The title of this entry may have you going nuts or confused, but basically this entry is going to be me giving my thoughts on the founder of, David Lagana. So sit back and enjoy the read, because this one’s going to be good.

I personally am a fan of the #IWantWrestling concept that began back in January of this year, as it has been one of the biggest hits in the world of social media, especially on Twitter. And yes, I do like wrestling and do like the site, but do I like Lagana is the question for you to ask yourself. To me, David Lagana is a huge wrestling fan and I do admire him for that and I do appreciate his efforts into creating a site for wrestling, a site he can share with the world, especially the fans and the wrestling talent. What I don’t like is who he is, and what he’s done. And I will explain to you why.

Even though I do like Lagana for being a wrestling fan, that doesn’t make him the best fan in the world, nor does it mean he is some sort of god. See what you don’t know about him is that he is an insider, he is a SOURCE. The internet wrestling fans look at him as an genius for this brilliant idea of creating a site in which they can feed into, but that’s what he WANTS you to do and seeing as how he accomplished that, now no one sees the wrong side of him. The wrong side of him is that he’s a source; an insider. I’ve seen many blogs of his where he reveals too many information about the backstage stuff that goes down in meetings, locker-rooms, etc. Also, he is the same guy who was caught for leaking out info to dirtsheet sites back in 2007, which led to him being fired by WWE. He exposes the wrestling business and to me that’s the last thing a person who works for the business can do, why join the IWC bandwagon? Why give them more reasons to think they know everything there is to know about the business? Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not a crime to know about the business, but what I mean is he shouldn’t have to go as far down as telling us things like “this guy was going to get pushed” or “this is a storyline we had in mind” because what that does is it gives dirtsheets more of a reason to continue leaking out information on wrestling storylines, and then everyone wonders why the business is so predictable. Also what does that does is it takes away any sort of passion or loyalty we have to the business as FANS, instead we become insiders, we become criticizers, we no longer have that flavor of passion that we once had for wrestling, and then we cant enjoy the product like we used to.

Another example of how bad he can be when he’s an insider is when he gives his perspectives on storylines or sets up his own scenarios, do we really need to know his side of story? I know we all like to predict storylines, but seeing as how this guy is a former creative writer for WWE, he has a much better chance of being right and accurate with his assumptions more than we do, and if he ends up being right, we’ll just continue listening to him and then what…? Oh yeah, we stop being wrestling fans and instead become “insiders”. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather prefer to continue being a fan and have my own points and opinions on things and enjoy things the way they are rather than to second guess everything and become a leak. I know that if I were a creative writer, I would not spoil anything for the fans, because that’s my job, keep everyone interested, keep everyone satisfied, so when the time is right, I SURPRISE everyone with a HUGE story. That’s what makes wrestling fun. And with Lagana, who uses the internet as a way to put himself over and have his voice be heard, he will take advantage of the fact that he was a creative writer and use that as a way to make everyone like professional wrestling. But the ironic thing is, he’s hurting professional wrestling by doing just that. Hence why everyone knows everything is planned out and pre-determined, for reasons like that. So again, I do want Wrestling, but I want wrestling as a fan, not as a way in which I am hurting the business of wrestling.

Now as we all know, David Lagana was recently known for being the ROH TV Producer on HDNet, he was also the manager of ROH’s social media tools such as their twitter, facebook and website. I congratulate him for that, I think he did his role well and his productions were pretty nice, I enjoyed them. Also, he did do a good job in having ROH connect with the fans, he did a great job in welcoming fans to ROH and having them watch the product, did a lot of things for the fans on twitter as the ROH Social Media manager. But now we find out that he has signed with TNA to be their “Creative Director”. REALLY? REALLY? Not to call out TNA here but one, do they not recall the history he’s had with creative team? And 2, he is a SOURCE! A FAN! Why would you sign a guy who’s been exposing the business and has connected with fans, to be the head of your creative team? I don’t know about you, but I feel a bit sold out on. You mean to tell me, that after all this time of Lagana being a wrestling fan, he’s going to TNA? Why not stick to Ring Of Honor, a promotion who was just starting to get big, a promotion that has a bright future ahead of them? Doesn’t make any sense to me, if he were a true wrestling fan, he’d stick to Ring Of Honor and help them get as big as possible, because Ring Of Honor is wrestling, and afterall, isn’t that what Lagana wants, WRESTLING? If he really wanted Wrestling to get big, he’d start out doing that by giving us more competition. He’d do that by giving fans an alternative to watch other than WWE/TNA.  Now he’s going to TNA, which is sports entertainment. And god knows if this will benefit them or not, because how they have him in that position when he’s all over the internet? That’s the last place where writers for a wrestling promotion should be, on the internet, the easiest place to interact and socialize with fans and give out information, does that make any sense at all?

To me, the best way to contribute to helping wrestling get big again, and sharing it with fans, would be to help it further storylines, use social media in a big way where wrestlers can interact with fans, but in the correct way that can play into part of watching the product and being a fan, keeping it storyline based. Kind of like what Zack Ryder & Colt Cabana have done. I’ve been craving this experience for the longest time now and im waiting for the day to finally come, the day in which social media can be used on wrestling TV to help storylines, help matches, help the product overall. This is how you make wrestling big with the fans and social media, a unique experience never done before. Miz & R-Truth are also an example of this as they’ve done a great job with keeping it storyline based, but at the same time giving us fans something we want to see, keeping us the fans interested by sharing video exclusives with us on youtube about their firings, that’s how you get the job done. But not as far as exposing the business, that’s just my opinion.

I’m going to give David Lagana a chance though, I’m not fully going to bash him here but I do hope he does the right thing. With his knowledge and his experience of wrestling, and with his use of social media, he should be smart enough to use that to an advantage with TNA. If he’s a big social media guy, he’d help give TNA that relationship they need to have with fans, he’d also use the example I said above to be apart of storylines, where they use social media as a way to further storylines, since he will be their creative director, he should do this. Use his past to improve for the future, do what he did with ROH, in TNA. But not in a way in which he spoils it for us, that’s what I don’t like about him. If he really cares for us fans, he’d do the right thing and use this same concept he has created, as a way to help wrestling in TNA.

Everything he’s wanted from wrestling, he has the opportunity to do now, but hopefully it doesn’t hurt the business.  And that’s why everything he has done the last 9 months on his site, could go either way, it could help or it could hurt the business now that hes with TNA. Will he use it to succeed and help? Or will he use it to leak out info and destroy the business? Seems like he has dug himself into a deep cluster-hole. But we will find out what happens as time passes by.

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