See the banner at the above? Yeah, I don’t know why Big Show is there either. He is a Raw superstar. I’d rather Nattie was there instead. Also, it would be better if Daniel Bryan was in it instead of Sin Cara. I like Sin Cara, but Daniel Bryan is a lot better. Apart from that, the guy who did the banner (I don’t know who done it) did a pretty good job.

I’m not really feeling like myself right now either, so this edition of Smacked Down will not be as long as the rest.

Smackdown starts with the Raw and SD GM’s coming out to the stage to announce a 41 man battle royal – the largest battle royal in WWE history. The winner of that match would then receive a WWE or World Championship match later on in the night. I picked Randy Orton to win and to face Mark Henry, where Orton would win via DQ. Lets see what happens. The reason this is such a ‘big’ episode of Smackdown is because it marks it being the: “2nd longest running weekly episodic television show in history”. My God, that is a mouthful. Gotta give Michael Cole props for saying the same thing about Raw being the longest running TV show ever, almost every week. So, let’s get this Battle Royal started.

Match #1: Randy Orton last eliminates The Miz to win the 41 man Battle Royal.

I knew this would happen. I’m not going to describe the entire match because there was too many men to see what was going on, but more importantly, I just can’t be arsed writing it all down. But I will say that Cody Rhodes was the first man eliminated, by Orton. Orton, The Miz and Sheamus eliminated a shit load of superstars. Christian eliminated a few, but was eliminated by Sheamus, who was then eliminated by Christian after he snuck back in the ring and dumped him over the ropes. Randy Orton and Jinder Mahal (WTF?) were the last two guys in the ring. Orton easily eliminated him. He forgot about The Miz on the outside, who had not yet been eliminated. He tried to throw Orton over from behind, but Orton hung on. The Miz and Orton battled on the apron, and Orton nailed an RKO on Miz, sending both men to the floor, but it was Miz’s feet that hit the ground first. Therefore, Orton wins the match and the right to challenge Alberto Del Rio or Mark Henry. From a different angle, Orton never hit Miz’s face off the canvas with the RKO, but Orton caught the mat with his back, so in effect, Orton would have been more damaged than Miz. Oh yeah, Guess what? I was right. He chose Henry. They will compete in the main event tonight.

Backstage, WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio is  walking away with Ricardo. T-Lo catches up with them. He asks where he is going. Del Rio says that Orton chose to face Henry, so there is no point staying at Smackdown. Teddy says that as long as he;s there, he can get ready for a match later tonight, with the former 2 time WWE Champion: Sheamus.

Match #2: WWE Divas Champion d. Kelly Kelly.

Beth won with the Glam Slam after a few minutes. Please let this be the end of the feud. Let Beth feud with somebody more talented. But besides natalya, who else is there worthy enough to work with? WWE need to pick some of the women up from the indies. Serena Deeb (former S.E.S. member in WWE) and Sara Del Rey come to mind.

Backstage, Sin Cara Negro (I’m sure that’s racist!) beats up Sin Cara Azul and takes his mask. The black one took his mask off and put on the blue mask.

Match #3: Sin Cara Negro d. Justin Gabriel.

I understand why Sin Cara Negro won. It’s to keep up with the story. But put him over somebody like Primo. (what? Brand extension doesn’t matter, remember) Justin Gabriel is far better than Negro man. Give him a little push. Anyone else notice Sin Cara Negro won with the Swanton Bomb?

Backstage, Teddy and Air Boom are backstage. Vickie interrupts them and says they should defend against Swagger and Ziggler, or as I call them: All American Perfection, tonight. Ryder comes in and says that since Bourne isn’t cleared to compete (See the vicious Powerbomb delivered to him by Swagger on Raw) he would team with Kofi to face them. Teddy says the match is set. Doesn’t surprise me. Smackdown isn’t complete without T-Lo booking a tag match.

Match #4: WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio d. Sheamus.

Obviously, everyone knew going into the match, that Christian would somehow be involved. He was able to distract Sheamus long enough for ADR to hit him with a running enzugiri, followed by a kick to the head for the win. After the match, Christian speared Sheamus. He left the ring, Sheamus got back up, Christian got back in the ring and speared him again. I guess this leads to a rematch at Vengeance, where Christian will win.

Match #5: Zack Ryder & WWE Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston w/ Evan Bourne d. All American Perfection w/ Vickie Guerrero.

Pretty good tag match that saw Ryder and Kingston score the win. Ryder was locked into the sleeper hold but sent Dolph into the ring post. Swagger came in and tried to take Kofi out, but the ref was able to keep Swagger back, allowing Kofi to hit TIP on Dolph, allowing Zack to score the 3 count.

Backstage, Sheamus told Matt Striker a story about a troll named Gilby in Ireland. He compares the Troll to Christian. And compares himself to a Great White Bull.He says that soon, he’ll kick his face off of his skull. Yes, that does make sense. You’re face is attached to the front of your skull. Some people on twitter were confused about it. Just do yourself a favor and don’t think about it. That’s what I do when TNA (who?) have awful booking, so pretty much all the time.

Match #6: Randy Orton d. World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry via DQ.

Am I good or what? I said that this would happen. The match wasn’t good. As impressive as the booking as Mark Henry has been since April, he is terrible in the ring, and as great as Orton has become in the ring, he can’t pull a good match out of Henry. If Kurt Angle and Christian can’t pull a good match out of him, then nobody can. The match came to an end when Cody Rhodes interfered and attacked Orton. He and Henry beat on him. Cody gets a paper bag but Big Show comes out for the save. Orton ends up giving Cody the RKO and Big Show chokeslammed Henry straight to hell as SD goes off the air. I’m assuming Teddy Long will book a tag match for next week. Who am I kidding. I’m not assuming anything. I’m guaranteeing it will happen. I’m not sure if it was me or if it was the show itself, but Smackdown wasn’t good for me this week. I’m giving it a 4.5 out of 10.