena. Ziggler would have to prove himself and win some sort of #1 contenders match. Once Dolph and Cena finally did meet up and start their feud, the way the crowds been going they would slowly start to boo Cena and give a few cheers over to Dolph just because he’s up against the machine. Although Dolph would continue being heel, the crowd and smarks would give him more attention and support hoping he would be able to take the WWE Title from Cena, like most of us do. Dolph would gain a bunch of internet support and live event support going up against Cena. After winning a WWE Title match, I would have Dolph and Cena fight it out at the next PPV or even do it at a Raw. Have Cena go into the match all cocky and thinking it’s going to be an easy win, but instead have Dolph win the match and become the WWE Title. I would enjoy an extremely cocky Ziggler and I actually think he could have a decent program with Cena. At the next PPV Cena would obviously think he could take back his WWE Title very easily, but again Dolph would come out on top making him more credible. Obviously the WWE would push the fact that this is Dolph’s second World Title win, as he’s had the WHC for a few minutes in the past. Personally I think this will give WWE a fresh face in the Championship picture, which is what most fans want. Dolph has a lot of personality and can act with the best of them. I also think Dolph is very talented in the ring and shows great innovation and quality. Dolph also seems like the type to adapt very easily as we’ve already seen him grow immensely.

Hope you enjoyed the write up this week of The Opinion – If I was Booker. Now can you dig that, sucka? Sorry….that’s corny as hell. Anyways I hope this all got you thinking of how you would do this. I’ll throw one of these in there every now and then as I actually thought this was fun and different for a change. I’m always sitting around thinking about what I would change and what I would do, so I might as well write about it. Until next time, readers.

James Bones