Professional wrestling is usually thought to be considered WWE TNA an all those other big promotions. But when you hear pro wrestling does Lucha Libre USA ever come to your mind? No? Yes? Maybe so? Well it does for me.

                I have recently started watching mtv2’s Lucha Libre USA. And honestly I love it. Its 100% different from other wrestling companies. Different in the way its run. Different in the way it feels when you watch it. But it is all a good different. A very good different.

                I like it because for one I am a huge fan of highflyers. And these wrestlers all are highflyers. Its great very high amounts of energy. I love wrestlers who are highflyers because I never know what to see next. As you know I named Evan Bourne as the best highflyer right now recently. And I still stick to that.

                This show always has explosive moves. Very high energy. Lots and Lots of masks. But its Mexican wrestling what more could you expect right? With people such as Rebecca Reyes aka Reby Sky, Lizmark Jr.,  Super Nova, and many great others. This truly is Mexican wrestling north of the border.

                Starting today I will be doing my articles about Lucha Libre USA. I look forward to it. For those who don’t know how to catch Lucha Libre USA it is on MTV2 at 10pm on Saturdays.