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Lately we’ve seen promo videos played during Raw and Smackdown of one of WWE’s developmental talents. Brodus Clay, who’ve we’ve already seen on the main roster previously has now been re-packaged and ready to be given the ball once again. He had a bit of time on NXT and SmackDown and ended up as a hired muscle type for Alberto Del Rio. It seemed as soon as that idea was squashed, creative had no plans for Brodus as he disappeared off our TV’s still a little green. Obviously those in charge decided that Brodus just wasn’t ready for the main roster yet and still needed a little bit of work, and also a new upgrade to improve his character. Understandable and at least he wasn’t simply released after realising this, as Brodus has great potential to make it big.

The video packages we’ve seen for a few weeks now have shown Brodus as a large, unstoppable machine who is the future of the WWE. It shows Brodus completely destroying his opponents in the ring with some pretty impressive moves. Being billed as 6’8” and 367 pounds, this former bodyguard of Snoop Dogg has the size WWE likes, but is also able to move at a fast pace unlike most big men we’re used to. WWE’s brand new freight train of a superstar as he’s called in his promo video must have a tremendous amount of support behind him since it’s looking like they’re ready to push him pretty hard. I hope this turns out good for the guy and they actually give him some good character traits to work with. His in ring work is already largely impressive over any other big man currently hired, in my opinion. Go take a look at some of his promo videos and decide for yourself.

One thing I am worried about is how WWE in general has been treating their big men the last bunch of years, minus a few exceptions. Large men like Big Show start off by getting pushed as a scary, unstoppable monster but then somehow end up as weak, easily beaten buffoons. In the last few years I’ve seen Big Show beaten by the smallest, least deserving opponents. I’ve never agreed with that type of booking as I believe the big, larger than life men should always be shown as strong, and almost unstoppable. Sure, they need to be defeated every now and then but it should take a lot of work and be a huge build up for when it happens. Then it will make their smaller opponents that much more over. Wow, they just beat a huge, unstoppable monster! Instead of, wow, that midget just beat Big Show again….how boring.

We’ve actually seen a big of change lately as WWE has been pushing Mark Henry as an unstoppable beast who is almost impossible to defeat. Giving Mark the World Heavyweight Championship also solidified his push as a large, almost unbeatable monster. I’m glad the WWE has kept going with his push and hasn’t made him look weak yet, which has happened to Mark Henry every other push in the past. Same applies with Big Show as he’s been built up as a super strong, crazy giant who is on a wrecking mission only to be soon beat down by an unbelievable opponent which in turn makes Big Show look like a joke. WWE has screwed this up in the past so I’m hoping they finally have someone smart enough in the back who knows how to book big men. No, they don’t have to win every single time but they also don’t need to be booked like jokes. Then it’s even harder the next time around you try to build them up as an unstoppable monster. Now every time I see them push Big Show has a monster I think of every single time he’s been used as a comedy sketch instead of his meant purpose.

I’m going to give Brodus my full support on this run in WWE. I like his look, his style and the way he carries himself in the ring. Yes, he has a long way to go but for someone who was simply a bodyguard, up a lot of great wrestling along the way, as well. He seems like a fast learner who can adapt fairly well. Take a look at some of his promo videos and take a look at some of his moves. The suplexes and slams look stiff but clean, and the guy can actually get off his feet pretty easily too. I’m not too sure of how great he really is on the mic but like most starting out I’m sure he’s going to need some time to develop and find his comfort zone. My guess would be WWE might put him with a manager to give him a little boost at the start and have a mouth piece do most of his talking for him.

WWE, please do this right and start treating your big men like they should be treated instead of a novelty act. You’ve done a really good job with Mark Henry so far, so please don’t screw that up. Also if you could please not screw up Brodus Clay, that would be much appreciated, too, as he isn’t tarnished from your horrible writers and bookers yet. Please don’t do what you’ve done to Kane, Big Show and Mark Henry in the past. Look how great it was when someone finally defeated Yokozuna! Look how impressive he was being unbeatable and how it was such a big deal when someone was finally able to pin the larger than life performer. See? Good booking!

Feel free to leave your comments below. Some might agree with me about how I’ve seen the big guys treated, some might not. All I know is I hope they do good with Brodus as I believe he has potential, and can at least move around and won’t be slow and boring to watch. Thanks for the read!

James Bones