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That’s right ladies and gentlemen, it’s here. MY SHITLIST IS HERE! The list includes people who have ruined the wrestling business and are to blame for why it’s pretty much dead these days, some of these names are interesting. Enjoy.

5. John Laurinaitis – The biggest ass kisser of the Vince McMahon KISS MY ASS CLUB, John Laurinaitis. But that’s not his only role in the WWE as he’s actually the “Executive Vice President of Talent Relations”, and for that very reason, is why I have him inducted in my shitlist. Mr. Funkman over here is responsible for scouting wrestling talent around the world and hire them with very long-term contracts, now as far as talent goes, he clearly doesn’t know what that is. Just take a look at the Diva’s Division, more than half of the Women there are models and aren’t there for the wrestling aspect of the company, rather they are there for the looks and because that is what Johnny Ace believes is appealing to the company. Now, don’t get me wrong, I too believe women should look good out there when they’re on television, but it doesn’t make them talented, nor does it make them entertaining. The focus on wrestling matches is just that, WRESTLING. Us as fans are here to watch what goes on in the ring because that’s what we believe is Entertainment, yet you look at the women who constantly wrestle every week, and they have nothing to offer, only get 5 minutes of air-time. Laurinaitis does nothing to try and solve this problem, doesn’t bother letting divas know maybe they need to step their game up, doesn’t bother to look for real women who have ACTUAL talent, nope. Instead Laurinaitis goes off the fact that the divas have to be models and barbie dolls, and he does this because he wants to kiss Vince’s ass, he knows that Vince only wants divas who look pretty. So Mr. Ace will acknowledge that so Vince can be impressed by him, and it’s sickening. This is why I prefer Jim Ross 10x more as head of talent relations, more than I do with Ace. Because JR didn’t play the political game, he wouldn’t do things to impress Vince, he’d do it for the business and to make the business look good. Jim Ross scouted for REAL Wrestling talent, and had excellent knowledge of what the divas should look like. But hey, divas aren’t the only problem I have with John Laurinaitis, it’s also based on the fact that he has released so many talented wrestlers within the last 3 years. Likes of MVP, Chris Masters, DH Smith, Low-Ki, Shelton Benjamin, etc. Now granted, I know some of them chose to leave on their own, but that doesn’t mean Laurinaitis isn’t responsible for them wanting to walk out, he actually plays a HUGE ROLE in that, seeing as how he did ABSOLUTELY nothing for them to feel satisfied. He just agreed to let them go and walk out, instead of talking to un-creative team about the situation and see what he could do for them in order to stay. But hey, why would he care, right? Afterall, all he wants is money. *sigh*. He’s so damn lazy with his job and I hate him for that, has no idea or any clue what talent should look like, doesn’t know how to make talent feel good about their jobs nor does he do anything to give these guys the big pushes that they need. And to top it all off, the talent he does hire, usually isn’t ready to be in the main event scene, or a star. They come to the WWE with little explerience, little development, but since Laurinaitis likes them and wants things done his way, he’d rather just bring up as many people as he wants. WHAT THE HELL? A great example of what im talking about would be guys like David Otunga, Heath Slater, etc. At least have them DEVELOP first, Mr. Laurinaitis. Basically you know where im going with this, he’s responsible for why half of the time, WWE’s stars are generic, cause they go through no establishment whatsoever which makes the product boring and dry. Thanks a lot, you idiot.This is also the game guy who was the head booker for WCW in 2000 and guess what? That ended up failing seeing as how WCW died 1 year after this.

