Nothing fancy here, I simply want to take a quick look at the current feature storyline in WWE; the “Walk-Out”. Being a person who hates plotholes, this will not be a positive outlook…

For one, this entire storyline is looking like a rip-off of the NFL and NBA lockouts. The players are refusing to play , until their conditions are met by the owners. because they feel unfairly treated. Sound familiar?

“The Superstars are refusing to to perform, until their conditions are met by COO HHH, because they feel unfairly treated.”

Oh, and with the “Occupy RAW” thing, it’s ripping off the “Occupy Wallstreet” protests.

Now, in case you didn’t know, most people believe the NFL/NBA players are just being greedy, as they want a larger percentage of the profits, though they already make millions each year for playing a game. It’s painted the players in a bad light. The same can basically be said about the WWE Superstars, the only difference being that the issue isn’t over money. This storyline has quickly painted the Superstars in a bad light, because it’s doing nothing but making them all look stupid. I mean, you can see that WWE has attempted to do something big with this, however, only a week in it should be clear as day that their attempt has failed miserably. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at the plotholes that have arisen from just the first week, then.

The deepest hole is coming from the fact that WWE has gone with the heels to lead this “Walk-Out”. The issue here, is that these are the guys who are causing the “unsafe work environment” the locker room is complaining about. So, basically, they’re complaining about themselves. Huh?

Moving on to the next issue: The Superstars are complaining about HHH causing this “unsafe work environment” (see above to understand my headache here). They say that ever since he took over day-to-day operations of the WWE, there has been nothing but chaos. So, they’ve “walked-out” on RAW, and are supposedly boycotting the show until HHH steps down as COO. I guess they forgot that the COO deals with the ENTIRE company, not just one show. Why else would they show up on Smackdown? Oh, wait, you say HHH put Smackdown General Manager, Teddy Long, in charge of Smackdown? Did he now? Well, that’s fascinating, because I could have sworn that Long has been in charge of Smackdown, minus the occasional storyline absence here and there, since 2004!

I feel your pain, Teddy. 

Another query I have with this storyline, is all the legalities. Professional wrestling is all about stepping into a ring, and settling your issues in a good old fashioned fight. Legal sh!t is boring, especially for live crowds. Once the live crowds die out, you get guys talking legalities on television. Yawn. I’m just waiting for a “Boring” chant during one of these segments.

Then there’s the “Vote of Confidence” segment, which in my opinion, may just be one of the worst segments in WWE history. Alright, fine, it wasn’t that bad, but it had so many plotholes.

First of all, what was the point? Superstars were already threatening to sue, which everyone, including HHH, knew. A whole group had come out prior in the show to voice their complaints, which brought out HHH, who basically called them a bunch of babies. He came out, though, which is showing acknowledgment. The referees had complained to HHH a couple of weeks ago, and the commentators have complained during numerous broadcasts. Clearly, people didn’t have confidence.

Wade Barrett was chosen by his peers to be their speaker. Two issues here. Where did he come from? He wasn’t doing anything with this storyline beforehand, at least not on a significant basis. It’s been Otunga, Rhodes, Ziggler, Swagger, etc. Secondly, Barrett just led Nexus on a path of destruction last year! Of course, HHH points this out, making Barrett look like a fool.

Beth Phoenix is called on to represent the Divas. Though, nothing has really happened to the Divas…unless you count Phoenix and Natalya torturing some to scream. Where were these “this is unsafe, something could happen to us” complaints when Kharma was decimating the whole division early in the year? HHH asks Beth what has happened to her specifically, to which, she can not answer. She must have received a concussion from the beating Kelly Kelly gave her early that night.

Mike Chioda cuts the best promo of the entire segment.

Jerry “The King” Lawler gets in the ring, and talks about the attack by Mark Henry. Though, it’s not like HHH told him to get in the ring to save JR. However, chances are, Henry would’ve have beat down one or the other, so I’ll let this slide. Anyway, King goes on to tell HHH that he believes someone else is setting HHH up to fail as COO, but unfortunately for HHH, that means everyone on the roster is suffering. Hmm….please see the paragraph about the heels causing the chaos they’re complaining about. I’m not suggesting someone isn’t setting up HHH to fail, as I too believe that’s the case, but the connection between that person and the entire roster is a leap. Sure, the heels could’ve been paid off, but there were faces walking out last week too.

Of course, none of the big names were out for the “Vote of Confidence,” even though they’re the locker room leaders and such. To point something out , WWE Champion, Alberto del Rio was at ringside, so one can imagine how he’s seen by WWE higher-ups. Anyway, God forbid people boo John Cena….

Would it not have made a bigger impact if Cena, or even all these top guys, stood at the top of the ramp, and gave HHH the thumbs down? Such a simple gesture that would have resonated with fans of any age.

I mentioned the Superstars showing up for Smackdown (they should’ve re-aired a ppv this week and just put on a house show for the live crowd). During this week’s episode, they didn’t just give away that live events were still going on, they made it blatantly obvious. Clearly, live events are still going to be taking place, but they shouldn’t have pointed it out. Make people question.

This whole thing is most likely leading to, not only a McMahon return, but also The Rock “saving” the WWE. How predictable, eh? If I’m wrong, I’ll “literally’ eat the words in that sentence, Michael Cole style.

We’re only one week into this storyline, and you can pick it apart to the point of leaving nothing but bones. And for anyone out there, who’s thinking of telling me to “wait and see how it turns out,” keep in mind WWE’s recent track record. Normally, the storylines start out hot, only to quickly cool off, and slump and drag to their death. This one’s already weak.

Digging Self Out of Holes,




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