Big Show vs Mark Henry: Why I Don’t Want It To Happen
By Ryan Wilson

This week’s article is going to be slightly shorter than most, basically because I’m going to cap on why I don’t want to see a Big Show vs Mark Henry match.

Big Show stands at 7 feet tall and sits at 485lbs or, for us British guys 220kg. Mark Henry stands at 6 feet 4 inches tall and sits at 412lbs, or 187kg. This is my first reason as to why I don’t want to see these two colossal giants go at. It is a known fact, or opinion of mine (maybe) that two big guys cannot put on an athletic match up to the standard of guys such as Randy Orton and Sheamus etc These two guys did whoever put on a good match at Money In The Bank, however and this is a huge however, can they really pull of a match that is classified as a main event? I don’t think these two guys can put on a match that will captivate the viewers. Big guys are slower in the ring and it’s not as exciting to watch as two young guys pull of mid-air RKO’s or ground someone with a huge running kick to the mush.

Both Mark Henry and Big Show are on the older scale of the wrestling industry, therefore they may not hold as much gas in the tank to say the least. It’s obvious in guys such as Triple H and Shawn Michaels who can go for a long time that they train hard. But I would be curious to see what cardio both of these men do, does anyone reading this know? If so, comment. It is obviously an issue that these two men are huge, and may not be able to perform for as long as the younger guys. Henry’s Hell in a Cell match was pretty much easy for him; the match lasted 15 minutes, just a few minutes longer than AirBoom vs Zig-Swag. Big Show hasn’t had a match in a while due to the legitimate injury caused to him by Henry, so he may not be at 100% right now; or maybe he is, I’m not sure, I’m just assuming.

WWE have contradicted their two show roster by having Big Show (a Raw Superstar) challenge for SmackDown’s top championship. I know the WWE is often full of potholes, but this one annoys me slightly because it is a sign that Big Show is going to lose, meaning he will hopefully return to Raw, or else he will win and become a SmackDown superstar which basically means his draft to Raw was nothing but pointless. The draft is something I love, and look forward to every year. It gives the WWE an opportunity to mix things up. However, this year’s drafted has seemed a bit pointless with superstars such as the Big Show drifting back and forth from show to show; really… There was no pun intended. If Show loses, he will probably stay and continue to fight Mark, therefore it seems like his draft was all so pointless. However I would like to see Big Show return to Raw, I think there’s enough superstars on SmackDown to keep me entertained, I feel like the Big Show is nothing but a big extra.

Big Show doesn’t fit in with the current Hall of Pain storyline. The current storyline is all about Henry dominating which I have enjoyed watching, he made Orton look like JTG – an easy victory. If Show comes along Henry won’t dominate as easily, and thus ruining the Hall of Pain. I think it would be much better if Henry was allowed to dominate further, maybe until Survivor Series, until someone like Daniel Bryan or Cody Rhodes defeats him. Everyone loves the small guy vs the big guy, no one likes the big guy vs big guy. Big Show doesn’t fit into the current plans right now. Maybe this is the end of the Hall of Pain, who knows, but I know a lot of guys that don’t want to see the end of it.

I personally have no interest in this “rivalry”. Two huge guys in one ring can only mean one thing – a slow paced, boring match that keeps no one entertained. If the crowd at Hell In A Cell thought they were unlucky watching an average Sin Cara Azul vs Sin Cara Negro then I bet my bottom dollar they’re kissing the ground right now thanking their lucky stars that they’re not going to be there in San Antonio to see Show-Henry go one on one.

Give me all your thoughts.

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