4. WWE & TNA Creative Team – Oh yeah, you know I was going to bring them up at some point. These idiots have lost touch with the fans, they no longer know what we want, they no longer know how to produce a show properly, NOT AT ALL. I blame Laurinaitis for talent getting let go but creative team plays a big role in this as well, they really don’t try doing much AT ALL with the roster. As long as the main top guys (John Cena & Randy Orton) are in the spotlight, then that’s all they care about. But as far as the other talent goes, just ask yourselves. Do they really get enough air time on TV? Are they showing what they can really do? Are storylines involving these talents, living up to their potential? The answer is NO, because quite frankly, these storylines do not interest us one bit, and why? Because it’s the SAME OLD SHIT, they have nothing NEW or ORIGINAL to present to us, they recycle everything. And whenever they do come up with a logical storyline that has potential to be huge, it ends up FAILING. (Examples: Kane/Undertaker from last year, Nexus vs John Cena, anonymous GM getting revealed) these have all failed and trust me, I have others I could point out. This whole CM Punk storyline happening right now has been one huge cluster that I doubt they know what they’re doing, so many title changes, so many plotholes, so many stupid logic, telling talent to go against the company because it’s unsafe to work here, REALLY? How damn stupid is that, this is the same company that made a name for itself OFF THE ATTITUDE ERA! Creative team are a bunch of morons. Let me get into the whole Hollywood crap, these writers would rather try to write a Hollywood TV Reality script rather than to script an actual wrestling show, this isn’t Jersey Shore, it’s not the real world, it’s WWE, It’s WRESTLING! So treat it like the product that it is, don’t treat it like a damn soap opera. They have ruined the name of wrestling in the business, especially in WWE. The main focus is now on ENTERTAINMENT, which is fine, but the ENTERTAINMENT isn’t even that good either. Did I mention social media? Social media would be a PERFECT way to promote storylines and make them look as real as possible, but they don’t take ANY SORT OF ADVANTAGE OF IT. How cool and controversial would it be to show fan tweets and wrestler tweets on RAW, and use it in major storylines? That’d be epic and real as hell, but they obviously don’t see it. And yet, that’s a new idea, never done before. To close out this rant, let’s take a look at this entire year. This entire year has pretty much been built around The Rock, WWE has relied on their past to get the job done in promoting big matches and PPV’s, NEWSFLASH UN-CREATIVE, your past stars will not be around FOREVER, so it’s time you start building your future with the current young talent you have. What bothers me mostly about this is the fact that so many of the new guys are already near their 30’s, their primes are being ruined by WWE creative, they are wasting the wrestler’s times. Guys like Sheamus, Morrison, Miz, Del Rio & Ziggler are all in their 30’s, how do you expect for your future to be better if some of these guys are already going to be past their prime within about 5-6 years? They treat their talent like crap, I hate it. Everything looks cheesy now, everything looks corny. You can easily tell what’s fake when you’re watching the shows, hence why media always calls out WWE on being fake, because it’s easy to rip apart and I blame creative for this. They are ruining wrestling. I also believe that FORMER creative writers are ruining wrestling as well because they are communicating with the dirtsheet sites and leak out information to them about stories that we may see in WWE, they are sources so to speak. *cough cough* Lagana. Same goes for TNA’S creative team seeing as how they have Vince Russo, they’ve also ruined wrestling.

3. Michael Cole – Ah yes, the biggest tool in professional wrestling. The man who has made commentary DIE in WWE, who has made commentary IRRELEVANT, he’s such a damn disease and I hope he’s dealt with soon. Remember the “talent” I spoke to you about earlier? Well, this guy certainly doesn’t make the list of talent. He’s no where near talented as all he does is make himself look more and more stupid each week in WWE. I question the logic in why Laurinaitis would fire guys who actually do have talent, and not get rid of guys that don’t, because Cole clearly needs to be fired. For almost 2 years now, all he has done is ruin the outcome of matches, all hes done is ruin the excitement that any great match may have, all because he’d rather focus on another topic rather than what’s actually going on in the ring, and if he is focusing on the action in the ring, he’d rather rip it apart by making fun of a wrestler or insulting them, instead of showing a sign of happiness and passion with how good of a match it’s been, it’s annoying and pathetic really. I’m often told that WWE likes their commentators telling stories as that is the key thing to do in matches, well….what stories does Michael Cole give us? NONE! NONE AT ALL! All he does is either act like a tool or he bullies talent, that is not storytelling. Storytelling would be focusing on a damn match, calling the action, knowing the name to wrestling moves, giving your opinion on the match, showing how much importance these matches are, and also putting over the storylines or putting over the wrestlers at hand. Cole does NONE of this, please, bring back JR, or even bring in Joey Styles, but get rid of Michael Cole! Hell even Josh Matthews is better than him. This idiot takes advantage of the fact that WWE and Vince like him, so he buries the talent, buries Jim Ross, buries EVERYONE. Yet the irony is that WWE promotes an anti-bully campaign, but allow someone like Michael Cole to make them look hypocritical? LOL! Idiots. Not to mention the infamous botches Cole would constantly do back in the day, hasn’t WWE been aware of that? How Cole is still in the WWE is beyond me. I find it hard these days to even focus on a match or get excited when watching wrestling, because Cole keeps me distracted. Damn idiot is ruining wrestling.

