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Over the years in professional wrestling we’ve seen some really good ring gear and we’ve seen some really horrible ring gear. Call it what you want…costumes, trunks or clothing, it can go from being extremely plain and simple, to being over the top. I’m going to be giving you guys my top 5 favorite get-ups and also giving you my worst 5. Please feel free to comment and leave your favorites/worst below.


5) Maybe it was the mixture of the face paint and the colourful, airbrushed trunks, but Ultimate Warrior was one of my favorites growing up and a huge part of that was his image. His ever changing face paint was always bright and shaped in his trademarked logo. His trunks also were bright and changed quite often. Also don’t forget the tassels hanging from the arms that would shake with him as he shook the hell out of those ropes. His wrestling skill aside, Ultimate Warrior was always cool in my books due to his gear.

4) Legion Of Doom are placed in my number 4 spot because of a few of the same reasons. The two looked bad-ass in their gear, especially with a combination of the face paint and the very noticeable shoulder pads with their classic spikes. You always knew exactly who it was when they came down to the ring because of the shoulder pads, and that’s something they took with them wherever they wrestled. The face paint added a tough look to their face, as well as their haircuts which weren’t your mother’s idea of a nice style.

3) Whether it’s the hat or the trench coat, or the demonic designs on his tights, The Undertaker has always been one of my favorite looking superstars with gear that has been with him for mostly all of his WWE run, in one form or another. Undertaker had some of my favorite gear especially in his younger days when he would have the gloves which he could always pull down to tighten up. Still to this day when Taker comes to the ring in full costume I still get excited. Watch out for Takers WrestleMania moments as he usually has something a little special in store.

2) I’m giving Sin Cara my number 2 spot for a few reasons. I’m a huge fan of lucha libre wrestling and the whole idea of the mask and how important it is especially down in Mexico. Some might prefer Rey Mysterio’s style but I must say I don’t. I prefer the style and look of Sin Caras mask, but if I had to pick I would have him back in the Mistico mask. I have one myself and think it’s even better than the Sin Cara mask, but it doesn’t have the Sin Cara jacket that he comes out in. I like it. I think it’s sharp, bright and flashy. The good thing about Sin Cara? Sure the blue looks good, but it’s also nice to see it in white, or black like we have already.

1) Pink and Black. No matter where or what I see these colours on, I automatically think of the Hart family and the Hart Foundation. Pink wasn’t cool until Bret Hart and Anvil started to sport the colour back in the day when they debut in WWE. It was the pink and black attack of the Hitman, and it caught on like wild fire and has been known to represent the Harts still to this day. Check out Tyson Kidd and Natalya. When they made their debut with Harry Smith all 3 once again brought back the colours to represent the family and still do to this day. I’ll always think of pink and black as being the colours of the Hart family, and I’ll always think the gear they’ve had has been the coolest.

Honorable mentions:
– nWo gear for its popularity and coolness.
– Jeff Hardy face paint, non heavily medicated.
– Edge for his great jackets and trunks.
– Shawn Michaels should be on my list….but I had to throw someone new in there, a la Sin Cara.
– Sting who was very similar to Warrior at first, but black and white took over.


5) Sorry guys, but I really, really hated Zack Ryders trunks when he had one leg long, the other leg as a short. To me that was bloody horrible and looked just strange. I don’t mind the head band and his current trunks, so hopefully I’ll never see something as horrible as his old tights again.

4) Mantaur….just look it up. I can’t even describe how horrible this looks. It could be the horrible black paint smeared over his eyes to the back of his head, or it could even be the fur looking costume he would put on…but to me this was some of the worst ring gear I’ve seen.

3) Repo, Repo, Repo mannnnn looked like a complete doofus in his black eye mask and his ratty grey jacket with actual tire attached to the elbows. I can’t say his gimmick was that enjoyable either, but the guy could have at least looked a little more realistic. Somehow WWF(at the time) turned a repo man into a creepy cat burglar who had a weird fetish with rope and rubber. Whatever works.

2) To the moon, Alice…to the moon. Max Moon that is! Poor guy. No, he wasn’t a cyborg and no, he didn’t come from outer space…but that’s exactly where WWF wanted him to be from. Just look at his gear. Go try and find a picture. Yep…..that’s probably all I really have to say. At least he went on to having a decent run in WCW and has a bit of fame in Mexico. Konnan even won a bit of gold as Max Moon if I’m remembering correctly…if not, shoot me.

1) Rikishi. I’m sorry I just hated seeing his horrible fat ass. Not only that, I actually hated the whole top hat thing and the dancing around. He’s someone that almost repulsed me because of what he was wearing and what I could see. I know this won’t be #1 on a lot of your lists….but I could not stand to watch his ass on my TV and I’m pretty happy I currently don’t have to.

Un-honerable mentions:

– Honestly, just look at some of the worst gimmicks out there. They were usually gifted with horrible gear to wear out there, too. Poor guys never had a chance in hell.
– Jeff Jarrett double J ring gear….with the blinking hats.
– The Big Show when he tried out trunks and lost the one piece. Just way too weird for me.
– Undertaker as American Bad Ass taker. Corny looking mofo.
– Michael Cole in ring gear.

Mostly this was just for fun but it was also to get everyone thinking about their favorite ring gear and think about the changes we’ve seen over the years. From over the top clothing and face paint, to plain simple trunks the business has almost had it all. In fact it probably has had it all. Santina, Goldust are prime examples. Notice I didn’t put Stone Cold anywhere? Some would even say he had the best ring gear ever. Plain black boots, black trunks…a nice vest to head to the ring in. Hope this got everyone thinking at least and feel free to make your lists below, or make fun of me for mine. Until next time.

James Bones