Hey guys, this is a non wrestling related post and this is just to announce the changes to WrestlingRambles.com. We are open to suggestions you may have, opinions on your take on the new look and all that sort of stuff. Please, don’t be shy in voicing your opinion on this.

Even if you don’t like the Background, Banner at top of page etc. The main reason why the site was changed was due to their are many other sites with the same layout as the previous one, so it was time to shake things up again! (Pun Intended)

You will notice the social media icons, you can highlight them and click them so it will direct you to our Facebook and Twitter links.

The site has been a little inactive this month so far, we apologize for that, it’s just a busy month for most of the staff. Note, their may be a few more changes when I get more time to change them.

So, if you have any thoughts about this new theme please let me know.