2. Wrestling Dirtsheet Reporters – Yep, the ones who constantly stick by their computer and get ready to molest their keyboard by writing up another report! They literally do their job 24/7 and find it hard to lay off the computer for a second, because they jizz over the fact that they have inside information on things we don’t. These idiots most of the time report false information seeing as how most things they say might happen, never end up actually happening. And of course, they spoil TV events whenever someone is set to return, or a new champ is crowned, on TAPED shows. All because they want the views, they want the money, they want people to visit their website. Yet if they were legit wrestling fans, they’d be patient just like us, they’d like the sport for what it is and instead of exposing it from with in, they’d promote it for the goods, not the bad’s. They are the biggest reason as to why wrestling is dead, nothing is surprising anymore, and that is why we the fans, find it hard to acknowledge anything good on shows anymore, because these reporters have made us turn into what they are, insiders. They give us reasons to complain, hate shows, etc. Now, I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but let’s be honest, we wouldn’t have been exposed so much to the business, if it weren’t for these reporters. I would do the opposite of what they do and that is to promote events, have debate shows, have analyzing segments about results from shows, etc. Basically like ESPN. But no, they’d rather just expose wrestling. And the irony is that they consider themselves the biggest fans of the sport, yet are the same reason why wrestling is called out on everything being scripted. Shake my head. #DieDirtSheetsDie

1. Vince Russo & Hulk Hogan – The UN-Immortal Hulk Hogan, the man who would rather put himself over and bury others, to get things done his way. The man who’s only in the business for the money and himself, rather than the actual love for the business. The damn hog that he is, he is a HUGE reason why wrestling’s future hasn’t fully advanced yet, he is stopping companies like TNA from succeeding, he’s also wasting the wrestler’s primes/times with his ego in the way, not to mention he’s probably getting paid more than anyone in the damn roster right now, stealing and ripping off everyone. This guy is so full of himself, seriously. He believes he is still the same Hulk Hogan he was in 1985, the one who sold out arenas, guess what Hogan, that time has passed. You’re no longer a HULKAMANIAC, no longer a top draw, you’re just….a disgrace. I find it hard to believe that Hogan would talk bad about people who work with him in the same company, the same company he says he’s trying to help. yet if he were really trying to help, he wouldn’t bury guys like AJ Styles, Bodde Roode & many others. He’d respect them for building the company and being the best wrestlers this business has to offer today. He gives people a reason to not want to watch TNA when he goes off on the talent that perform there, he makes it out to be as if we are wasting our time supporting them and liking them, so why bother when guys like them won’t get pushes because Hulk Hogan wont allow them to get far? What kind of man ruins their OWN company, their OWN job? Hulk Hogan is the reason why politics exist in wrestling, and he’s in fact made it out to be one of the biggest things in the business, which is why the business is a travesty and no one from the media wants to talk about it, due to all the problems, controversy, and backstage stuff that surrounds out. And it’s Hogan who has caused all of that to happen with his constant remarks on talent, with former employees he used to work with, with rumors of him supposedly being “gay”, with rumors of him threatening Vince in many occasions back in WWE, the usage of steroids, (I believe he introduced them to wrestling) & much more things. We can all sit here and talk about how good wrestling is, but at the same time we can all point out all the bad’s about it, and many of those bad’s will come from Hulk Hogan. Nuff said. Now, I do know he made wrestling popular and yes he is a big name and a legend, but he’s a legend who will always be looked at for the bad side of the business, not the good side. Hogan has even brought in his real life situations to wrestling and to me that’s as far as a human being can go to do something.

Vince Russo is nominated as number 1 as well for Being the worst booker in wrestling history, and calling wrestling fake, booking some of the most EMBARASSING incidents in professional wrestling & not caring for the fans.

HONORABLE Mentions in my shitlist include:

Mike Adamle – Idiot.

 Dixie Carter – Making the worst decision of her life in hiring Hulk Hogan to TNA and making the company lose money. Clueless president.

Kevin Dunn – Being a mark for sports entrainment and not wrestling.

Jeff Jarrett – For being dumb enough to let Hulk Hogan and Dixie Carter take over the company he built!

Goldberg – Being an asshole who only cares about money and not wrestling nor the fans. GOLDBERG CANT WRESTLE!

Batista – Same reason as Goldberg and to add more, for being the biggest botch king in wrestling. DAVE CANT WRESTLE!

Matt Hardy: Social Media Whore.

Eric Bischoff

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