We start with tag team action. The Team of PR Powers face off against Rudisimo. A match of great team work. Great moves.  I enjoyed watching PR Powers most because they kept it exciting. And defiantly had the most connection in this match as a tag team.  Some flashy moves here and there but it was mostly just like any other tag team match. An unknown masked man who has been terrorizing Lucha Libre USA came out both team worked together to get rid of them. Then another unknown masked man came out and cost PR Powers the Match. Rebecca Reyes could not identify these men backstage as they ran and drove away.

                Next was Sydisdiko as he faced off against Marco Conleone. Basic match a lot of powerful slams kicks and of course punches. However the numbers game was played when Rellik and Lizmark Jr. come out. They all took turns beating up on Marco. However as we all know someone was going to come to save him. Although I saw it coming I was extremely pleased to see Shane Helms yes you read correctly Shane Helms come to the rescue.

                The last match of the night came when Rj Brewer went against Magno. The wager if Rj lost he would lose his hair and if Magno lost he would lose his match. First thing I need to say here is that RJs “girlfriend” looked very familiar and when they said her name I flipped out. It was Lizzy Valentine who is no stranger to wrestling on MTV. She was a part of the short lived wrestling series on MTV called Wrestling Society X. And I recognized her from it because she was Matt Sydal (Evan Bourne’s) on screen girlfriend for the show. It was very weird for me to see her playing someone else’s “girlfriend.” Anyways on to the match first distraction came when RJ’s partner tried to come as a distraction however super nova took him away. Then Lizzy gave him hair clippers which the ref took away. While the ref wasn’t looking she gave him a chain which he then hit Magno in the head with. He got the 3 count but the ref restarted the match when the chain was spotted. In the end Magno won. And despite the attempts for RJ to run away he ended up getting his hair shaved.


                I will try and do this every now and then at the end of my article expessicaly if they are a review like this. So Person #1 is REBBECA REYES. Many of you probably know her as Reby Sky. She has done a lot of modeling in her life. Was born and raised in Queens. However she is Puerto Rican. She does some backstage interviews and wrestles too. She is widely known as Matt Hardy’s girlfriend. And that is Person #1 you should recognize.