This week I’m going to talk about the ever so frequent run in attacks seen in WWE. Run in attacks happens when there is a match taking place, or about to start and someone who is NOT booked in the match runs in, attacks one of the competitors to start, continue or maybe try and end a feud.

Now that that’s out of the way I’m going to talk about intereferences and why there should be less of them.
We have seen time and time again on SmackDown and on RAW interferences in matches that have resulted in disqualifications and the start of new feuds. I think intereferences can be well worked, but I just think that it’s a method used far too much to promote feuds,  and start rivalries. Let’s take a look at SmackDown from last week:

The largest over the top battle royal in history debuts on SmackDown, with just over 40 superstars all in the ring at the one time. Great, everyone watching is having a ball. Obviously everyone has their eye on the main guys such as CM Punk, Sheamus, Orton and Percy Watson! Go Percy! So after the numbers go down, Christian gets eliminated, big deal I don’t care BUT Christian runs back in, pushes Sheamus out. Hold up. WHAT?! No one eliminates Sheamus like that so run Great White run! We see a race back to the locker room between Sheamus and Christian. We knew these guys were going to start a feud together and granted the elimination over the top rope was a good way to put heat onto Christian but what happened later in the night felt like being force fed something I didn’t want… like Ohio Potatoes! (Did anyone get this joke?) Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio, a match that could have been great, if smelly Ricardo Rodriguez didn’t distract Sheamus followed by the intereference from Christian. The match was short, super short for such great wrestlers in ADR and Sheamus. The match lasted 3:54 which was a disgrace. Sheamus doesn’t get beating that easily. Not to mention after the match Christian decided to attack Sheamus. Enough is enough guy, you already dupped him out over the top rope reason enough to make him hate you more than he already does. I feel like WWE could have left the interference and post match attack out, it made Sheamus look weak that he was beaten in such a short space of time and made ADR look jammy, again. Neither way WWE should be building these guys up. I get that Vengeance is this Sunday, so why they couldn’t have made for a backstage attack on this week’s SmackDown (they’ve probably done that for this weeks SmackDown -quite frankly I wouldn’t be surprised) instead of forcing feeding us an interference elimination, a match interference annnnnd a post match attack. It all seems a bit too much.

Before the Sheamus match we also saw the continuation of the Sin Cara Azul and Sin Cara Negro feud when Sin Cara Negro attacked Azul just as Azul was about to go out for his match. I liked the fact it didn’t happen in the ring, and I loved how he took off the mask and put it on his own head -something big’s going down. I like this feud, but this isn’t the first time these two have gotten in the way of each other’s matches, usually the heel Sin Cara attacking Azul. Again, WWE relying on the use of interference to sell a storyline.

The other big interference on SmackDown took place when the World Heavyweight Championship was up for grabs on the main event of SmackDown. The match between Mark Henry and Randy Orton was going well I thought, that was until Mr Disfigured himself -Cody Rhodes showed up and attacked Randy Orton. OH MY GOD, I didn’t see this one coming! Oh wait… I did. Prior to the match we seen a video package showing us how Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton had problems and I think (can’t remember all that well, correct me if I’m wrong) that we saw how Cody had previously attacked Orton on Raw and won a match as well. So if you weren’t thinking or over-thinking like me then you might not have caught on that Rhodes was somehow, somewhere show up and put a hurting on Randy. Well, guess what… He did. DQ win for Orton, nothing special here. Fat Show came out to equal the team numbers and Orton managed to get an RKO on Rhodes. Oh and Henry got chokeslammed all the way to hell and back by the Big “Fat” Show. So not only did we see one interference in that match but we saw two! Rhodes on Orton and vice versa, along with some Show on Henry. So on SmackDown we saw 5 interferences in the one night. Forcefed = I’m full aka bored of that.

On Raw we saw:

An few interferences in the match between CM Punk and The Miz, with R-Truth being the culprit. Triple H distracts the referee while Miz and Truth strike Punk several times. Triple H then get’s removed due to paperwork issues, oh no, whatever will he do? Here’s what he’ll do, Truth being hilarious (I love Truth the guy has some great humour), politely shows Triple H the door, which infuriates HHH so Truth in return gets a fist to meet his face. Back at the match R-Truth tries his best to interfere, only this time he collides with the Miz causing CM Punk to get the roll up victory! But wait, it’s not done. Truth hops back into the ring, and The Miz and Truth lay waste to Punk. Another post match interference, let’s face it we haven’t seen this from WWE in a while.. like 3 days.

In the Ziggler – Mason Ryan match we see Vickie get her big butt in the way of things as she delivers a backhander to Mason, poor guy. Now he’s all worked up so the best course of action would be to take it out on your opponent, Dolph. Ziggler wins by DQ which I didn’t like, I felt this was a more than stupid way to end this match. It had no flair about it and was a let down. What I do like though is how Ziggler is becoming more confident and better on the mic -going back to my first article The Full Package I think Dolph is improving and on his way to becoming something of a Full Package.

So there you have it, a cap on all the interferences we have seen over the last week of WWE. I know I didn’t go into close details but I think y’all should feel where I’m coming from with this. I feel WWE use interferences way too much as a method of selling feuds and creating feuds for all the PPVs they have, and I think this is something that they lack creatively. I would like to see a bit more trash talking, some more mic time, and build up feuds over a length of time instead of cramming in all the interferences and making off the cuft feuds that don’t last for very long. I understand though, that the WWE creative team are pushed for time and details can change at the last minute but to use interferences week in and week out is boring for us to watch, it feels like the same thing regurgitated and no one wants to sit through that every week. Or maybe it’s only me. Please comment, I’d like to hear what you all think of this.