Surprise surprise. Guess what Smackdown starts off with this week? Yep, you guessed it: A promo. In the ring, Christian, United States Champion Dolph Ziggler, Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger, Vickie Guerrero, David Otunga and Wade Barrett are talking about what took place this past Monday on Raw supershow and how Raw has become an unsafe working environment. David Otunga went as far as to say that they would even walk out of Smackdown, Live Events and PPV’s if Triple H does not resign as COO of World Wrestling Entertainment. Jack Swagger was the last in the ring to hold the mic and told everybody to show some respect to the new WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio takes the mic and says: “When the WWE Champion speaks, you shut up and listen”. That was a good line to draw some heat. He says that he influenced the superstars of Raw to walk out. He’s the WWE Champion so everybody looks at him as a leader. He says that he came to Smackdown tonight to compete and to show the world what they will be missing on Monday night. Teddy Long comes out and tells Cody and Christian that they better head backstage for their main event tag team match. Their opponents? None other than the Celtic Warrior and the Apex Predator themselves. As for Alberto, his match is next. His opponent is the man the Del Rio specifically requested to face: The Mexican sensation: Sin Cara.

There were 3 people that were exceptional in this promo. Christian is the obvious choice. He’s the best all around worker out of everyone in the ring, perhaps even in WWE. Alberto was pretty good. He seems to be better at cutting promo’s on Smackdown than on Raw. Cody Rhodes is the 3rd man. He was pretty good at ad-libbing to draw some heat to what he was saying. Smart move Cody. Smart move indeed. Personally, I feel Christian should be leader of this group, but obviously they are continuing to push Del Rio, and he’s the champ, so it makes sense for him to lead.

Match #1: WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio d. Sin Cara.

I had high hopes for this. Del Rio can work Sin Cara’s style, so it was a pretty good match. This could be a breakout feud for Sin Cara, should they ever decide to pull the trigger on it. It never lasted a great length of time, but for a match that was good to last such a short time leaves me wondering how good it could be if they were given around 15 minutes to play with. Sin Cara “Azul” put up a great effort but succumbed to Del Rio and his devastating cross armbreaker. After the match, Sin Cara “Negro” (That’s not racist, is it?) attacked “Azul” and hit his Swanton Bomb finisher. I’m assuming that this feud is continuing over the next couple of months.

It was funny to hear Michael Cole and Booker T.’s thoughts on the Raw walkout. Michael Cole said pretty much what you’d expect him to stay. Booker said he thought the show was over and had to go to the bathroom. That was hilarious. If Booker T. doesn’t win the slammy for best commentator this year, there is something wrong. He’s the best they have right now. Except for when JR puts on that “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!? YOU MAKE ME SICK” voice that he broke out at Hell in a Cell towards The Miz and R-Truth.

Backstage Air Boom declared that while they did not like having to do this, and even though they feel bad about it, they won’t be appearing on Raw again as long as Trips is in charge of the day to day operations. So from now on, Friday nights will be the official home of the WWE Tag Team Champions.

Match #2: United States Champion Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger d. WWE Tag Team Champions Air Boom.

As Evan and Kofi made their way out to their new entrance theme  (I assume this means they are a permanent tag team going forward) they were brutally attacked by Swagger and Ziggler as Vickie looked on looking rather proud of her boys.

After the break, Kofi is alone in the ring ready to take them on in a handicap match. The ref rings the bell and takes it to Swagger and Ziggler, but is soon dominated by the heels. Kofi is able to take down Ziggler, when Evan jumps up on the apron and tags himself in, while Ziggler tags in Swagger. Bourne hits some of his knee and kick combo’s but he falls to the mat, holding is head in pain (Ziggler had hit the Zig Zag on him on the outside before the match started) and Swagger easily finished him with a gutwrench powerbomb.

I assume this means that they get another tag title shot at Vengeance. They’ll lose again. Swagger and Ziggler will likely have problems during the match, leading to a Swagger face turn. He NEEDS the face turn. Ziggler as a face wouldn’t work. He enjoys being a heel too much. Swagger should go on to capture the U.S. Championship while Ziggler would move up the ladder to compete for the WWE Championship. He’s ready to main event.

WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix d. Alicia Fox.

