WWE Vengeance is tonight live on PPV, so we will be covering our staff’s predictions.  This is WWE’s third PPV in just over a month and it is very unfair to be expecting their fans to pay over $100 for 3 PPV’s in such little time, especially in the economy we are all living in. This time, i’m going to cover the preview and predictions differently, this will be the first month i’ll do them like this. I planned on writing my own column for just predictions but their would be no point with two separate columns of predictions so I writ my predictions expressed and the staff did it shortened. This can be used for your predictions and general chat about the PPV, so anything regarding the PPV, can be discussed here, we will also be covering a recap, so stay tuned!

Air Boom (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger
I don’t see Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne losing the titles. Ziggler and Swagger make a good team, but Air Boom has the potential to be something WWE hasn’t had in years: A tag team that has as much marketability as they have in-ring skills. They obviously don’t need to have the titles all the time in order to be successful, but why take them away now? They’re still ascending. They’ve already proven they can make the tag team titles mean something again. Let’s let them keep doing that.

Ryan’s Prediction – Winner: ZigSwag, Time Frame: 14:43, By ankle lock submission.
Clare’s Prediction – Winner: ZigSwag, Time Frame: 12 Mins, By: Help by Vickie/ Pin fall.
James’s Prediction – Winner: ZigSwag like I’ve predicted, Time Frame: 15min, by Pin fall
Hasnan’s Prediction – Winners: Air Boom, Time Frame 15 minutes, By Pinfall

Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Zack Ryder

I’m loving the fact that Zack Ryder has a title match on pay per view. It’s great to see him finally getting a measure of respect. I also dig the fact that Dolph Ziggler is performing in two title matches in the same night. It’s a nice little feature in his bleached cap. I’d LOVE to see Ryder take this match, but I don’t see it happening. As popular as Ryder is, WWE has been building toward a program between Ziggler and Mason Ryan, a near 300 pound musclehead from Wales who’s a second Batista or Batista junior (Britista?). That sucks, because while Ryder’s not that big and he’s not always the best pure worker, he’s got a lot of personality and the fans are clearly into him. I’m going with Ziggler on this one, but I’m hoping I’m wrong. If or when Ryder loses, i’ll be tweeting #areyouseriousbro.

Ryan’s Prediction – Winner: Ziggler, Time Frame: 7:50, By ZigZag.
Clare’s Prediction – Winner: Zack, Time Frame 13 MINS, By: Pin fall.
James’s Prediction – Winner: Ryder like I’ve predicted, Time Frame: 10min, by: Pin fall.
Hasnan’s Prediction – Winner: Ryder, Time Frame: 15 Min, By Pin fall.

Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Eve Torres
Eve Torres was the next logical opponent for Beth Phoenix after her feud with Kelly Kelly ended. Torres is Kelly’s on-screen ally, and fits into that Barbie doll mold that Beth’s character hates, Beth see’s Eve as one of those doll faces who get everything but don’t earn what they have, so fits in perfectly. But the good thing about Torres is that she’s more athletically inclined than Kelly, and has a tendency to surprise you with how good she can be. That’s not to say I expect her to win, but this match will likely be a better sight than Beth’s matches with Kelly, god that was a train wreck to watch! Torres could potentially win the title next month, or perhaps in December. That would segue perfectly into Eve defending the title against Kelly at Royal Rumble, or even Wrestlemania. But I imagine Beth will hang on to it for a little while longer.

Ryan’s Predictions – Winner: Beth Phoenix, Time Frame: 5:23, By Glam Slam pin fall.
Clare’s Predictions – Winner: Beth Phoenix, Time Frame: 9 mins, By: Pin fall.
James’s Predictions – Winner: Beth Phoenix, Time Frame: 5min, by: Glam Slam pin fall.
Hasnan’s Predictions – Winner:Beth Phoenix, Time Frame:7 Min, By Pin fall.

Christian vs. Sheamus

This match was filler last month and it’s still filler this month. I understand why it’s on the card, as WWE has put a lot of stock in Sheamus as a babyface, and it certainly behooves him to go against someone the caliber of Christian. But there’s a certain obligated feel about this whole program that I don’t like. I’m going to go with Sheamus again this month, simply because it wouldn’t hurt to give him some more momentum, fella. Yes, I said fella because i’m Irish so it’s only fitting 😛

Ryan’s Prediction – Winner: Sheamus, Time Frame: 8:07, By Brogue Kick!
Clare’s Prediction – Winner: Christian, Time Frame: 15 mins, By: Pin fall.
James’s Prediction – Winner: Sheamus, Time Frame: 10min, by Pin fall.
Hasnan’s Prediction – Winner:Sheamus, By DQ because the captain is too scared of the ginger.

Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes
Despite that really awkward fake laugh Rhodes did two weeks ago on Raw, I’m a big fan of this gimmick of his. It gives Orton a much-needed break from the World Heavyweight Title picture,  he has been in the world title picture for months now and allows Rhodes to share the spotlight with one of WWE’s golden boys, it is sort of a win-win situation. Orton is obviously a great wrestler, I know that can be controversial with the IWC, but I think he is a solid wrestler and Rhodes is very technically sound himself, so this match could be the dark horse to steal the show. I’m giving Orton the upper hand here, as he’s spent the last two months putting Mark Henry over. That’s not to say he wouldn’t survive putting Rhodes over, or wouldn’t be willing to. But I don’t like the idea of Orton putting Rhodes over so quickly after getting his butt kicked by Mark Henry. Could Rhodes win their next pay perview match? Absolutely. But this one should go to Orton. Lucas I think or Jeremy said this in the WR podcast this week, even though Orton is over with the fans, with Rhodes winning after Orton’s last few losses could make it look like Rhodes defeated a weekend opponent.

Ryan’s Prediction – Winner: Randy Orton, Time Frame: 6:05, By RKO pin fall,
Clare’s Prediction – Winner: Randy Orton, Time frame: 15 mins, By: Pin fall.
James’s Prediction – Winner: Cody Rhodes, Time Frame: 15min, by: DQ.
Hasnan’s Prediction – Winner: Rhodes, Time Frame: 15 min, By Pinfall.

Triple H & CM Punk vs. The Miz & R-Truth
In spite of a few things, this is the match that sells the show from my perspective. Has WWE meaningfully capitalized on the idea of Triple H and CM Punk, who hated each other a few weeks ago, being forced to team up? No. Did the story of the entire WWE roster walking out because a few guys (Miz and R-Truth mainly) attacked some wrestlers make any sense? No. Is i right that CM Punk, who has become one of the most over guys in the company, is basically taking a backseat to Triple H in this story? No. But the fact is all four of these guys have been hot lately, in contrast to Cena and Del Rio, who haven’t been. Miz & R-Truth have kept themselves fresh, the authority figure angle is an interesting role for Triple H to take on television, and CM Punk is…well, he’s CM Punk. I’m going with Triple H and Punk here. Hopefully we’ll see a bit of friction between them during the match, so they’re awesome program from just over a month ago will at least be referenced.

Mark Henry (c) vs. The Big Show
If you’d told me a year ago that not only would Mark Henry be World Champion, but that he’d be doing such a fine job with the title, I’d have laughed in your face. But here we are with that gold belt around his waist.  Henry’s never going to be the best worker in the world, or the best talker on the mic neither. But what he’s doing right now is working. He’s damn sure a better champion than Alberto Del Rio. This match with The Big Show isn’t going to be pretty, as they’re both pretty slow in the ring. That’s not their fault, it’s just the way their built. But this is one of those matches we’re just going to have to…get through. With the role Henry’s been on lately, there’s no point in taking the belt off of him. Granted with the way WWE creative has been handling things lately, The Big Show could get the belt for no apparent reason. But I don’t see that happening.

Ryan’s Prediction – Winner: Mark Henry, Time Frame: 10:52, By pin fall.
Clare’s Prediction – Winner: Mark Henry, Time frame: 15 mins., By: DQ.
James’s Prediction – Winner: Mark Henry, Time Frame: 10min, by: Pinfall w/ a crazy Worlds Strongest Slam.
Hasnan’s Prediction – Winner: Mark Henry, Time Frame: 15 min, By Pinfall and maybe a Kane return?

Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. John Cena
I’m completely fed up with these two feuding with each other, can we please make this their last match? That’s not to say they’re not solid in the ring together, but the whole thing seems obligatory and stale at this point. The fact that they weaved Jim Ross and Michael Cole into the story doesn’t do much to offset that mindset. These two have simply gone as far as they can go together and it’s time to move on. I’m now going under the assumption that Cena’s match with The Rock at Wrestlemania will not be for the title, so let’s just keep it on Del Rio and get on with our lives. I heard that Cena won’t be winning because fans will know pretty much who will win if it was for the title at Wrestlemania.

Ryan’s Prediction – Winner: John Cena, Time Frame: 24:20, By AA on top of a car.
Clare’s Prediction – Winner: Alberto, Time Frame: 24 mins, By: Alberto will cheat to win.
James’s Prediction – Winner: John Cena (swerve), Time Frame: 20min, by: 10  count.
Hasnan’s Prediction – Winner: ADR, Time Frame:25 min, By 10 count.

That is the WrestlingRambles.com staff’s predictions, not all participated this month so if any staff still wanna talk about the PPV regardless, just do so in the comment section below. We wanna know all your thoughts so don’t be shy on commenting. The card itself looks solid and I think out of the last three PPV’s, this is the one everyone should spend their money on. Enjoy the show.