How Vince McMahon is a success
By Ray The Rambler

What made Vince McMahon so successful with WWE? Some people say it was his father and other past wrestling figure heads who made WWE or got them on the map, but Vince does deserve some credit for making WWE the dynamite of promotions to other wrestling promotions around him. Was it is drive and capability of not being afraid to lose everything? To be a success, you can’t be afraid of taking chances and stepping in the way of other people to get to the top. When your’re at the top, the thing that makes you stay there is to make sure the people you screw over don’t screw you over while you’re on the way down. Another avocation is not being lazy, i’m sure Vince spent countless hours using his creativity to build the company, i’m sure at this process he didn’t have much of a social life. Honestly, though, how many hours do you think Vince would’ve spent working or how many times he’d of blown off his friends or whatever to spend time working to make the WWE what it is today? Another avocation is his family, your family affects your determination to make your goals a success, was his family affected by his admiration to make WWE such a big company? If I was a betting man, I would’ve gambled yes, his family were affected, they must of been!

I remember watching an interview on YouTube or on one of the wrestling dirt sheets that Stephanie was asked what she thought of her Dad’s work, I recall she said something like Vince was obsessed with his business and is thinking and is talking about it 24/7 and given that what the company is today, took a hell of a lot of effort. You know, it must of been. But, here’s the thing, when you love doing something, you don’t see it as ‘work’, it’s something you admire and are passionate about, and in my opinion, this is exactly how Vince felt, hell even still feels to this day. Another thing that Vince has what many other business people don’t have or wish they had is ruthless aggression, this may be the same as a point I mentioned in the first part of this column, but slightly different. I’ll give an example, remember when Vince bought WCW? Did he give a shit or care that possibly hundreds of people would be out of a job? I would say he sort of cared, but he is ruthless and he will make a business decision if its good or bad for his business and not give a shit who he has to step over to do that.

Another aspect we could look into, would you call Vince McMahon a marketing genius? I sure as hell would. Okay, he may not be up to the standards of Steve Jobs, who tragically died a few weeks back, but I think Vince could be a prime example in the likes of colleges for students who are studying social media or marketing.  You can say that Vince has no interest in the Internet, but don’t get mixed up that, that would be Internet Marketing, however, just because he’s not interested in it, he still has a department team. Regardless, if WWE didn’t use the Internet, they’d still be successful, well, they were before they used the Internet anyway. Anyway, i’ll give an example how Vince would be a marketing genius. You’ve seen pictures on WWE television time and the jam packed arenas in the likes of south Africa and China. They could easily fill a 70,000 seat stadium over there. I wouldn’t be surprised if WWE held a Wrestlemania or SummerSlam in mexico. Look at how big Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara and Alberto Del Rio are when they go there, of course they’re big because they are from there, but WWE have made them big because they used the tactic that those wrestlers are from there! In the near future, it would not surprise me if WWE held a Wrestlemania or SummerSlam in Mexico, would it surprise you? Another example or this may be even proof, this was taken directly from WWE’s corporate website, ”Today, WWE produces new television programming 52 weeks a year. Programs such as “Monday Night Raw” and “Friday Night SmackDown” are ratings successes that can be seen in more than 145 countries and heard in 30 languages.” But, because of that, this opens to more live shows etc. So, that has got to be proof that Vince is incredibly smart when it comes to marketing.

Okay, so because Vince is a marketing genius, look at all the sponsors he attracts. Okay, you may comment with ratings, and how they are lower than the frantic attitude era, but Vince and WWE still draw in millions from advertisers. Look at strike force, they are one of WWE’s main sponsors on TV. Why? Even though the ratings are down lower from the Attitude Era, advertisers are still willing to invest their money into a product that is family appealing or family friendly. Advertisers tend to shy away from gratuitous sex, violence, swearing and blood. Okay, you may say that it could cost more to advertise your product on a much higher rated TV show that is more of adult content, but the family friendly products will draw in more advertisers and in my opinion, there is more of a demand for them to invest.

Now, my last part of this column. Vince McMahon is also successful because he is indeed a good business man. Do you remember when TNA tried to take over Monday nights as they moved the show to that day? What did Vince do? He did something smart. Vince gathered up all the money making wrestlers and put them on one show, the draft lottery show. So, as TNA moved to Monday nights, Vince got all the money makers and most interesting wrestlers on Monday nights as TNA were on. Vince showed to fans why they should watch WWE or RAW and not TNA. Vince was showing he had the superior show.

Now, I know WWE have been doing reasonable better last few months, but you still may say something like WWE’s product is horrible or what have you. But what I think you can’t deny Vince McMahon is smart, a good business man, and that he made WWE the success that it is today, he grabbed the company by the balls and took it for a ride to open new doors and make it bigger than what it was when his Dad had it. By the way, i’m not saying WWE is only successful because of just Vince, but it was his vision, aggression, determination, drive, goal to take it go to higher levels.

That’s my column for the week. Please, as always give me your thoughts on this column and if you want, give me your opinion on some of the questions I asked throughout the column. I hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!

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