Squash match. Lasted about 30 seconds. Not sure why they did this. Alicia is pretty good. It’s her you should be pushing instead of Yelly Yelly (reference to my mentor) and Eve. After winning with the Glam Slam, My Nattie put Alicia in her new submission hold that I like to call ‘Pin-Up Strong’ while Beth had a mic telling Alicia to scream. I guess that K2 gets a rematch at Vengeance. Beth should be booked to beat Kelly in dominant and impressive fashion. But, as always, My girls Beth and Natalya are willing to make other divas look as good as them, hence why Kelly looks like such a formidable opponent. Oh come on, you don’t actually believe Kelly or Eve stand a chance against the Divas of Doom, do you? I’m expecting Beth to retain at Vengeance.

Big Show makes his return to Smackdown!

He comes out to the ring to a standing ovation. I guess they forgot that he was a Raw superstar. I know, I know. The brand extension doesn’t matter, but it’s still be nice to see them pay a little attention to it. After all, it’s Smackdown that joined forces with Raw, not the other way about. He was visibly upset about what had happened to him at the hands of the current World Heavyweight Champion 4 months ago. He said that he’s going to take all the physical and emotional pain that he’s feeling, roll it up into a fist, and repeatedly pound on the face of Mark Henry until he is completely unrecognizable. He said that he’s going to take the World Heavyweight Championship from him. The same title that he himself won at the age 23. Henry came out and said what has he done to earn a shot at the title. he says he’ll give him an answer on Mark Henry time. Big Show says that if he doesn’t get the answer he wants by the end of the night, he’ll come to that ring, put him through the announce table, but a chair on his ankle and break it like Henry did to him a few months ago.

Backstage, Randy Orton is backstage with Matt Striker. He says he won’t beg like Christian for another title opportunity. If he has to, he’ll run through the entire Smackdown roster if he has to. Striker also questioned that he was noticeably absent  from the walk out on Raw. Orton said that if he has a problem with Trips, he’ll deal with him personally. He says he doesn’t play well with others. Striker than says that that doesn’t bode to well for Sheamus. Orton responds by saying: “Nope. But it’s even worse for Cody and Christian”.

Ezekiel Jackson d. Jinder Mahal.

Pretty much another squash match. Mahal got a little offense, but he was manhandled by four bodyslams and the torture rack. Yawn.

Backstage in Teddy Long’s office, Marty Funkhouser came in and said that he supports Teddy for running Smackdown so well.  (For those who don’t know, Marty Funkhouser is a character from the TV show ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’. He bears a striking resemblance to John Lauranaitis and speaks almost the exact same way he does) He says that Smackdown’s success is vital. If  Teddy loses control of Smackdown like Trips has lost control of Raw, the WWE Universe will be in tormoil.

Hornswoggle comes out and takes Booker T. into the ring and they both do spin-a-roonie’s. That was the cue for my bathroom break.

Randy Orton & Sheamus d. Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes & Christian.

Pretty good standard tag match here. Obviously it didn’t go as along as I’d have liked because of the Henry/Big Show thing that will end the show. Christian and Cody, as tag team specialists, did a great job of isolating Randy from making a tag to Sheamus. Christian hits a spinebuster and stalks Randy with the spear. Orton counters it and hits a clothesline before making the tag to Sheamus as Cody gets a tag too. Sheamus dominates and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Rhodes for 2. He sets up for the Brogue kick but Christian comes in only to get sent flying over the top rope. He tags Randy back in and hits an RKO on Rhodes for 3.

Mark Henry answers Big Show’s challenge.

Mark Henry heads out to the ring and pretty much says No to the Big Show’s challenge. That brings out an angry Big Show who beats Henry down with a series of punches. He then hit a huge spear and took Henry down. The fight ensued on the outside. Henry slammed Show into the barricade and took apart the announce table. He attempted to hit the WSS but ended p getting chokeslammed through the table himself. He placed a chair around Mark’s ankle and dragged the steps towards him. He climbed up and before he could shatter Henry’s ankle, Teddy came out and says Big Show has his match but not if he does that. Big Show climbs down the steps and takes the chair from Henry’s ankle. He then clubs Henry across the back with it instead. Smackdown went off the air at this point.

I’m assuming that they have a title match at Vengeance. Again, Big Show is a Raw superstar so I don’t see how he can have a title match for a Smackdown Championship. It will likely mean that Big Show will lose. Either that, or Big Show will return to Smackdown. I hope it’s a short match too. Big Show is limited as to what he can do in the ring, especially with an opponent like Mark Henry who is not good at all. It was an above average edition of Smackdown this week. I’ll give it a 6.5 out of 10.