The “How I Would Book It” writing segments will be posted once a month right before WWE PPV’s and basically I will cover the major storylines/matches that I feel are worth booking. This Sunday is WWE Vengeance, so this will be my first time booking a PPV. Opinions and feedback is always needed, so please let me know if you would like to see my booking actually take place in WWE. Here I go.

Mark Henry vs Big Show: World Heavyweight Championship

Before the match up, Big Show cuts a very deep/emotional promo in the back about how hard he had to fight through his injury, and he’s never been so prepared as he is now to compete, but out of no where comes Mark Henry and he takes him out backstage. A few minutes later Mark Henry gets in the ring and says there will be no match tonight and Big Show has once again already been inducted into the Hall Of Pain, crowd goes nuts and Mark Henry gets massive heat. Then Teddy Long’s music hits and he announces that there will be a match tonight and since Henry chose to attack Big Show backstage, he figured that just a simple match wouldn’t do right for this environment, it needs to be something bigger than that. Teddy Long adds the stipulation of No Disqualification. Out comes Big Show, the 2 are going at it, Mark Henry does most of the dominating as Big Show has already been beaten up prior to the match, but then Big Show KO’s Mark Henry and Big Show is given fresh air and room to breathe. Big Show takes his time and then he starts dominating, until Mark Henry counters and picks up Big Show for the World’s Strongest Slam, Henry picks up the win to retain the title. Alberto Del Rio is shown in the back smiling and clapping for Henry, commentators are confused as to why, Mark Henry says that tonight, there will be MORE Vengeance to come from him, and more people will be inducted into the Hall of pain, crowd boos Henry again and he gets massive heat. Perfect way for Mark Henry to be put over and look more strong, WWE needs him to retain the gold.

John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio: LMS Match for WWE Championship

During the match, there’s a lot of weapons involved, tables, chairs, sticks, trash cans, etc. John Cena gets the best out of the match as he gets the most beating done on Del Rio, until Ricardo Rodriguez gets involved and distracts John Cena. Alberto Del Rio goes to the outside of the ring to get some breathing room but whilst he’s on the outside, Del Rio finds a guitar under the ring, goes back in the ring, turns John Cena around and blasts his head in with the guitar. Rodriguez then gives Del Rio a new guitar and he begins to play it and sing whilst John Cena is down, referee counts to 10, Alberto Del Rio wins to retain the gold. But wait, Mark Henry’s music hits, Mark Henry begins to attack John Cena and he picks him and puts him through a chair with the world’s strongest slam. Del Rio and Mark Henry celebrate, Henry tells Cena “welcome to the hall of pain” and Del Rio grabs another mic and says “the worse is yet to come”. Del Rio needed a strong win to prove himself as champion due to all his doubters saying he’s a bad champ, etc. I think this is the perfect way to get the focus back on him.

HHH & CM Punk vs Miz & R-Truth

This is the main event, HHH shows his ruthless agression during the match, CM Punk brings out the technical wrestling ability style, Miz & Truth use dirty tricks as heels to counter on CM Punk & HHH, lots of moves and spots during the match and it becomes fast paced, crowd is into it with lots of oh’s and ah’s, CM Punk begins to get the upper hand and as he does that, he tags in HHH, HHH goes dominant mode on Miz & Truth, HHH pedigrees Miz and as he’s going for the pin-fall, Kevin Nash’s “NWO” theme music plays, HHH gets distracted and begins to look around, so does CM Punk, Kevin Nash is to be found no where, Miz goes for the reality check on HHH and pins him. After the match, CM Punk immediately goes in the ring and starts beating down Miz, R-Truth tries to stop Punk but Punk beats both men down in a fight, Nash’s NWO music hits again, but no one shows up in the stage set, CM Punk is looking around, when he turns around, Mark Henry and Del Rio are there, both men beat down CM Punk. Miz & Truth recover and they start taking out HHH, referees comes out and they get destroyed by the 4 men. NWO Music plays again and Nash FINALLY shows up on the stage-set but he brings out Vickie, Christian, Cody Rhodes, Otunga, Ziggler & Swagger all out with him. They head to the ring, All men have microphones. Mark Henry talks first and says that tonight, he has accomplished what he has wanted to accomplish his entire career, and that was to make others feel the pain that he felt for 15 years! People have let him down, look down on him, doubted him, etc. And tonight, he got his Vengeance. Del Rio promises to be the greatest WWE Champion of all time, Christian says that they are suing this company, Miz/Truth announce that this was a set up all long, and they will get pay-back on HHH for firing them. They mock DX’s old saying and tell HHH and Punk to suck it (Miz/Truth), Nash takes the mic and says “this was just business, and I put the business over my friends.” Nash promises that this will be the most powerful faction ever in wrestling, and they are taking over this company and have the power to do so as they have Champions in the mix. Ziggler & Swagger end up winning the tag titles and Ziggler’s also the remaining U.S Champ, Cody is I.C Champ and Mark Henry/Del Rio are World Champs. If they don’t get their way, they are walking out with the titles. And the PPV ends.

So basically, the “clique” get their vengeance this Sunday. My main goal was to make both world champs to look strong and I think did just that. That is how Lucas Would Book the WWE Vengeance PPV, let me know your thoughts on the comment section below. See you next time, I tried doing my best! @LucasTheMenace