June 27, 2011, was a phenomenal date for WWE and us the fans watching it. Before that date, we were watching a drained out ‘same old shit’ product for three years prior to that. It was our savior CM Punk who brought fun back on our TV screens each week for a couple of weeks. We were all excited and were left wondering, ‘what will happen next?’. We saw the one of the wrestling matches of the decade with CM Punk vs. John Cena at the Money in the Bank PPV. We were still left wondering, ‘what will happen next?’. But, as of the last few months, the whole product seems to be all over the place, haywire or completely clustered fucked. How did it go all so wrong and downhill from there?

For that short period of time; we were watching WWE being exciting again. CM Punk gave us an unimaginable promo, he spoke his mind and didn’t care what the consequences would be after. Punk gave a voice to every wrestling fan that doesn’t chant ‘lets go Cena’ and gave that voice to the fans who says ‘Cena Sucks’, nothing against Cena, just using that as an example. Us, as IWC members, would’ve felt more emotion than the younger fans, so we admired CM Punk for saying what he said. We had the Summer of Punk. But, why was it so short? I see Punk in the same way as I would look at Stone Cold, they are pretty alike. Stone Cold despised his boss, so he kicked his ass. CM Punk was sick of being not promoted or even being treated unfairly so he spoke his mind when he was given the chance too.

I’ll talk more about Money in the Bank. Punk and Cena went at it in a high profile match in Punk’s hometown of Chicago, Illinois. When I say high profile, I mean it was a high profile match. The WWE Championship was up for grabs, then, the WWE title actually meant something. It was worth fighting for if you won it. I’m sure as a IWC member, you will know who Dave Meltzer, Dave gave the match a five star rating. In his twenty years of pro wrestling journalism, only fifteen matches were rated as five stars. That’s how good that match was. This was the match that made WWE fans proud to be fans. They got their money’s worth, praised them liked hell and loved it. That match couldn’t of played out better when you think about it. When you have 20,000 fans creating a huge pop for Punk when he got the win, you know WWE did the job to perfection.

All this was all well and good, but after Punk walked out of Chicago WWE Champion, this is when it started to go downhill. We all knew Punk was still employed to WWE as Punk appeared at Comic Con with WWE property, aka the WWE Championship, also he posted a picture on his twitter with the WWE title in his fridge. We all knew he was going to come back to WWE, but just a week after Triple H announced Vince was relieved of his duties, it was far too soon. When his new theme music hit, I was just hoping it wouldn’t be Punk walking out. They really should of teased us at least with the music, like I mean that by playing it for a couple of live shows then Punk could walk out and get a bigger pop.

We fast forward around five months and we finish watch a horrible Monday Night RAW. RAW this week was simply horrific. I see it as the WWE have ran out of ideas to do with their wrestlers and their storylines. We may as well watch the same episode each week, it’s like a re-run. The same matches each week. If WWE can’t figure out what matches to put on, they just throw 12 wrestlers together in a tag team match. I do like watching them, but it’s not leading in any direction or going anywhere, it’s just a take up time. Since Money in the Bank, pretty much all the PPV’s have been a drag and boring. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t felt since Money in the Bank, that iv’e got my moneys worth for the PPV. (It’s a lot cheaper in UK so that’s why I don’t complain about money so much). The matches on PPV’s are repetitive and easily should really just be RAW or Smackdown main event matches.

Also, what the hell was with the no confidence skit? This must of been one of the most stupidest segments in the last few years. I didn’t feel as if I was watching a wrestling show, it was like a bunch of actors surrounding the ring and not caring about fighting for the belts and matches. The thing that bugged me most, was most of the wrestlers out there had nothing to actually complain about, so why would they go out there in the first place then walk out? Doesn’t make sense. I see this as WWE is completely soft. Wrestling in the 90’s/early 2000’s was way more of a ‘unsafe working environment’ than now in WWE. They had Stone Cold raising hell on his boss, NWO doing whatever the hell they wanted etc. Also, WHY THE HELL WAS MARK HENRY OUT THERE? Henry was the biggest offender, for fuck sake like, Henry being out there just made no sense what so ever.

I’m left wondering, what is going to happen next? And I don’t mean that as in the anxious sort of way, I mean that in the what the hell are WWE planning sort of way. They have plotholes among plotholes but seem to be going nowhere with them. Another one is the now RAW GM, what happened to the Anonymous GM? Why was HHH sacked from being the RAW GM when he was never RAW GM but still COO of the WWE? Why did Kofi and Evan say they;d still perform on Smackdown when Triple H made many appearances on Smackdown, okay he is not a regular but often there. Do you get my pint? Where the hell are WWE going with this?

It’s so frustrating. What are your thoughts on all this?

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